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As some of you have known, I was on vacation a few weeks ago and gained a few lbs.  I was down to 189.8 before I left, and came back around 194ish.  Well for the last few weeks I was up and down and all over the place between 190 and 192.  It looked like I wasnt going anywhere (but wasn't too frustrated, I know this stuff happens).  Well today I was rewarded...I woke up and was down to 187.2!  I know it might fluctuate tomorrow, but it looks like I'm out of the 190's for GOOD and am back on track towards my goal!! It is such a good feeling to be down again and to finally stop losing and gaining the same lb over and over again :-P haha.  So for those of you who are getting frustrated and thinking of quitting, DON'T!  Just be patient and your body will reward you!

Though...I did watch a bunch of movies yesterday, and some sucked REALLY bad.  So that weight could have been me losing part of my brain.  Ultraviolet was so bad, my brain might have lobotomized itself to reduce damage!

That's all, you may go back to whatever you were doing...just wanted to celebrate.
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I've just had the feeling myself with 95kgs! For a while it was a goal to get there, then it was an "occasional" hit, but now I've been consistently under for a week!!!!

Every little bit, every little goal reached should be celebrated!

Well done.

well hot damn, finewine, that's great news!
:) Thats great Keep up the goodwork
Way to go, finewine!  That gives me, stuck here in plateau-land for day 7, some inspiration.  Good for you!  Hasta la vista, 190s!  :D
Write....I was actually around 190 for an entire MONTH.  June 23rd when I went on vacation I was today I'm finally under it (for good, I hope!).  So that's what, 22-23 days?  So not a whole MONTH, but damn close.

And to the people eating 500 calories a day out there, I did this while AVERAGING 1800-2000 calories a day and exercising 3-4 times a week.  Losing this the RIGHT WAY.
finewine, you're one patient guy! . . .

I know I'll stick with it, but if it goes that long, I'll definitely be antsy.  Heck, I'm already antsy! . . . . Yesterday, I upped my calories from 1400-1500 to 1780, and I'll probably go back to 1450 or so today and then down to 1300 tomorrow and back up again the day after to see if that "jiggles" anything.  I definety will NOT go below 1200 or above my maintenence number!  And, I'll keep doing the same exercise routine. 

Anyhow, I'm happy you broke the plateau, and I wouldn't be suprised if you just continued to lose pretty steadily for a few more days.  That seems to be the trend around here. . . .  GOOD JOB!!

And thanks for letting us know 1) how long you were "stuck," 2) that patience does pay off, and 3) that you don't have to starve yourself or work out 4 hours a day to keep losing.  That information is all really needed, especially for those who are just hitting their first real plateaus or don't really understand that there IS "A RIGHT WAY."

Enjoy your day and your dropped pounds . . . don't you even feel thinner??  :D
Congrats!!  I was just reviewing my July goals and I'm on track with all of them, the scale doesn't seem to be moving at all, so I know just how you feel!  I've had a few really bad days though (just like you!) eating the wrong kinds of foods, but haven't gone over on my calories and I still can't get the damn scale to budge.  Maybe I'll watch a bunch of bad movies today and see if that does the trick!!

Congrats to you!!! =)
WTG FW!  Good job sticking to a good healthy plan and winning!
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