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Being called "thick" a compliment??

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I was recently called "thick" by a friend of mine- male. To him, this was not a put down - it just means that I have meat on my bones. To me, a girl who has been struggling with weight since I can remember- its a put down. I'm not thin- and don't expect people to lie and say I am.. I'm okay with that- I thought a better way to describe me would be "average".. for some reason- thick really hurt my feelings and he may as well have called me fattie. 

I was upset about it all day and he tried to convince me it wasn't a put down ( BTW- I'm 5'7 and weigh 156- and I would say average build- athletic body type). My husband misunderstood why I was upset- thinking I was mad about WHO it came from and not what was actually said. I tried to explain that it wasn't that it was HIM, it was that it was thought and said- which means to some people out there I'm a thick girl.

So what does everyone think of the "thick" description?
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vudoo, I understand your points on compromising. There are a few things, though, that I would like to make clear. I am one who really enjoys being to-the-point and blunt about things. I HATE when people sugarcoat things to me... it makes me feel like they either cannot handle telling the truth or they think that I have childlike emotions and cannot handle criticism. I like the pure, uncut truth.

With that, when you find out that your boyfriend's only "compliments" take shape in the form of "are you wearing a special bra?" it is rather disappointing. I want my boyfriend to find ME exceptional- not my bra, and not my breasts BECAUSE OF my bra! I would never compliment him on looking extra desirable because he is wearing certain underwear. That would make him insecure about, well, you know. It's the same thing. And it is not a compliment! It wasn't meant as a compliment either... he just used that because he felt bad for saying it and thinking it!

When it comes to being called "thick" or "buff," some women might handle it differently. Because each woman holds herself to a different standard and has a unique perspective on what condition she would like her body to be in. I used to take ballet- so for me, having a slender body is favorable, especially since I am short and small-framed. When I gain even 5 lbs it shows on me. So if someone calls me "thick," I automatically feel fat because I am short, but I have curves. Whereas another woman might really enjoy "thick" as a compliment, because she wants her body to be "buff" or in tune with whatever connotation "thick" might have. It is personal preference.

While I always want the truth, you can't help but to be disappointed when the truth is that your body is not in the condition that you want it to be in. Especially when you always work hard to get it there.
Well, if your straight to the point, i like you already LOL!  The truth hurts... sometimes.  It take heart and balls when it hurts.  We can run away or face it :P

With your bf, he's not that smooth. lol!  I dont know your bf so ill give him the benifit of the doubt and say that he's trying his best.  Perfection (or what we percieve) takes time... full pf trial and error unfortunately.  So if his compliments arnt up to par, then you should talk to him about it :P  Or you can just do nothing and it will just continue and hope he notices the little hints [guys go hu? what hints lol]

As for him saying that....what he ment to say is:  "You look beautiful baby.  I'm such a lucky guy to have you" + ass smacking optional ahaha

See, thats guy speech >> translater >> girl speech. Waaalaaa! LOL

Ahh...the context.  lol well, i cant argue with that one.  Some girls like to be this or that.  Just know that to guys most of the time "thick" is a compliment.  So just take it like that, a compliment that your fit.  You know they mean good anyways...

Yes, disappointment.  It means we got a while to go, take it as a reminder.  It bothers you less that way.  And thats life.  Sometimes your best isnt good enough.  sad hu?  O well.  Times ticking...

[i consider it a wakeup call, its just the way you look at things.... half full or half empty... well fk that!  Im going to make it overflowing! you should too]

Have a good one :D

ps.  im working on all that stuff haha
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Yeah. I would have been pissed!

I am 5'8" and about 150 lbs- that would have made me mad too!
I'm just over 5'6" and was 174 two weeks ago. I'm not thick, never will be never have been. The way I see it, it has to do with bone structure. You can be small boned, medium boned, or large boned. I am very small boned and carry extra weight around my belly. Thick i see as carrying your weight proportionately, (a good thing!!!) I wish I could be called thick instead of a small boned girl who just got fat!!! haha! I wouldn't take it negatively!!!
A male friend of mine noticed that I had been losing weight and said "just don't lose the thickness!"  Like I was going to become a waif or something.  Not likely!
i mean id rather be called thin than thick but in alot of male's eyes thick is better. think curvier not fat
i dont like the word thick. its up at the top of my list, along with chunky. i dont see why people think those words arent hurtful to say to someone.

but dont be mad at him....he DID have good intentions :)
For me personally, I'd rather be called thick than fat. When I think of thick, I think of it as not being too fat or being too skinny. Just average plus a little more fluff. So if anyone called me thick, I would probably take it as a compliment and think, "Hey, he didn't call me fat! I'm just cuddly!!" I don't know about you though. If it makes you feel uncomfortable then that's fine also. But for me personally, I'd rather be called thick than chunky, fat, or rail-thin. :)



Well i always use to come home and complain because guys would say im fat. But i knew it was jokes because for some reason now as i walk pass dudes they always got there freakin eyes on my butt! (PIGS) Now mostly all of them are calling me thick or thickalicious! Its funny to me. Being thick and curvy is a great thing my parents tell me that everyday i come home complaining. Now i understand. Most Guys luv it and you should too hun. Its just that in some situations guys dont know what the hell they are talking about but ur friend has an excellent point. Give God thanks for that killer body you got girl!!! I know i do!


i don't think it's a compliment.

i think of "thick" as referring to the front-to-back dimension.  there's wide/narrow, there's thick/thin, and there's tall/short. 

i once referred to my mom as being "deep" because she had narrow hips, but a belly (like me now: go figure).  when she objected, i told her that i thought calling her "deep" was nicer than calling her "thick."

