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calling out to women 50+

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I'd like to start this thread specifically for women who are 50 or over.

As a 53 year-old woman, myself, I am finding new challenges, unexpected difficulties and wonderful insights on my path to getting to and maintaining my health, weight and body shape.

What seemed to work for me as little as five years ago doesn't work quite the same anymore. My body doesn't seem to respond to what I consider healthy eating habits and good workout schedules as it even in my middle to late 40s'.

SO, I am would to hear from those out there who are finding themselves in situations. OR NOT, maybe you can enlighten the rest of us as to how you keep your shape, or how you're getting into better shape and a healthier overall lifestyle.

Hopefully this will be the start of something wonderful, educational, funny-offer up jokes anecdotes, whatever!


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I will be 60 in June - my weight is at 185, height 5'5", and I would love to get back down to about 140. I know it's an uphill battle, but I would love the support of women my age - instead of a 20-something who can't possibly understand! I am so happy to find this group!

Hi girls: Ya I know haven't been on here in a long time..been awhile with darts, family, friends etc been so busy haven't been on son and father and Maggie were here for xmas great xmas, have been exercising etc and calorie counting...i started my new weight loss back on March 28th again i have lost 12lbs and 6 inches so far dropped 1 pant size from 36 to 34 my goal is to get to size 30 so whatever that is in lbs i will wait and see, hope all you girls i know on here are doing great, i have to go right now but will read up on a few of the recent entries.

Love to you all talk soon, i promise after i read up on some entries, i will respond. Hope you all are well!

BEBKissI may not have been on here but have thought of you ALL often, ALice, Helene, Jan, Bonnie, Chris etc...etc...!

I'm finding the same problem.  I've always had to watch my weight but have always been able to lose weight when I want.  I'm 56 years old, lost my job almost 2 years ago, I weigh 171 pounds (the largest I've ever been), am 5'6", and would like to weigh 140.  I've been riding a stationary bike one hour a day and doing about 15 minutes of strength training a day.  Instead of "dieting", I've been trying to make a healthy lifestyle change and eating more fruits and vegetables.  I don't really eat much meat.

I've been single forever and would love to meet someone but I feel like my looks stand in my way. 

I'm so frustrated I could spit.  I have one pair of jeans that fit (plus my daily wardrobe of sweat pants).  I REALLY want to look decent in my bathing suit and shorts this summer.

Maybe we could be pen pals and give each other encouragement?  :-)

Been working hard but I realize i have to be consistant daily and that's the challenge staying true..I am still sitting at 173 but am back at it, it's almost like I have to stop living to stay true, cuz the moment someone pops over with a lite beer or invites over for dinner theres goes my diet....ouch...well my new male friend Richard is here so have to run!

keep up nthe god work!



I use to lose weight anytime I wanted to until I hit 50 and then my thyroid went nuts and I gained 30 pounds, and then my doctor put me on prednisone which I gained 10 more pounds, come to find out the prednisone interferes with the thyroid medication. I have never been over 179 now I am in the 180;s it is so frustrating I know how you feel. I to am trying to eat healthy and avoid sweets, and junk food good luck I would like to weight about 145 by next feb

I am 56 and new to the site.  I got back on the wagon about a month ago and joined this site about 3 days ago.  I work 12 hour nites so I find it difficult to exercise, especially when I work both before and after.

My other intrests are my darling grandchildren and sewing.  I am relatively active in our church but I have noticied and definite lack of energy after I hit 50.

My favorite exercise is bicycling, especially outdoors.  I love all the different smells and sight particularly in spring, and our brust of early spring really motivated me.

DSHAW400,I was where you where. I gained weight as I slept and also could spit. I was crying and not liking what my body was going through. LIFE STYLE of healthy eating is the RIGHT idea. That is what I did and it helped. Educate yourself on nutrition and calories and fat and keep track of your intake and your exercising. Ask a doctor what your total calories should be for you. Portions and snacking is huge in loosing weight and carb's and sugars and salt. Call your ObGyn for advice. Keep going with the biking I do that also and found some video's of old Richard Simmons dancing to the oldies and I have to change it up. I read we at this age need an hour a day of exercising to loose weight. Good luck. Acceptance will also help. I like Dr. Christine Northrup's web site it has been helpful in acceptance and understanding what my body is going through. Keep smiling a cute hair cut, wear your makeup and look good despite what our body is going through and it will come together. Shelley


Thank you so much!  I just feel like I've stalled but I'm going to keep trudging on.  I had a great day yesterday and hope that part of it was venting on here.  It really is nice to know I'm not going it alone.  Donna

dshaw400, you are right to avoid thinking of yourself as dieting. It is a commitment to eat well and an appropriate amount for life, that will get you there. It is very important to know what that appropriate amount is for your height, wt and build though. It's just too darned easy to eat up all the calories burned during exercise. Even if you only eat good nutritional food, if the cals are too much, you get almost no where.

I say "almost" because at least you get toned a bit and a cardiovascular workout.

