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calling out to women 50+

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I'd like to start this thread specifically for women who are 50 or over.

As a 53 year-old woman, myself, I am finding new challenges, unexpected difficulties and wonderful insights on my path to getting to and maintaining my health, weight and body shape.

What seemed to work for me as little as five years ago doesn't work quite the same anymore. My body doesn't seem to respond to what I consider healthy eating habits and good workout schedules as it even in my middle to late 40s'.

SO, I am would to hear from those out there who are finding themselves in situations. OR NOT, maybe you can enlighten the rest of us as to how you keep your shape, or how you're getting into better shape and a healthier overall lifestyle.

Hopefully this will be the start of something wonderful, educational, funny-offer up jokes anecdotes, whatever!


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Hi All,

  Speaking of exercise, I have lost weight and have a lot to go.  I'm 57 and I need to find a way to start tightening up the area under my arms ( flabby) plus my stomach.  Well, today I ordered a five pound dumbbell, exercise mat and an exercise wheel.  I am  thinking that if I start slow ( very slow) I  can work on those areas without hurting myself.  I'm sure it will take months to see improvement but I'm not ready to commit to a gym quite yet  and I think I can get  exercise directions off the internet or watch youtube and see how to do the exercises. 

    Has anyone  had  experience  tightening up the areas under the arms and the stomach?  If so please share what you did that worked.

  My second question is how do you handle those special occasions like birthdays and family gatherings.  I don't want to be the  "odd man out" but I just plain work too hard all week on losing weight to throw it away on a piece of birthday cake.  ( of course one piece of cake won't kill me but I guess it's that I've worked up an attitude that I'm doing to do this ( lose weight and eat healthy) and I  don't want to get into the "well I'll just eat something I know I shouldn't....just this one time.  Because with me that one time will turn into two, then three....On the other hand I want to celebrate and have my family know I am happy for them on their special occasion. How do you handle those types of things?


Moonduster Alice: Your new pic you look great,,i can see weight loss for sure and that stance you sure seem happy too!

I have been riding again everyday to the beach now that the humidity has subsided..gosh hard to believe only 2 wks left til school Bonnie?? I know don't remind you right?

Chris, Bonnie, Laura, Helene, Ohio, Jan..etc.......and everyone I have forgottenEmbarassed or haven't talked to in a while how the heck are you all????Wink

See ya soon!..BEBKiss

As to the adivce of Alice (moonduster) shes totally right!...theres lots you can do with bump feet, knees and legs?

Wow! Thanks for this thread. Even when you're in your 40s you have no idea what lies ahead. Don't believe that you can't do anything about it. This simply isn't true but what was like breathing yesterday is like having to move an entire mountain today. That's what it is like trying to lose weight and keep it off. I use Weight Watchers and CC but, quite frankly, CC works better for me since 'calories in equal how much weight is lost'. Last year I lost 20 pounds but it was all do to a maniacal exercise plan (sometimes twice a day) and a 1200 to 1300 calorie a day diet.  For my 50th birthday present to myself, I signed up for a triathlon and trained for it. This was extremely motivating particularly since I joined with a friend. I got hooked. This summer I signed up to do more but was on my own and found it very difficult to train the same way. I also injured my foot and had to lay off exercise for 6 weeks. So...I have gained back 10 of the 20 and can't seem to lose it again. I know what the formula should be but I can't seem to get myself back on the losing wagon. I need someone to pull me up. It is great reading the thread here. I am hoping it helps motivate me.

greenlevel -

I was interested in your comment about what to do about family gatherings - that is a real problem for me too - it feels almost rude to not have the cake, or whatever goodie is being served.  And of course I love cake - if it is home made - so it is hard to resist.    A few strategies: 

  • plan ahead.  If you think you will indulge, plan to eat very lightly the rest of the day. 
  • have just the thing you really want - so if you really want the cake, have a small peice and say no to the ice cream
  • just say no thank you with no fuss.  If someone presses you on it, say "I'm not currently eating sugar"
  • take a healthy dish with you to pass - when I go to my inlaws there can be absolutely no healthy option on the table - everything is high fat and sodium.  If I take a fruit bowl, or veggie tray, then I know there is something that I can eat
  • keep portions very small, or just have a bite or two.  Often my husband and I will split the dessert - or split a brat or burger so no waste but portion size is small
  • take a walk after the meal - great chance to chat with another person at the event, and stay away from the food that's still sitting out.

