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calling out to women 50+

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I'd like to start this thread specifically for women who are 50 or over.

As a 53 year-old woman, myself, I am finding new challenges, unexpected difficulties and wonderful insights on my path to getting to and maintaining my health, weight and body shape.

What seemed to work for me as little as five years ago doesn't work quite the same anymore. My body doesn't seem to respond to what I consider healthy eating habits and good workout schedules as it even in my middle to late 40s'.

SO, I am would to hear from those out there who are finding themselves in situations. OR NOT, maybe you can enlighten the rest of us as to how you keep your shape, or how you're getting into better shape and a healthier overall lifestyle.

Hopefully this will be the start of something wonderful, educational, funny-offer up jokes anecdotes, whatever!


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BEB giving up my Dove dark chocolate because I was slipping into old habits of eating not enough and allowing "treats" - they become addicting even though I only ever had  a bite of this or that and maybe 1-2 pieces Dove candy..just felt like I wasn't controlling what I was eating enough since over-eating is NEVER my problem. Idol - Chystal  and Shoban are my favorites!!!

Having a little contest with Laura to see who can stay chocolate free the longest...I'll probably lose LOL Place I'm going to dinner tonight gives 1 piece of Andes candy after dinner - it is usually my dessert - hey it beats a piece of cake calorie wise LOL- so I hope I can resistSurprised

Linda - WOW your weight loss is very impressive!!! Great job now keep up the good work

Jan ...strength for the food fest ..oh scrapbooking fest that's right LOL...weekend Repeat your mantra...I don't want to undo all that I have accomplished so far!!!!

My triceps are sore from body sculpting...must have been working hard enough! Today will most likely be a rest  day since I need groceries and we are going out to dinner - my golfing g/f is going with us BUT I think we are going to play Tiger Woods golf on Wii after dinner...has to burn at least a few calories! LOL

I should get in on the chocolate 'free'days competition too it's been 3 days for me since chocolate in 'ANY' form has passed my lips...if I can go a week that would be fantastic.

laura: Not jealous...envious!..right!..heheheheWink

Linda: Hey skinny minny!!Wink Wholly molly girl, what a reward for plateauing, just be careful now... I know for me I lose a few and gain back a couple...lose a few gain back a couple but we DO get there eventually!

Bonnie and Chris: Getting sunshine down there are you?  CoolHope both DH are doing well, Bonnie sore eh??lol that's is good though means your working those muscles....I am a little sore from that hill walk yesterday myself, surprising I walk all the time but not uphill!..lolWink

Gosh the sun is shining so nice, Cooland it is above freezing, everything looks so fresh! Seeing squirrels, birds tweeting now, looking for my Robin haven't seen one yet??Undecided

I talked with Nicole today and she wants Kyle and Brian to move out and get their own place, she wants her life and new marriage to Rob back, think she's tired of taking responsibility for both of them, according to her there is an agency that will help them with bill paying, house hold chores, shopping etc, I never nknew Brian was that bad, but bill paying yes!....Brian is going to be going on disability for his knees, wrists, weight and his mental disorders apparently so at least he will have an income to take care of Kyle...I also talked with Kyle today and he is on March break...already?..anyway he is fine, missing his  Looking forward to seeing his kitty and ma...lolFrownLaughingKiss

Just got back from my walk today, sent a parcel off to Kyle with the Olympic stuff today...oh and guess what??????.....

****I bought Kyle a car birthday card that plays the sound of a race car roaring down the track....he loves fast cars like gone in 60 seconds or the fast and furious so I can just see him sitting there opening and closing the card for his 18th to hear the engine wow what will they think of next...his birthday isn't till Apr19th but I saw the card and couldn't resist! I bet he gets a real kick out of it!...woohoo I only wish I was there to see the look on his face when he opens it?CrySurprised

Have a wonderful weekend Jan and all be wise with the food choices EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

BEBKissoh I bought some more removal creams, and a new blush today...I am really going all out on this 'proper' creams and makeups appliers and removers, night creams, makeup creams etc...!!not body creams for face creams ya know!

