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I can't resist the temptation around this time of the year, what should I do?

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please help. I just can't resist all the sweets around me. I am beating myself up for gaining weight during the past two months. can I maintain and eat junk food? when I say junk, I mean cakes and chocolate.

please help:(
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Yes  you can maintain and eat chocolate and cakes, but you have to follow some steps :
- little portions
- christmas is more about family than food...that says...
- exercice, move, burn calories whatever the way to cover for it
- eat light and low-cal food (vegetables, low-fat cheese, chickpeas, hummus)
- drink lots of water!
- ask yourself if you'll REALLY feel any different by eating one or two bites worth 70-100 cals vs the whole chocolate-covered piece of cake worth 800 cals

Log it in your food log.  Even if it shows you're eating more than burning, this will make you realize it, as well as help your willpower to overcome the '' devilish temptation ''....  Now there is no reason to resist to intelligent temptation. 
Moozoo: I go every weekend to the grocery store and buy all the healthy low fat food, put them in the fridge, then I just don't want to eat what I bought. my body is so fed up. so I go out and eat junk because I am hungry and I just need something to eat??

weird I know...
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Low-fat doesn't necessarily equal healthy. Is everything you buy low-fat?

I can see how not getting enough fat can trigger binges. 

Don't buy food only because it is low food  because you like it.  Try to find healthy recipes that will make you -want- to eat food at home instead of going out of the house and get junk food.

You can have a nice meal with "normal" ingredients.  Quality over quantity sometimes is a better way to eat.

I'm having the same issues - there's chocolate everywhere at work and home! I polished off an *entire* Stilton cheese by myself too.

So to stop me getting too carried away I've bowed to the inevitable and allowed myself three days (Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Day) on which I can eat anything I like - guilt free.

The deal is, though, that until then I have to resist the sweet stuff totally. 

It's working too - instead of saying 'oooh...go on', I'm saying ' thanks.' It's not always easy (there's a giant box of Cadbury's sitting right next to my desk as I type) but I'm thinking of those three guilt free days... 
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Exercise more.  If you want to splurge on the junk over the holidays, spend an extra half hour a day exercising--then even if you aren't losing, you can at least maintain and not feel guilty then get back into it when the holidays are over.  I think I must have consumed about 2500 calories in frosted sugar cookies over the weekend--we baked and decorated them, then ate most of them! I've just tried to eat normally the last couple of days and exercise a little more.  I don't seem to have gained any extra weight---yet! I haven't gotten into the holiday chocolate yet.
I'm having the same problem keeping control around the Holiday goodies...and the Lindt chocolates and 3 bottles of wine already received aren't doing anything to strengthen my, my strategy is to drink more water, do some sort of exercise every day - even if that just means parking further away from the building at work, or some cardio with my fiance *wink*, and when I do allow myself holiday treats, to really slow down and savor them - because after the holidays, it's back to business !    :)

Small portions, have what you want but really small portions and don't go back for seconds.

 Here is another tip after your plate of smalle portions of everything you want (this should all fit on one plate easily), if you think you still want something, chug a 16.8 oz of Dasani or whatever your water of choice is, after that you'lll have that "full feeling" that we often crave. You might not even be able to finish a whole bottle :-)

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