Good luck and stay strong.  I just lost 20 pounds and it feels great to be thinner!


badger you are so focusedWink, excellent stragety for dinner out plans, taking a dish of your own or simply saying you are trying to watch your weight.....pause....go down!  I have 22lbs to go..and feel great like at the light side of 170 it is motivating..i only get on the scale when i know i will be happy, to go on it after a day of ' i would only get discouraged.Surprisedahh

hiilside trust me when i say everyone of us on here have struggled with motivation..that is why this forum is in 'motivation'..i think lol....for example my motivation is looking good in this new bikini i bought, my legs, arms are all good just have a little more to lose on belly and i will fulfil my dream....after almost 4 years of up and downs...i am getting close...every year i say by next spring by next spring..but it will be by next spring normally around oct i start putting the pounds on but no more nonsense...i have to do it...i want off these high blood presure pills...and cholesterol issues now too why cuz im menopausal.Surprised

Hey Bonnie or anyone here is it normal if going through stress like a funeral, drama in my life to have a period after 3 years of menopause...i had a pap just a few months ago and have had all the usual over 50's tests like fobt and mamogram few months ago too...just wondered? it was moderate for a day then light to nothing for about 5 days just wondered i thought i was done with all that nonsense!...lolSealed

Well I hope we ALL keep fighting the fight girlsSealedInnocent....and if motivation is a problem start watching the biggest loser this fall and put a dress or something you want to get into in plain site(how about beside the fridge..)lol that should help with motivation!Winkhehe

night all! BEBKiss{{hugs}}

Blueeyedblonde1956...I have never heard of anyone getting their period after not getting it for 3 years..I have been thru a my Husband 's death..a major on the market to be sold..and remarried across the country..NO PERIOD...All very stressful but my menopause was over..Your  sharing kind of concerned me for you..I would call your Gyno and see what they say.

That's just not  normal..and I'd have it checked out..

Hard getting older in so many ways..but to be proactive of our health is so very important..Please check that out..for your peace of mind and to be sure nothing is going on..If it happened to me..I absolutely would not just let it pass without checking it out..Just MHO..and concern..

I'm wondering if this forum is for me..for I am 56 but maintaining my weight is my issue. Read my profile please and give me your opinions..Kind of feeling I'm just lonely..and very stressed..I'm moving to finally be with my new Husband in a week cross country..a new chapter is beginning. I am mindful to keep my weight my exercises to tone up..and try to accept this body I see in the mirror..that at 56 years old..I still cannot seem to accept. I am not anorexic..I have no appetite..particularly when I am stressed. I have wonderful friends here on CC..Just started checking out this Forum a week or so ago..and wondering if I can fit in here..Any feedback is appreciated..Thanks so much my over 50 new friends.

Welcome Randi:  Well as i said I am normally a very healthy gal, have had all the usual tests done not long ago, and will be going in for my normal check up in the next couple months have no car and it's way over the other side of town by the hospital so will wait....not to worry...people have been assuring me sounds strange but isn't uncommon for it to happen...thx for your concern though..appreciated...BEB is short for blueyedblonde easier to type...lolWink

night all!


You are very sweet..Thanks for the quick reply..OK..if you feel  good and you make sure to check it out..but I am concerned..... but if others have said it isn't uncommon..maybe google it..Take care  and sleep well'

Night night BEB Cool

im new joining and practically read hundreds in this thread before posting..i used to quit smoking 4 years ago and have gained 35 pounds since then,i havent had a puff but cant lose an ounce..i tried weight watchers and lost 10 the first month and then not an ounce,and gained 5 back,and i got tired of trying to figure out how many points were in foods,,i eat right and walk every day and now finaly found this site that tracks not only the calories but the nutritional value of foods,,i love it,,,i realized by this site that i eat way to many carbs and not enough of a few very important nutrients,,things i thought were better choices were not better at all,,so im hoping for progress!! I will be 51 saturday and just want to be healthy to move around and to tie my shoes without 4'11"  and weigh 170 pounds..and bending over is hard with all the breast and belly inbetween,!! everything is sagging! here we go and im so glad to have found this thread,,thanks girls! I wasnt near this heavy in delivering my children 30 years ago!! so my body cant take all this weight.! I have asthma and a bum hip and this weight is bothering both ailments,,quit smoking,menapause at the same time i understand but its been 4 YEARS since I quit,,no excuses now!

Well Nat you'll get good advice and support on this forum for sure....consistency is key and staying motivated..alot to learn but a good metabolism and healthy small meals often, exercise and eating proper foods will get good results....Stay with it! Sealedlol

Helene, Chris, Bonnie, and Laura, Jan where r you girls....still enjoying the summer like me no doubt!

The tomatoes are still green but am going to check out the farmers market downtown this saturday and see?

