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A buddy to get through this with!!!

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I'm 21 and I'm looking to lose 30 good pounds I'm pretty active but I counter act that with bad eating habits ... so I'm looking for a person girl or guy who we can check in with and help one another reach our goals but I really wanna find someone that will be a good motivator and check in ALOT as I will be doing also so let me know thanks
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Hey I just started it today and it went pretty OK so far :) I also need someone who keep me motivate too!  I need to lose yeah quite a lot though because I'm suffering with my cooking and eating habits (yes I do love to cook a lot) so I hope we can help each other out :) and stay motivate! Smile

Don't worry Sean. I am in the process of uploading my photo so you can see what I look Like


You can still cook. Just cook with healthy items such as pure virgin olive oil and stay on track with the healthy products

Nura yes we can help each other we can reach our goals and keep each other going in the right way thanks
hey Kim just stay in touch with me and we will get though this

I have 100 to lose.  haha  Kinda big difference there between you and I.  But if you want we can still support each other.  :) 

oh hey .. I also have 100 lb to lose but right now it's getting lower though I've started it for 3 days now... feel good about it but I don't know how long i can keep this up.. got to stay motivate :) and Sean I'm sure we all will get through this together just keep supporting 

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