THICK is NOT a good compliment!


Thick means you are not thin

Personally, I think most women do not WANT some one to remind them that they are indeed, not thin.


In my opinion, thick means : athletic, curvy, healthy, large or medium built.

Deep down, a lot of women want to be small framed, ethereal, elegant, and slim. Large framed, athletic and muscular is NOT what skinny or thin girls are.

I would HATE to be called thick! Lol.

I also think it is possible to look curvy and healthy without looking “ thick”


For instance, I look very curvy and womanly, large breasts and lots of meat. however, I do not think I look “ thick”.

However, I DO look thick compared to a tall model. Even at a BMI of 18 - 19, I am still VERY thick compared to a model!

So thick is relative. I am not considered thick to MOST people. However, I AM thick compared to skinnier girls loL!

Personally, I hate the word thick. I want to be womanly, curvy, slim, delicate and feminine and NOT muscular, athletic, and “thick” looking. Just my personal preference.

My two cents on it is that guys can call me whatever they want. I've gotten thick, curvacious, and all sorts of other, not stick thin but good looking compliments. Do I take thick as a compliment, darn right I do. I'm never going to rail thin, I don't want to be. I like my hips and booty and bust. I want to keep them thank you very much! Lol. Hence, some guys are always going to call me thick. I love me, and I have no problem accepting a compliment, even if it isn't phrased so well!

It's a compliment not a put down. However, the perception of the person being called thick, determines how it is taken. For example, I would be concerned if I lost so much weight that someone called me thin.

I'm pretty sure thick is almost always a compliment -- just listen to hip hop where thick basically is a synonym for hot.  It means a curvy, hourglass, womanly figure rather than a boyish or gamine one.  Just think of Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren or Beyonce, all "thick."  I think it doesn't have as much to do with weight as it does with the distribution of that weight into secondary sexual chacteristics.  So if you have the parts that make you look  like a woman (bigger bust, booty, hips, thighs) you are "thick."  The more exagerated the hourglass/secondary sexual characteristics, the "thicker" you are.  Though there are variations in what is considered attractive across culture, the "thick" type seems to always be popular (at east insofar as inducing catcalls ; when walking down the street) -- I think we are getting to a time again in which that is the cultural ideal, though there will always be beautiful willowy or boyish women, too.

It may take me a minute to process but once I did, I'd know it was a compliment - only cause its a term I don't usually use.

And buff is ALWAYS a compliment.

So is complimenting any of my body parts. DH gives boobs & butt compliments all the time. I wouldn't complain about that one bit. He compliments so I know what he likes. Not so I know he likes what I want (ie, you look so thin, psh, he doens't care, he is looking at my boobs and my ass, so what is wrong with that?!)

And yes. I'll compliment how he looks in his boxers, if it is something that is looking good. Why can't a compliment be made in your underwear? I think that is the ultimate compliment because clothes can't camoflauge anything.

Thick is a compliment.  I'd take it any day!  I'm a ways to go before I am thick.

I wish people would stop and realize that everything that isn't described as "thin" isn't autoamatically equal to fat/overweight/obese.



I think it's a stupid word choice, but personally
When I think of "thick" women I think of Beyonce type figures

And she's got a damn slammin body!

No matter what it is, “ thick” is a very stupid and poor choice of words. Despite the meaning, it “ sounds” unpleasant. It is not a nice sounding word.

Saying “ you have nice curves” is a normal, and good choice of words that actually SOUNDS pleasant.

i can't tell you how many times ive been called thick. a guy even once said to my friend, "where you're thick lady friend?".. i take offense to it. i'd much rather be small, but here are some positive definitions thanks to UB:


thick :

- nice ass, nice legs, not skinny, with meat on your bones. thickness is the ****.

- A woman with a perfect body, filled-in in places that are, by nature, designed to attract the opposite sex, such as the thighs, the hips, the breasts, and the most lovely part of all, the booty

- When a girl's body has weight on it, but not ugly, out of shape weight. More like medium and curvy. A round behind and firm, full legs is considered thick.

- a word used to describe a female who may be defined by health charts as "overweight," but still attracts mad guys because the weight is in the right places (hips, buttocks, and breasts) a female with too much weight in the wrong places (like a huge gut stomach, or double/triple chins) would just be considered fat.


so in some eyes i guess its a good thing, but not mine personally.


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