BEBKissoff to bed!


Welcome Nat..I am well am new, as I used to be on this forum and have recently returned..First may I say CONGRATS for quitting smoking..The hardest thing on the planet to do..So give yourself a Big YAY for that.

Read my profile and if we click feel free to friend me and I will help you in anyway I can. Hyst listen if need be. All of my friends need to lose some weight..But it's the age that connects us for so many things are happening as we get a bit older..Good things too..but some things that we all can relate to..

Sometimes having different issues gives one a different perspective.

I am looking forward myself to getting to know the women on this forum thread..

For the last 3 years I have logged my food and kept a journal and have made the closest friends..they truly are like Sisters..and you can get the same suppport and caring and help and suggestions!..

Welcome sweet Woman and know you are in the right place..

Anyone else who wants to read my profile and think we might click..friend me..

The friends here on CC truly will rock your world..WELCOME!!

natalierw:  Geez....your story sounds like mine!  I hung around the Smoking Cessation site when I quit in 2007.  I was 48 years old at the time, and the perimenopausal symtoms really kicked in.  Even now--I am 53--I'm not officially menopausal; my last period was May 2011, and before that was April 2011...and before that December 2011.  I'm getting there--I hope!

Anyway, once I quit smoking I simply ballooned!  In retrospect I see that my weight was climbing a bit even before I quit smoking, but it wasn't significant enough to worry me.  After all, I'd always been able to drop a few pounds without much trouble.  I resumed my gym work, quit smoking, and even gave myself permission to eat a bit more while the smoking habit was breaking.  After a few months as a non-smoker I had returned to my previous eating habits, but the weight kept accummulating, especially around my belly.

I tried everything I could think of.  One doctor even told me to eat 1,000-1,200 calories per day.  I never stopped going to the gym (except after a knee injury for a few months), but I couldn't drop the weight.  Other friends in my circumstances reported similar experiences.  One of them sees an endrocinologist who asserts that all menopausal women are at risk for insulin resistance.

Anyway, my point is that the rules of the game have changed.  By logging my food I have learn a lot.  My target is 1600 calories per day, which is very adequate and satisfying.  I now realize that I was undereating, that all that cardio wasn't doing what I needed, and that my response to lack of weight loss was a binge...and then the cycle repeated itself.  I've learned that I have not been getting enough fat.  Surprise!  The feedback from the log has helped me to modify and refine my food intake.  I am not on a diet; this is a way of life.  I've been losing about 1.5-2 pounds per week, which makes me happy.


BEB, I love your new photo.  You have a great smile and look happy!  Glad you are riding the bike and losing!  You'll be back to your former low weight in no time now.

Greenlevel, congrats on buckling down and losing some weight!  It's always a great idea to strengthen the core muscles and upper body, but truthfully, the flab on the belly and the underarms is the last to go.  You can find a lot of good exercises in the exercise section on CC, and many for the abs don't even need any equipment.  Planks are great even though they are a stationary exercise.  The more pounds you lose, the trimmer all of your trouble areas will look. I have good arms and abs, but it's mostly because I'm under 25% body fat along with my exercise. 

I have to admit I have become somewhat of a gourmet snob when it comes to stuff like cookies and cake.  If it has not been made from scratch, it just doesn't taste good enough to bother with. And most parties feature store-bought cake.  I just say no thanks to food like that, and I make sure to not be very hungry when I arrive at a food event.  One of my favorite snacks to help with hunger are Quakes (rice snacks).  I like the flavors and the crunch. 

Hillish, how are you doing today?  I've got most of my exercise dialied in as long as my body parts stay healthy, but for me it is the eating that varies.  I generally keep my calories at maintenance or lower, but some days my food is not so healthy.

Badger, I like all your suggestions.  I'll add that if you must go to a restaurant, ask for a take home container at the beginning of the meal and put at least half your food in it.  Close it up and take it home.

