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*Bringing "Sexy Back" Motivation Group* ( *Group Closed* )

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I want to start a group of motivating girls that have the intention of bringing nothing but their sexy back... I would love to motivate, work towards, congratulate, get tough love and throw pity parties whenever deemed necassary... Anyone want to join me?? I do belong to other groups with other wonderful women but those challenges seem to be ending and people are dwindling... anyone want to stick through it with me, until we get our sexy back?? Kiss 

Special note: There are no weigh in days, no challenges, no scales, you are own challenge, whether you want to use measurements, scales or even a pair of jeans to measure your success, welcome, if you want to gain weight welcome, if you want to lose welcome, if you want to build up some curves welcome... we are all here to give one another positive reinforcements... Kiss

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I'd like to join! I am ALL about getting the sexy back, especially in time for my birthday next month. There is nothing like trying on sexy party dresses to realize now is the time to get back to it hardcore if I want to look gorgeous for my party. I've found my biggest obstacle is food, I've never had to watch what I eat before and have always subscribed to the thought that you can have whatever, just in moderation. Well that may be true but I definitely need to incorporate healthier food into my diet. I'm slowly trying to make it work (just finished the last of my holiday baking and giving it all away tomorrow, phew!) and so far I'm doing ok, lots of baby steps. Trying to step up my workouts too.

I'm excited for the group! Everyone seems very encouraging and I love that we are all going for the same goal, no matter our weight or anything.

Exactly Karenl81 welcome! and Cguari and Nigquebud!!! Hi guys! Kiss

I feel like it takes too much effort and wasted tears to look constantly at a scale, I think feeling sexy is about feeling good about yourself... I want the group of us ladies, whether we are trying to gain weight OR lose weight to motivate ea. other to be our best or atleast try our best, we're all human's and we all go through our ups and downs, it helps me when I have motivation and see others progress and it also helps to push one another...

I don't want to be a slave to the scale, I just want to look good in my jeans and feel healthy :) I have spent so much time and wasted effort on whether or not the scale gave me good numbers, some day's if it was up I would be in WORST mood and it would effect my day, I don't want to be a slave to it anymore... Kiss I'm so glad to have you all join me... 

Mandy! I would love to do P90X! congrats on getting that 30min in today! wohoo!!! 

Niquebud - WOW!!!!! congrats to you for loosing 11 1/2 inches all over!!!!! that's amazing girly! 

Car - yay! on joining us! are you trying to just tone? what are you work outs like? 


Sorayazada - Im laying off the protein shake type weight gain route, I've been eating lots of nuts and high protein density type stuff like that. Mm I should probably eat more carbs though, my day is roughly something like this:
Breakfast - Bran Flakes with Soya Milk, Almonds, Blueberries and Raspberries
Snack - Clementine or other piece of fruit
Lunch - Peanut butter wholemeal sandwich, fruit, chocoalte
Snack - Ryvitas with Nutella! :)
Dinner - Im a veggie so some kind of stew or homemade vegetable curry etc

How does that sound? Im a member of the Weight Gainforum on here and its really helpful! I just want boobs back. Iwant energy and I want to feel sexy :) Not gaunt and emaciated! Because I'm a recovering anorexic Im trying to go easy on the exercise right now incase it becomes compulsive again, but I;ve been doing some light lifting - usually just 0.5kg weights but Ive been building up gradually to 1 kg ones and stuff. And I do a bit of yoga and light stretching in the morning :)


dollymixtures:  It's always alittle more of a stuggle to gain when you're a veggie!  Do you eat cheese? adding some full fat cheese with your fruit snack is easily an extra 100 cals plus protein and calcium. Which I'm sure you need! Or try a banana on your peanut butter sandwich!  also and easy 100 cal plus vitamins and minerals boost!  I know how you feel, I know how hard it is to recover! I was 5'6 and around 110, but I've been healthy for 3 years and you can do it too!!

sorayazada: I would love to hit a size 4 as well, but anything fitting me comfortablely at this point would be nice.

Carlynj: Hi! we get to bust our butts in another group! yay!

Niquebud: congrats on over 11 inches! that's awesome!

tynersgirl: I have slim in six i think it's made by the same people, i should really get back to using it except my DVD player is broken. Maybe santa will buy me a new one!

cguari: welcome!  I hope we can all help eachother along!

karenl81:  Happy birthday soon! you can do it!!

I want to bring sexy back... although that assumes I had it at one time.  Anyway, yes!  I want to join.  I'm 5'0" and weight 129lbs.  My goal is 115lbs.  I'm running my first 5K January 18th, so hopefully training will help me get in shape.

Do any of you guys have a hard time feeling or looking "sexy".  I'm not sure I've ever really felt that way.  I just feel silly trying to be sexy.  LOL.


Original Post by smmuirhead:

I want to bring sexy back... although that assumes I had it at one time.  Anyway, yes!  I want to join.  I'm 5'0" and weight 129lbs.  My goal is 115lbs.  I'm running my first 5K January 18th, so hopefully training will help me get in shape.