Day far I'm hanging in there...I do have to make cupcakes today and frosting tomorrow...however lucky for me I have a 9 mile run tomorrow so even if I do stray it wont be so so bad...and when I say "stray" I mean have ONE cup cake...I will burn about 900 calories running 9 miles so I can have an extra treat..NOT a whole day of treats! 

Still on the chocolate no bag/box to the mouth eating...grrrrrr... I think I may be getting grumpy from this again.



Hang in there Bunny don't give in!Sealed...If I can do it you can do it!!InnocentWink Have fun on the run...will think of you all while I am out enjoying the sun myself tomorrow if it was only just a little warmer then 40F I go could biking...not walking....ahhhFrownWink....!

Bunny, when I get grumpy, I think it is my body telling me I'm not eating enough calories.  And if I get too grumpy, I start not caring what I eat.  So make sure you are eating enough, okay?  How much protein a day do you normally eat?

A few months ago I bought a set of measuring cups for my desk drawer at the office.  I always measure my cereal and other stuff like that.  I have a food scale at home that is very useful, too.

Linda, yahoo for such a great drop on the scale!!!  Whatever you're doin', keep doin' it!

BEB, I'll be sending you some warm thoughts for biking weather!  Good job with the chocolate free.  I can only claim cheese free.  Haven't been watching much TV.  I watched BL last Tuesday but then wondered why I wasted time watching it - it was stoopid.

Bonnie, hooray for sore triceps!  I'll bet you're getting "Jillian arms" by now.

Helene, instead of junk mail, you get "junk food" mail Laughing.  LOL 

Probably hiking Sunday - a 17 mile loop through the hills.  It may rain for part of it but I've got to get out!

Everyone, have a terrific and calorie-controlled weekend!


Alice- I am eating enough for sure...right there within my calorie range...I am staying at about 1500-1600 calories..low for me, but not in general...I am grumpy cause I'm not feeding my cheap carb/chocolate addiction...poor poor pitiful me...yes? 

I actually just had a taste of one of one of the cup cakes I made....they are amazing! NO wheat, (gluten free), they are vegan and NO SUGAR..NOTHING artificial..they are sweetened with agave nectar , and made with cocoa powder so I did get a little "fix"...but nothing with sugar in it..and it was a very small amount. 

My father in law is diabetic so I wanted to make something he can enjoy too, without messing with his blood sugar...he would eat it no matter what I brought, but at least this way its not a problem...

Will frost them tomorrow, also without sugar or anything I said, I'll need the 9 miles tomrw for sure.

Thanks for the encouragement all. Stay strong...and GO girl! 

Alice: I am right with you on the measuring devices, I have a scale to measure my nuts, cheeses etc and I use a one of several measuring cups for cereals, rice everything pretty much, otherwise I would not have an idea just how much I am eating espeically the nuts and cheese!

Bunny: good for you holding strong!  I am proud of if I can get through tonight and tomorrow with chocxxxxx!...lolSealed

I think anyone trying to lose weight should have a grams, ounces scale and I think every kitchen has mneasuring cups, unless you don't EVER

Nicole called... Kyle got this nutty idea I was not going to let him have his furniture, in his room, why he would think that is silly, may be because I changed my mind on letting him take Angel but everything in his room he can have along with alot of board games that I have had my whole life...sorry, life, trivial pursuits several editions and on and on about 30-40 games....anyway it was Angel I said no too, him and Buttons have grown very attached like brothers and I do not have the heart to separate them now.  Also Angel loves my home and is even more affecionate now that Buttons has joined the crew.  I also like having 2 cats again, I know Kyle originally brought Angel home from his dads and Suannes as a 10wk old kitten from up north during a summer visit when Brian (his dad) lived up there almost 4 years ago and Angel did like being with Kyle and in his room ......Frown....but I have raised, cared for and loved him, all this time and he and Buttons have grown a strong bond, it is bad enough to lose Kyle but Angel give him to Kyle to take now I just think it's wrong to separate them and throw Angel into a new situation.....Cry  I think Kyle wants him but I can't part with the thought!  I shouldn't have mentioned it, at all, so I said no!

do you girls think I am being selfish???????? I feel bad for Kyle but I am thinking of Angel with Buttons aren't I??Innocent


BEB, I think you are doing the right thing by keeping Angel.  Kyle has enough trouble just taking care of himself at this stage.  His is not yet responsible enough to care for a pet.  And you are right, the cats are attached to each other and to you.  Angel would be unhappy to leave.