It is so funny that you write that because in keeping track of my calories you are so right!  I think I'm eating good foods but if I eat more than goes out, I'm not losing weight.  I've decided to try to incorporate a walk into my afternoons.  Now that the weather is nice, that will help.  Thanks so much and keep those tips coming.  Donna :-)

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Hi, I am 54 going 55...after that, I will stop counting. ??? So delighted to stumble into this thread. Thanks. Today, I started my walking regimen again. I hope I can keep going. Will let you know if I am keeping up.

Hi - I am so grateful to have found this thread - always battled with weight but I used to be able to lose some of it - since hitting my 50's it is an uphill battle.  I'm 55 going on 56.  I exercise and eat in a more healthy way than I ever have done and yet I am hugely overweight.  I lose a pound or two and then it seems my body fights to put it back on.   I stay more or less the same but its heavy I am 5 ft 5 in and I weigh 228 lbs.   I will start over again today recording my calories and exercise - I found it gave me awareness and helped me make better choices.  I then weighed myself - got depressed and stopped the whole process - but here goes to starting over.  Think no more scale - just body measurements going forward.  

 I have joined an Aquarobics class for the last few months and it has helped greatly with a very bad knee and other aches and pains and I really enjoy the warm water but I am WIPED OUT after the classes for the rest of the day. Anyone with any advice here?

Really need a penpal to walk this walk with me?

I am just sick of trying!   58 years old.  Always thin, always active.  I am 5'5" and weigh 155.    My clothes are tight, I have a muffin top, and my bras are overflowing.   Since surgical menopause 10 years ago with no HRT, it's been a losing battle. I look like an old lady with big breasts and a tummy.   My 'normal' weight?  I used to weigh less than 130 pounds and when I gained a bit, it took a couple days to drop it.  I was very active and still am.  It's harder to move, my knees and hips ache but I keep at it. 

I hate to be hungry, hate to diet.  My life style is already healthy with exercise, walking every day for up to an hour, but food wise..  It seems as I age, I must eat less and less to maintain a lower weight.  I'm ready to give up.  But getting on the scales this morning, I weighed 4 more pounds than last week.  This past week, I probably exercised more than ever, doing all kinds of activities, but I ate like a 'normal person'.  You  know.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and cookies too.  Even a couple bottles of soda.   Ate what my daughter, who was visiting ate.  She is thin like I WAS, and no doubt didn't gain 4 pounds like I did.  We worked it off, you would think, with all that we did.  Years ago, doing what we did actively, I would have lost weight.

I have absolutely no motivation except that I look really bad.  Losing 10 to 15 pounds is so much work and being hungry all the  time is so uncomfortable, I just don't want to do it.  I lost 15 pounds over a year ago using weight watchers, but don't care for their new program at all.  When they switched to their new program it only took me a few months to gain all the weight back.  I can gain 2 pounds in a day and it takes a week or two to lose it.

I need to be hit over the head or something to get motivated.  It's hard to work so hard to lose weight and see very little in results for at least a month.  It will take a month before my clothes just start to fit that little bit better.  I can work for weeks dieting and in one day blow the entire weight loss. 

there is no magic answer that I know of.  It's just hard hard work writing down everything I eat.  Exercising more?  That would mean two one hour walks a day.   Probably that would be easier than cutting out even more food.  :-( 

I'm just not wanting to start.  I've started this diet over and over for a couple months, only to blow it, give up because it's so hard, gain weight, start again.  once I hit 148 pounds, but here I am 7 pounds more.  :-(  

Oh my! I so feel your agony and frustration. I am also in my 50s and two years ago I got so disqusted with myself I was determined to do something. I was actually a Weight Watcher for years so I knew what to do but even though I thought I was doing and following the program the right way I was gaining. Only it made me laugh in disbelief. I was totally blown away by what was happening. Nothing that used to work was working any more but I refused to surrender to the middle aged bulge. It has been A LOT of work with constant vigilance but I have succeeded and I want to share it with you since I think it might help. First, it has to be important enough to you. It sounds like it is but you also sound defeated and angry that you have to work so hard. You have to get away from this idea of what you used to be. This is a whole new you that has to be approached differently. I also HATED the new WW program and for months refused to even think about following it. Subsequently, I have surrendered literally and it has made all the difference in the world. It works for so many there must be something to it. BTW, I am 5foot 2 so this makes weight loss that much more difficult. I also signed up for a triathlon to motivate me to move more. I get bored with exercise easily though I have always been active. This offered me a lot of diversity so I never got bored of any one exercise. I am also NOT a cyclist but I have worked on this and have come to really enjoy it. Walking is a great exercise but you have to do something where you actually break a sweat and breathe heavily for several minutes. Start out slow. Weight bearing exercise is also quite helpful. I havent incorporated this enough into my already busy schedule. I also keep a food diary on line AND by hand. It is great to see how I am feeling from one day to the next and also keeps track of everything I put in my mouth. The most important aspect of my weight loss has been the connection to other women my age who are struggling the same way. This is the ultimate key to not feeling alone in the process. I hope you will put your anger and frustration aside for  a while so you can move forward in feeling better about yourself. You can do this!!!!