Do any of you guys have a hard time feeling or looking "sexy".  I'm not sure I've ever really felt that way.  I just feel silly trying to be sexy.  LOL.


 Yeah i totally feel you.  if sexy = silly/laughing than i have it otherwise i'm SOL

Karen- I was the same way. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted with no consequences. Then I had another wonderful son and thought, no bid deal I lost the wait last time without trying so that's what I will do this time. Wrong. I gained weight after having him instead of losing. Haha. Then I just had enough of it and wanted to look good again in clothes.

sorayazada- I know what you mean about being in a bad mood all day because of the scale. Sometimes that was/is me but if I say anything about it my b/f immediately cheers me up. So, having that support person in the house really helps. I know he thinks I am sexy, but darn it why can't I see it, yet?

Mandy- Yeah I really wanted to try p90x, too. It really looks like it would work and has such good reviews.

Dolly- You sound like you are doing great with your food choices. Keep it up!

Girl- Hey!!! How's the eating and exercise going?

smmuirhead- I felt sexy at one point. But unfortunately that point was dangerously underweight. WTF. Why do we do that to ourselves? I want to feel sexy at a healthy bmi. I want to have a butt and some breasts and a flat stomach. But I worry that I will still feel big once I get there. Did you never feel sexy? Even in a really nice dress with some nice matching shoes. Anything? Shoes do it for me. LOL. I am a shoe person.

Yeah P90X is great and I can see how it works:) It totally kicks your butt. There are a couple of the DVD's that I can only to a little bit of because it is so hardcore but I am so proud of myself for trying. When we first bought them, I was so negative about it. Now when me and my boyfriend get home I  am like lets put in the dvd and get busy:) Well I am glad we can all help eachother out and this is a great group:)

carlynj21... not sure I've ever really felt sexy.  I've felt like I've looked great before, but "sexy" is not the word I would have used to described myself.  I think I feel like my husband isn't attracted to me sometimes, although I don't have any basis for it.  I'm just not the "sexual" type, and I don't feel sexy.  Maybe if I did feel sexy I would be more sexual... ha ha.  We don't seem to have any problems though. Wink


Welcome all new members to our circle :) yaya!

Smmuirhead - I think sexiness comes definitely from w/in for sure, I know I haven't felt "sexy" in a long long time, since the weight gain really, so I've made a pact with my self to work on makes me feel good again and right now that's a pair of size 4 jeans Kiss and p.s. you look absolutely 'sexy' in your pix! is that your little boy? so cute! he may also be a reason why your feeling non-sexual these days w/the hubby...? maybe? but me I have felt sexy before and just want to feel good again, it's more about that

Carlynj21 - I know what you mean girl... when I was smaller and would get compliments about how I looked, I never ever believed it! I think that I had taken advantage of my body and never saw the beauty others saw in me... it comes from years of being the 'ugly duckling' and fat kid in school, it's so hard to let go of the fat girl I was in elementary school, by high school things had changed but I don't think I had caught up mentaly to my physical body... THAT's why this time around I will NOT take advantage of my body and take anything for granted... i will work hard to honor my body :) but I'm with you I want to look good in clothes too, you look great! you've done such a great job so far! 

Girlfighting - yup, I agree... anything comfortable would be a step towards my goals... but this time around Im determined to make it :) 

Dollymixtures/Maria - Hi girly, CONGRATS on all of your progress, you are doing wonderful, and the food that your eating sounds yummy :) And I agree with Girlfighting, she made some great suggestions about adding extra calories w/fruits and cheeses... I used to have a friend who had a hard time keeping weight on, her metabolism was very very high, so she would always eat the 'good fats' to keep her self looking curvacious... she's used to make home made guacomole, so yum! I like to cut open one, cut tiny tomato cubes in it, some lemon/lime juice and a little hot sauce for spicyness and yummy crackers! you would get really healthy good fats that your body would love love :) Pasta though is always the best! anything with vodka sauce, w/brocolli and veggies tossed in... yum...okay I'm getting hungry Kiss Do you like avacado's? :) 

Mandy! I'm so glad it works out for you! I can't wait to meet up and do the 'fire run, I love hiking, hopefully the weather will be good enough soon, do you go to the Glenoaks park, the small one in the middle of area?? I jog up there and have made the attempt to walk up to the scholl country club, got up pretty far and was like, um, what am I doing? I have no idea where this road is going to end! good work out though! ha! :) 

It's such a small world! Can you guys believe that Tynersgirl (Mandy) lives right up the street from me!!!!! We are all connected...Cool as the sages say

Okay so today I will focus on doing Planks... and drinking lots of water, yesterday did a bad on the vino but today is another day ladies...

wooohooo I love our group! Kiss





smmuirhead- At least you have a good relationship with your husband. I am sure he still finds you attractive but I know it's hard with a baby. Mine is spoiled. So much so that his father and I havn't slept in the same bed for over two years. I know that is bad but....he will only be a baby once. That and he doesn't have his own room right now. We are still working on that. We still find a few minutes (literally) maybe two or three times a week for each other, though. Oh, and I as looking at your profile. I grew up in Houston. Went to highschool in Cypress. Most of my family lives there still. So, that was cool. Small world as Sorayazada was saying.

