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cant resist temptation...

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Whenever it comes to exam or test day I would eat like a monster!!! Really like monster..... Like now.. Sigh. Can't control at all.... My weight was ok last year but after dad past away i just keep eating and eating and gain so many kg.... If I continue to eat like this when can I back to old weight.... I am eating monster
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D: i know how you feel.! ... Impulsive eating -.- Whenever you wanna eat, fall asleep.! Lol, it helps . And when you wake up, you'll feel hungry , but its not a impulsive kind of hunger, its one you can think-before-you-eat hunger. Choose what you eat wisely cuz ten youll just end up at square one. Also , throw out any crap you have in your house that makes you eat( chips, candy bars, popcorn, pretzels etc..) If you dont have any options of what to eat , you wont eat them. Drink alot of water throughout the day. Peanuts hold your hunger and make you feel full, so whenever you feel hungry get a handful of unsalted peanuts and eat them with a bottle of water. Finally and most importantly; you have to be frank and crude about reality with yourself. For example, there will be times where i want to eat like 5 cookies thinking to myself, " i'll excersise later" or " im not even that fat, so 5 cookies wont hurt my weight " ...... Reality is, i wont excersise, and those 5 cookies will make me fatter,So instead of being soft with myself , i'll Be honest with myself and instead of saying " i'll excersise " i would say " i wont excersise and i'll get fat ." then i picture myself with mad rolls and really fat. Lol it seems like being mean to my own self works becausee then , i think about it and im like ........ Wow, Im right , and put them all back for something healthier. This works for me and it pays off in the end when i feel proud of how i didn't eat something that i shouldn't have.!

Hope this helps.! Good Luck. (:
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