Randi, are you busy packing for your move?  I hope you have some help!


sweetrandi thank you very much,,i have only been on this forum 2 days and already feel are absolutely correct!!!,this forum is the place to be.. @murrill...I did quit using the forum was the cccc  we had and still have some great people on there and have lost some since then to,my quit date was 7/9/2007..a couple of months after i quit ( i am asthmatic)..i started having alot of trouble,(more than i had while i was a smoker) and ended up in pulmanary therapy and on 80mg prednisone etc off and on the first year,,i thought i was a gonner...then the weight started coming on and i increased my activity so i could walk 5 miles or more a happy that my hips were giving out but not my lungs,,i am so happy to have been given a second change when i really thought the cigaretttes had me,so now ive conquored that and the weight it out of control,,came on quick and hard to let go of a pound,,i still walk at least 5 miles a day,,have a standing and walking job,i only sit when im driving or resting for the so far that i dont get enough sleep,i eat to many carbs,,and not near enough fat,protein potassium, who would have thought,,lol,and its true,i was so worried about gaining that i started living on skim milk and, this cc i keep an eye on all the nutrients and make sure if im short i find a low cal way to fill those nutrients up before i settle down.i just had a bowl of plain steemed broccoli at 8pm,,lol,, i used to have a bowl of cheerios at this hour.!! not realizing that bowl had about 500 calories of carbs.!,,ive been thru the dental work and all the stuff that goes with turning 50,tomorrow im 51 and just had internal ultrasound because periods are twice a month now,grr and i have dilated tube so he wants an never ends,,,i just want the period to stop and the weight to come off,!! im also very top heavy so we have been talking reduction but im scared to death.!!...seems older i get the more afraid of dr's i get.!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and I hope all your medical issues work out.

I as well have a bunch of medical stuff and moving out of State with new doctors and new medications is scary..I had a strain of pnumonia that was really bad..Read my profile..I explain it..but it was a life or death thing at at 56 I have other issues..I ahte getting older but the alternative sucks worse..LOL

I just got remarried..and am a bit jittery moving into my Husband's home across the country in 6 days..


natalierw: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  My smoking quit date is 02/18/2007, and I was an original member of the Chantix Cure Club, too.  We were there together, I guess.  I think I'm pretty fortunate as far as menopause goes--except that I can't quite get there.  A couple of years ago, when the irregular periods started, I found myself having emotionsl meltdowns & crying spells.  That was strange, because I just don't cry very much.  Yet here I waas, crying for days for no explained reason.  that seems to have subsided.  I'm not having hot flashes, and my doctor doesn't think I need hormones.  It's just the weight!

I'm just depressed! I have been trying to eat the right things and I have been very active (even though it's just housework and yard work). I lost five pounds and I was so excited! I thought maybe I could actually do this! Then I weighed this morning and I am up two pounds! Up and down and up and down and I hate it!!!!

The doctor put me on some meds that he said will make me put on a little weight. Gee thanks Doc! Like I can't do that all by myself?!

Sorry for all the ranting and raving. I just need a little boost in motivation to stick with something so difficult and frustrating as trying to loose weight. When I was younger. . .! I know, don't go there.

Hi 53gg52ds!  Is there something else we can call you besides that? 

If you know you are eating the proper number of calories and moving a lot, then please don't let the fluctuations bother you.  Water retention/release can make us go up and down several pounds.  You need to stick with it long enough to see the general downward trend. 

Are these medications very important?  You are allowed to say no to your doctor, or simply not take them.  It depends on what they are for.  Doctors like to prescribe pills.  I for one do not like to take pills and unless I feel like I'm at a serious health risk, I will not take them.  I feel like the doctors don't really know all the side effects of what they give us. 

Stick with it - we love to hear how you are doing!


Hi Alice,

Thanks for the pep talk. I think that's what I needed more than anything else. The pills are important and even though I hate taking pills, I know I need these. I will not give up on trying to loose and trying to fit more exercise in to my daily routine. I have RA and the extra weight is making it more difficult to do even the most routine things like tie my shoes or go upstairs! I cut off my air when I bend over and I am winded by climbing stairs to the point that I have to stop and catch my breath! I know with some weight loss and exercise, things would be a bit easier for me. A lot of the real healthy foods are great for joints so it's not that hard to eat the right things.

Thanks again and you can call me . . .




Hi Georgia,

I hope you are taking high doses of fish oil in addition to your other meds.  Medical studies have shown its positive effect on RA.  I take 3 gms per day.  Even though I've just got run of the mill osteoarthritis, I'm convinced that the fish oil and glucosamine chondroitin help a tremendous amount. 

There are several of us here who get regular exercise and we won't hesitate to keep encouraging you.  Just going up and down the stairs four or five times in a row can be a start, no matter how many times you have to stop to catch your breath.  Do it every day and it will get easier!  Plus it's great exercise for your legs.  What about a bicycle or swimming?  Forty pounds ago I felt stiff and sore every day, like I was getting (gasp!) old!  With the weight loss and a dedicated exercise program I feel like a whole new person.  Even though I have a lot of limitations due to knee issues, I do many things that most people of any age wouldn't even consider doing, like climbing Mt Whitney in a day. 

Glad to have you in this group, and come back often!


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