Good luck with the willpower, and that is to BEB and everyone, although luck has little to do with it Smile.  At lunch today I had a huge green salad with calorie free salad dressing from Walden Farms.  I thought it would be terrible but it was actually pretty good and I'll get it again. I have tried the buttermilk ranch and the thousand Island and both were good.  If their other products, such as the chocolate syrup, caramel dip and peanut spread are as good, they will have a loyal customer in me!

Now, one thing I tried this week that WAS terrible was a package of "chick strips", which were some fake chicken strips made out of vegetable protein.  I could NOT eat them - they were making me gag - but my DH sauteed them up in garlic salt and hot pepper flakes and finished them off.


Girls..girls..girls..Surprisedthis is becoming a subject that is NOW becoming very dear to me and SCARY the more I research the more confused I am getting, so HELP me!!!!!

SUBJECT Ingredients in: Anti-aging products, moisturizers, creams etc. with all of us getting older and more aware of lines, sagging skin, loss of elasticity, puffy eyes or dark circles we need to be buying products and creams that are good for us and our health, not just the skin and NOT have any harmful chemicals or carcinogens etc.. that may be unhealthy in the long run.  We don't want to apply things to our faces and bodies that someday may give us cancers or such do we? from those chemicals in the products!

Sooooo.... with this in mind I have been studying from many many sites this info and to think I have been using st. Ives for my body and face for years....OMGSurprised

Now you know I switched over at the advice of the beauty boutique at the Shoppers Drug mart I frequent...and have been using more expensive products, like 'oil of olay' moisturizers, 'vichy' 3in 1 facial cleanser-toner-eye make-up remover, 'dermaglow' night cream along with dermaglow wrinkle cream, dermaglow firming gel etc...etc...etc...and on and on.  My bathroom counter looks like a frigging Pharmacy

 counter now.  This is what I have found they say alot on several sites these products ingredients that are bad for us:Surprised

Mineral Oil..........Propylene glycol.........Dioxane........any Parabens........Acrylamide and also may be disguised under other names...scary

now the list of good things.........outside of anything EL NATURAL...OKAY are:Laughing

eyeliss (which is highly recommended for the best thing to reverse our damaging aging eye effects).........Haloxyl..............Cynergy TK........Babassu OIL..........Manuka honey.......Vit E............Grapeseed Oil.............Homeo Age....Peptides.......anti-oxidants.......Vit C

SOOOO girls what do you think?, do any of you have particular products you swear by, or know for a fact aren't laced with bad ingredients...I think this could become a very interesting debate for us since we are all entering a new decade or era of our lives.  I would appreciate your thoughts, lists of products you use, knowledge, advice, or any professional tips you may have.............let the debate or discussion begin!!!!Tongue outWinkPLEASE???

BEBKissI really do care..........about all of us!Innocent


My frigging bathroom counter looks like a pharmacy!!!! shoudl see it!!  I am deadly serious!LaughingLaughinghahahahahaha okay I am going to try to calm down now.....! Mineral oil right at the top of the no no list and the 1st ingredient listed on those St. ives body creams...yikes?

Dermaglow try and find the ingredients list for any of these product...what is it a big mystery?? What is that saying a little knowledge is dangerous...lolWinkWink

Something new for me to worry about!Yell

I want to LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!Innocentat least to 100 eh!Wink

BEB- keep the cat...moving them is MUCH more stressful for them than anything else. Additionally if the cat is bonded with another cat in your home, that is the cat's "family" and its wrong to remover him/her from that situation. Nothing the least bit selfish there.

As for creams and lotions and anti-aging "cures"...the very BEST thing you can do for your skin is stay OUT of the sun...100% without question the single most damaging thing for our skin is direct sunlight. 

As for non harmful products, look into lines that are cruelty free...they pretty much all contain the "healthy" ingredients you listed, sans the unhealthy ones. 

I have been using "Body Shop" vitamin E products on my skin for years, with very good results. Their products are available world wide, so you can get them easily. Also great are products by a company called "Yves Rocher". They are a bit less expensive than Body Shop and are also available world wide.

