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Buddy wanted for support

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Hi Everyone


I am on and off this web site a fair bit and find it really good but I think I would benefit more if I had a weight loss buddy.

I have gne from 119 to 133 in the last 10 months I think my biggest problem is I spend a lot of time home alone some am not accountable to anyone for what I eat. i have tried keepoing a log but again no one sees it.

Anyway if there is anyone out there who would like to be my buddy please get in touch. I would really appreciate it



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One of my favorite things about this site is the ability to publish my log. It helps keep me accountable.

I'll be there to support you if you need it, even though I have a lot more to lose.


Thank you so much I really apreciate it!!

I will strat fresh tomorrow as once again I went crazy tonight which led me to seek support. Don`t feel like you have to report to all my posts but just knowing there is someone out there listening and supporting me will hopfully help.

CC says I need to be on 1200 calories a day to reach my goal. I have always eaten a lot but use to cancel it out with exercising but I got into the habbit of eating more and then exercising more. Anyway I realised that was stupid so I have eased off the exercise but unfortunatly still eating a lot.

Obviously it goes without saying I am here for you too. 


Sure, I'm supporting you now. :) I know that it's much easier to pay attention to what we're eating if we have to log it all -- and even more so if we're publishing our log. I would encourage you, though, to stick with the exercise as well. The health benefits are wonderful to continuing exercise!! 

Thanks jjbrc

I am still exercising just not as much.

I used to run but stopped about 2 years ago as I strted geting kne and back pains and decided to join the gym the gym. I was never worried about my weight as it had always been ratehr constant. Over time I started working out more and more and eating more.

Previously I would do about 2 hours at the gym on a daily basis. I have cut down to 4-5 times a week now between 1-2 hours depending on what I do wich I think is pretty average. Its just that out of control eating I need to sort out.

Also in the last year I have started working from home which I think is adding fuel to the fire. For example today I got a little streessed out with work so went down stairs and ate two scones as a little snack!!! I would never have done that in an office.

Looking forward to my fresh strt tomorrow!


Ah, I see. Yes, it sounds like your exercise routine has stayed on the table. I misunderstood. Two hours per day is a lot of time! :)

I can understand impulse eating. Actually, last Sunday I had a stressful morning - one in which a lot of old, painful memories were dredged to the surface. I was amazed at how intense the urge was to eat my way out of the sadness!! I seriously wanted to eat the world - and I wanted most of it to be chocolate. I actually was self-aware enough to realize what was going on and chose NOT to eat the world, but I definitely found it interesting that my mental focus so easily shifted to eating when I was dealing with emotional issues. 

Are scones good? I don't know that I've had them... unless they're just a biscuit. I've had those.

HI Ladies!

Today has been a good day

Just logged my food and and stayed in my 1200 calories. I almost slipped up at about 11am when i had a small piece of christmas cake with my coffee but I kept it small. I did realise that I can not abolish snacking personally so I went out and bought some 100 calorie snacks.

I think being busy with work today has helped! I have come upstars now to stop myself eating anything else. Also I kew that if I ate anything I would have to tell you !!

I also went to the gym and did 1hr cardio. based on the machine readings i think it was around 400 calories burnt.

I think scones must be an english thing they are buttery cakes.

How has your day been?


I stop myself from eating at the end of the day by brushing my teeth. For whatever reason, my brain knows that once I've brushed I don't need more food. :) Maybe it's that I just don't want to do the work of brushing twice?? 

I did well with exercise. I did my exercise bike, and I also started weight lifting today. I'm hoping to add some muscle to my body now, so I've stepped up my calorie intake. I think I finished my day around 2000 calories. 

Did you know that if you deprive your body of too many calories it can actually slow down your weight loss process? If you're keeping yourself at 1200 calories and you're working out for an hour, that might be kind of low. I know from experience that when I went really low on calories it felt frustrating to me to be depriving myself of so much food and exercising and making very little progress. Just a thought. 


Luckily I was busy again today with work so was able to keep calorie intake down. I started snacking about an hour ago and had a yogurt but then a few small pieces of choc but I have just brushed my teeth so hopfully thats the end of it tonight (thanks for the tip!!!)

Calorie intake was around 1300 and did an aerobics class. I know 1200 is rather low but these have been two exceptionaly good days for me. If for example I ate 1600 but burnt off 400 calories would this also slow my metabolism as much as just eating 12000 and not exercising?

jjbrc. Are you trying to maintain now?

Yes, I'm trying to maintain and build muscle. 

The trick with calories is that your body needs a certain amount just to survive. When your body uses up your fat stores, you also lose a bit of muscle along with it. Working out will help you to keep your muscle and lose the fat. But you don't want to send your body into any type of starvation mode. 