thanks for your answer!   Yes frustration.  Anger?   nah.   Just totally totally frustrated.  Knowing I have to stop eating to look better.  I kind of like eating.  The hunger that goes with cutting calories is tough and I'm a very picky eater, so things like diet jello and yogurt just don't make it.  When the WW diet changed, all my foods I 'do' like were given almost double the points.  and one can only eat so much salad you know?   I'm trying  to  motivate.   This morning?  Only coffee.  And on the scales?  up a half a pound.  My daughter says eat breakfast, but I find eating breakfast turns on the hunger for the day.

so I'm going to give it another whirl and hope this sticks this time.  Paying for WW helped, but when the points changed, it was $45 worth of good intentions but no progress. 

thank you for your suggestions.  I don't care for 'a LOT of work with constant vigilance' but it's the only way.   A friend of mine is a good weight.  I asked her how she does it.  And she said 'do you ever see me eat?'    that's no way to live.  We had dinner and she wouldn't eat a hamburger, only salad.  She has maintained her weight at around 130  since in her 20's and is my age.  She bikes on an exercise bike for an hour a day and as you said... constant vigilance.   I guess with age, we must give up food.  :-(

Beadnsue, I understand your frustration. Get your thyroid blood level checked and see if they can raise it up if it is in the low normal. There are different levels in the normal range. See if you can find someone to get it in the higher level if it is in the low area. I understand the less food, that is what I do. I gave up beef and processed foods and anything white weather sugar or flour long ago. Fresh veggies, fruit, and protein is what I eat now. I do have a small 1-1/2" potato in the morning with my two eggs and that helps my carb fix through out the day. I don't eat garbage foods. I keep my sugar level at a low and eat only 70% dark chocolate. Once and a while I do fall off the wagon but only for that moment. Once in a while bacon and chips sound good, but my stomach doesn't  like it anymore. I try to keep my cal's down around 1200 and exercise when my allergies and asthma are not to bad. Good luck. Shelley....

I never thought of thyroid.  What would symptoms be?  Is it checked in a complete blood count?  if it is, then I'm 'normal'  hahah  whatever 'normal means.I'll look it up.  wish it was that easy !!   just a thyroid thing. 

You seem to have found what works for you Shelly.  basically you live on fruits and vegetables.   are you vegetarian?

I eat fairly well balanced meals.  Very rarely sugar or processed foods.  rarely beef, mostly chicken and fish.  It's just a matter of too much, I guess. Anything 'extra'  starts the weight gain.  Like those wonderful spiced jelly beans.  ;-)  hey they're low fat!   When counting calories, the things that I give up are portion sizes.  This used to work but it seems my metabolism just hit a new low this past year and nothing is popping it back up.   the thyroid is a good idea to check.  thanks for the input. !


















So, anyone else not want to stop drinking wine and loves food, especially pasta, and not want the next 20 years to have to live without those things???  And I'm talking about 30 pounds that I want to lose.......  It's never been this hard before!  Sorry, I'm having a feel sorry for myself Sunday! 

I guess I'll go ride my recumbent bike and try to be "good" today!  Augh! LOL!  Donna

I guess really, Donna, I'm just having a bad day too.  Very frustrated.  I just doubled my walk which popped it up to 90 minutes.  Maybe the dog will nap.  haha.  He doesn't have a weight problem.  ;-) 

I love pasta too.   When I'm dieting, I put some olive oil in a frying pan, add shrimp, garlic, a bit of butter for flavor (not much)   cook the shrimp through, then add chopped tomato and a splash of white wine.  When the tomato is warmed through, I serve it over a small amount of pasta.  Just whatever you can have on a diet.  is it a half cup or a cup?  depends on what else you ate that day.

It's really good to 'talk' to people here and helping me stick to my guns today. The first few days are always the toughest.

Five years ago you could have been describing me, Sue.

But there is a magic formula and it is called weight training. aka resistance training. I lost some weight by walking a lot, then it stopped coming off so I started training once a week with a trainer. It was tough at first but totally worth it. Then I started doing it for 25 minutes two other days per week on my own.  That's not really a lot of time, and I don't do a treadmill or bicycle or any of that.  I do all different types of exercises, some with bands, some with dumbbells, some with nothing but my body for resistance. The results have been phenomenal.  At 57 I am wearing the first bikini I've ever worn in my entire life, and I'm the thinnest I've ever been.  I take two 15 minute walks a day on my breaks, and the only other cardio I get is hiking on the weekend.

The other great thing about replacing the muscle that I've lost over the years is that I can maintain on over 2000 cals a day, and I can lose on 1600-1800 a day!

It really does work. If you don't want to pay for a trainer, there are some good women's weight training programs out there in books.  No pink dumbbells for us! When I started I could barely do 2 pushups, now I can do 30, and I'm working on a pull-up.

I also log my food and weigh or measure portions, and I wear a device that counts steps and tracks how many calories I burn each day. 

Figure out how you can do this instead of making excuses why you can't!

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