The other things you can do are get enough sleep, drink enough water, avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes...clean living, and protect your skin from direct sun...thats the key! 

There is also a matter of heredity..there are some things we just cannot change in terms of how we age...unless you are willing to take medical intervention..

Off to work, and then the long run (that I ALWAYS wear sunscreen while doing)! 

Good day all Smile

BEB, Relax about the lotions. You're ignoring the known dangers to your life (uv radiation and riding a bike w-out a helmet) and sweating about things that have been tested & approved as not being dangerous used as directed. Thank heavens you quit smoking, that was one of the worst things for your skin. Dr. Oz had a segment about moisturing the other day and said after washing your face put on an inexpensive lotion overnight that has vit A in it.

I think you're absolutely right about the Angel. The last thing Brian & Kyle need is the expense of a pet. And you do spend so much time with your cats, it would be very unfair to her to send her away. She would miss both Buttons and you terribly. 

I remain chocolate free..managed to pass up the Andes candy but then g/f  asks if I want to split a piece of cake and in a moment of weakness (wine and not enough calories for 2 days) I say yes..that really dipped into my "flex points" grrrr Back on the straight and narrow today

BEB Face cream recommended by my dermatologist - Eucerin cream. And get a helmet on that head of yours when bike riding!

Bunny - could you send me your recipe for the cupcakes?? My DD has Celiac disease - can't eat wheat - I could make them for her

Alice I will look for that dressing next grocery trip. I DO have muscles in my arms but I want that cut that Jillian has in her upper arm...maybe I could see mine if I could lose these 8 pounds

Off to shower and head over to DD's

Stay strong girls!

Bonnie!  I ate a sample of chocolate cake!  So stupid, but there it is!

BEB, what Alice said about Kyle.  He can't take care of a cat properly at this point and should be glad you are looking after Angel.  

On the wrinkles issue and face creams, I don't think it matters what you use, as there is no magic thing that will take away wrinkles.  I use Garnier but I only put it on after I've had a shower or bath or washed my face.  Otherwise no.  I also use sunscreen when it's sunny and for that I use Kiss My Face brand, but just the general all purpose one, not the one for the face.  It's much more expensive and I don't have sensitive skin.  

A few years ago I went to a home sales party and bought an entire line of face products.  They were expensive, and for me a waste of money.  I'm lazy and will only swipe on the Garnier moisturizer if my face feels dried out.  

Doing yoga relaxation has made me realise that we often hold our faces in a tight grimace, especially as we age.  I think one of the best things I do for my face is to let all the tension go out of it and just relax.  It feels wonderful!  

Oh, I've just checked and Garnier is on the bad list when it comes to animal testing.  I'm opposed to that so will not buy in the future.  I'm almost out -- it lasts me a very long time -- so will choose a different product.  Thanks luvmybunny for mentioning that :)

BEB, if you are interested in knowing more about safety and comparative data on cosmetics, you can try and go here:

You can enter whatever product you know, or brand, and find out what's in it and how dangerous/possibly harmful it is. I myself like to use Burt's Bees and Body Shop products as they are based on natural ingredients, have low risks associated with their use, and - in the case of Body Shop - are also obtained through fair trade or sustainable development channels.

I have a very dry skin and often chapped hands, and Burt's Bees Lemon Beeswax Cuticle Treatment and Farmer's Friend Hand Cream are the only ones that really make a difference for me...


I love the Rachel Perry skin products.  And remember, BEB, the extra weight you are carrying, along with the higher cholesterol, blood pressure, etc, will kill you WAY sooner than some skin cream.


Wow!  What a good response...thanks girls for the tips, I will check out 'body shop products' and that site Helene!  Wink

I agree with keeping Angel (Male Chris..hehe) but when Kyle says "he's my cat" he has a way of making me feel eh?

As to 'sunscreen' yes I have been bad there and just bought Olays complete 30 defence with all day moisturizer, vitE. B3, and B5 in it with a SPF of 30 that should do the job for my face and I will use my SPF 8-15 for body when I am out riding...helmet free!! 