Great job today! Hope the tooth brushing helps. :)

I was happy to see your post because I am concerned with my weigh however I'm not over weight by any means, just like you. When I try and talk to people about my weight gain they laugh at me because they always say I can afford to add a few pounds. It angers me and is very demotivating knowing no one cares to support me with this. Its like I have to be obese and in terrible health before I'm allowed to start doing something about it. I have always been slender, but I'm now 32 and I think my metabolism is just slowing down. So I want to do something about it now while I'm younger and have the ability to. I would love to support you in your efforts as well but I've never done anything like this before and in not quite sure how it works. If you need someone to talk to please feel free. Lori
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For starters, my brothers name is sky! I recently just started dieting and working out again. I've stopped in the past because I just got lazy. My key this time is eating things I like out of fruits an veggies, a lot and I mean ALOT less carbs. Absolutely no white carbs, and drink nothing but water or black coffee. It was hard the first 2-3 days to adjust, but with just cutting out white carbs and staying away from all sources of sugar you can lose over 5 pounds. Then add in working out, or taking some classes and youll be lean and mean in no time! Lol

I'm focusing now because I'm done living in college, and gained a lot thought the past year and a half. Rumor also has it, people who use to have a fit body and workout get back ino that form a lot sooner then those who have not had a past like that. Anything you need to talk about or vent I'm all ears! Because I too need a buddy for when I'm feeling unmotivated.

Hope I can help! Erika

Hi All

Thanks Completelyjaded Erika for your support. I too have noticed I need to put a lot more effort into keeping my wait down now I am reching my 30s. In addition I understand how hard it is when your not officially overweight to talk to friends. As you say they just think your being silly so there is little suport from them.

I am feeling rather guilty today as i had a lot of bad food snacks which included a scone (buttery cake), Doughnut, biscuit, yogurt and roasted chestnuts!

I at a majority at night whilst watching TVFrown

I have calculated calorie intake which is coming at 1900 but I am not convinced it has calculated everything correctly e.g doughnuts are deff more than 150 so i think at least 2100.  I also burnt 400 a the gym so a total of 1700.

This is over my maintanence limit of 1600!!

Lets hope for a better day tomorrrow.

How have you all got on over the weekend???

I am looking for buddy to. Nobody where I live gives me motivation to workout, it's hard to give yourself motivation. if you need some I can help, but hopefully we can encourage each other.

Sounds great! Please let me know of your achievements each day I'm sure we will be able to help eachother out!

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By any chance is anyone here from Chicago area? I think it'd be cool if we made like a team for one of the walks in the summer. Motivation to get in shape for it, and support during it!

Hi All

I have been away with work for a few days which is always challanging. I decided to take a home work out video to do in the evenings.

Tuesday started off well in the evening I did the DVD and ate well all day. I didn`t log calories but it was def under 1600.

Wednesday was terrible. It started off well but the evening ended with 3 glasses of wine, a curry and icecream. Also no exercise. Again did not log my calories but I estimate over 2000.

today has not been much better. From when I woke until 6:30 pm I had an oat bran muffin and Latte. So when i got home this evening I was extreamly tiered and hungry so I had some roast chicken with veg but then I had a bit of a evening binge which consisted of. Small piece of christmas cake. 4 x choc biscuits a yogourt and a handfull of roasted chestnuts. Calorie wise i think this was about 1600 but I am very dissapointed in myself for having this evening of madness as I had been doing so well over the last week (apart from yesterday).

So the last two days have been very dissapointing both fitness and calorie intake wise. Feeling a bit difflated atthe momment but as always looking forward to starting fresh tomorrow.

How have you all been getting on?





Yesterday was not a healthy day for me. I took a friend if mine out to lunch and we ate "comfort food" (her words). Her mom passed away last week and yesterday was her mother's birthday. I have no idea the calories I ingested there, but I'm sure it was quite a few. Then, m&ms and three glasses of wine at home. 

Today will be better. 

Hi again

So since the two days of poor dieting I am back on track. I maintained my calorie intake and was glad to be back at the gym.

Today is sunday and I am logging mid afternoon basically because I am hungry and waiting for dinner to cook. I am living with parents at the moment and diner is a very big thing on sunday.

My day started with Latte 100c, egg 75c and toast with peanut butter 170c. I whent to the gym for a whil but in all honest was not that productive. I will estimate I burnt no more than 300 calories today. I had a cereal bar 80c and Apple 75c and now just trying not to eat. Dinner is rabbit stew wich I love but no is very fattening.

Hope you all have a good day.


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Have you ever thought of taking supplements to help with hunger? I just started a cycle of three things yesterday. First is l carnotite which is a natural supplement that helps turn stubborn fat into lean muscle. Then second is CLA, also natural that tends to focus on abdominal fat. The third I use for workouts it's a thermogenic so you sweat more, therefore burn more calories! And all this helps with not binge eating or snacking too much

Ok so I thought about lying but the whole point of me starting this forum was to help me me acountable for the choices I make.

So I did well this morning but I well and truely over did it this evening. In total today I had 3000 calories. 2000 of it came from evening binge eating.

I wasn`t hungry just bored and fed up and thought everyone else is probably out having fun so why can`t I have some fun and eat. well what seemed good at the time has now turned into deep guilt.

Thanks for the supplement tips. I will look into it  tomorrow

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