Wearing a helmet this is something I will NOT change my mind on for several reasons..I am not w and just because someone says I should does not mean I will..yes I am stubborn in my own beliefs..I get very upset when the gov't insists on treating us like cattle.....helmets are only mandatory on 18 and under...I have been riding my whole life and never touch wood


 needed one....I want the sun on my hair...can't get sun if I wear that stupid thing.....also he ruins my hairw styling....I am not concerned with safety If I am going down well so be it.

I know everyone of you are biting your lips, and saying I am being foolish..but this is MY choice...I think for kids they are ideal...but when I had my motorcycle and helmet and flew off my bike I never went anywhere near my head, my chin and my knee...I was black and blue for months in those 2 places and my neck was so swollen the doctors where amazed I never broke my jaw, so it is MY decision and sorry I brought it up!  

When we were kids were we wearing helmets so I am just continuing 

on with that philosophy...enough said!  You also have to remember when we

were kids...all of us the uv ratings were not like this, with the decreased ozone layer and all the crap they keep sending into space it is a wonder we haven't already fried to death.Undecided

The good newsI have my bike all cleaned, polished, air pumped up.....just ready to go...I want to go today the weather is suppose to be warm up to 8-9C or close to 50* but i am concerned about the cold wind or water all around....I may take a chance and just ride down the street but I am convinced I will just take a walk instead down and check out downtown...!  I can hardly wait 2 more

This site or my computer..typing on here it wants to run on further then the edge of the page, I sure am having difficulties on here.Surprised.what's up with that..grrr I wish I had some programming I am convinced it has something to do with script errors but I have no idea how to fix even the web is vague?

Anyway I was saying it is a gorgeous day CoolCooland warming up by the minute..2 more weeks he says on the weather network till spring, I am dying to get bike riding Tongue outbut I think the air may be to cold for me just yet so I will dress warm, not rush the season and go for a walk to downtown instead.....ratsCry

I fell victim myself last night too Bonnie and Laura and Bunny I had a small 100 cal pkg of my chocolate delights rice chip things sprinkled with back to day one for me on overting chocolate...harder then it seems isn't it....when one gets accustomed to things....Sealed

Well off to have a light lunch then my walk...later aligators...and I am wearing sun block!

Oh Bunny me avoid the sun you must be daft!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not blxxxx likley!

****I am not complaining about wrinkles I don't really have any yet, what I have noticed and only since my BD is this saggy, elasticity gone looking skin under my eyes, ever since I had those few drinks over my BD they have appeared...and stayed...weird eh?????Surprised I wonder if this makeup is affecting me and the other day I cried watching an episode of Little house on the prairie on the widow sanders dying and leaving 3 kids the next day I had a red rash under my eyes...what's with that?  Strange things going on here girls...yikesSurprised


Chris: How do we know they have been properly tested, these products I hear all sorts of things!??? 

oh and geee ALice thanks for pointing that out!!.....lolFrown

Helene: according to that site body shop products aren't looking any more favourable.....this is frustrating now afraid to wear something that could make it worse, oh forget it I am just getting Obsessed now.........................................Frown

Bonkers BEB..hehe

Currently icing my knees...I need new running shoes for sure. I've been putting off buying them till the snow finally stopped...I can wait no longer, I know better than to have waited this long...these shoes are way past their 6 month mark..but I ONLY wear them to run, never any other time, so ....that's my lame excuse! 

Got the munchies following the run so I had a half a bagel, about 150 cal...and some coconut milk "ice cream", which was only 100 calories...I burned a little over 900 calories on the run, so there is my treat! 

FTF, I always look carefully on the back of any new products I consider purchasing. If they don't have the little picture of the bunny Wink, or state that they don't contain animal ingredients or that they are not tested on animals, I simply don't buy them. 

I'm not "preaching" or judging ...everyone can and should buy what is best for them and what they want.

For me, as a consumer,  I refuse to support (knowingly) anything that is derived from the needless suffering of any animal. In this day and age, there has already been enough data collected and there are enough computer programs available that the cosmetic companies dont need to test on animals. 

Finding cruelty free products is as easy as googling "cruelty free shampoo" etc...

Gotta get more "hot knees" melted it!!!

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