So, I did an hour workout. It is my off cardio day and I thought my abs were going to split but at least it's done and over with. :)

Yeah I am hoping the weather gets better to. I have walked all the way up to the country club but thought I was going to die:) I had to take a few breaks. that is one hell of a walk:) Yes I do take the girls to the park sometimes but it is a very popular place:) I also take the dogs to the grass field that is on the side of my house so they can excercise as well:) If tonight is not raining i will be walking down to the school and back but we will see hwo the weather goes:)

Karen: I know how you feel when it comes to food, all while i was growing up i didn't have to watch what i ate. recently i discovered that it was due to my involvement in sports that i had taken for granted. I find that giving people the food I make helps me feel better about not eating it. Ya know? So long as SOMEONE is enjoying the food i love, then I'm content.

Sorayazada: I would basically like to fit into my clothes better. I live in jeans, and when i gain weight and can only wear 2 out of my 6 pairs cause those rae the only ones that stretch enough, then that's a problem.
My Workouts are usually an 1.5 hrs long.
30 minutes running (either just at the same boring 6 mph, or interval training)Then i do some freeweight and conditioning type things. I'm in college right now, so I can get all the weight equipment i need at the on campus gym.

The scale thing I've never had a scale until my sophomore year of college when my roommate (who does not have a healthy relationship with food) had one. I started using it, and that's what tipped me off that i was gaining weight, but i don't use it religiously. I kind of like that i grew up with out that device. I think it gave me a better sense of body image. (Whenever i have kids, i'll try to do that too.) I really base my progress on how i look and feel in my clothes (and underwear). Your weight can jump day to day + or -2 lbs on water alone, so if anything, weigh once a week.

Dolly: I peeked at your blog and it sounds like you have a ton of support on-line. But there is a huge difference in online support from real life, daily, accountablility and support. I hope you have good social support around you in friends and family. Also, Milk is an amzaing food. It's considered a super food because it's full of nutrients. However, skim milk is NOT a super food (it lacks the nutrients and good fats), whole milk might be a good idea for you to add to your diet (and i know whole milk sounds gross, but really it's just 3%-4% milkfat, compared to 1% or 2% milk).

sm: I'm sorry you've never felt "sexy." I know that being petite and the word "sexy" do not always seem synonymous. Sexy might take some getting used to, but i bet you have it in you somewhere, deep down. Maybe if you ask your husband what he finds to be sexy, you can try to relate to one that you're most comfortable with, and then start to pair one with the other. It's like the transitive property: you=comfort in hubby's idea, husband's idea=sexy, THEREFORE, you=sexy. (I'm a nerd, i know)

Tynersgirl: i think it's great that you and your boyfriend will get sweaty together. I've always wanted to be in a relationship where i was comfortable working out with the person.

I have two reasons for wanting to lose weight and be healthier. My main impetus is to inspire my mother to take control of her weight (I call her almost every week and ask, "have you been eating healthier yet? are you going to start changing your diet?") The second and much more recent reason being a new boy in my life, who is crazy in shape becuase he cycles, so i feel a little... plushy next to him.

wow, sorry that was like an essay. I'll try to be less long winded.

sm & carlynj - So I just went back and read all the posts. I am from Houston too! carlyn - i went to school in the cy-fair dsitrict as well. I moved to Houston my freshman year of highschool and have been living there ever since. What a small world for sure!

Raena1117 - I'm obssessed w/my bag of apples from Trader Joe's I have been cutting them up and putting them in my spinach salads, I've been doing really well with that :) even though I'm not going to be weighing myself and really focusing on the old pair jeans as measurements for my success, I too am trying to get atleast 5pounds off of me before the end of the month! yay we have the same goals

We've got a lot of Momma's in the house, I too have a daughter, she's 16 years old!!! and sophmore in highschool, luckily she doesn't stress me out too much... I am a single mamma too and loving being single, although I do have my days where I'm like 'where is he! my soul mate, my love, my partner!?' oh well in all due time, I realize I've got some work to do on myself inside and out before I can feel like I am ready for any kind of relationship... but I'm getting there... 

Cguari - I loved reading your post! and you know what you have a real good point about the 'scale thing and raising a child...:) 

So what did I do today to feel sexy? Well I worked out and I def. ate very good.. okay ladies don't laugh but I shaved my legs, straightened my hair and got my eye brows waxed finally! woohoo and I feel wonderful! Kiss I haven't been dating and def. haven't been intimate w/anyone in about a year so that's why I don't shave my legs too much... but I want to bring in the new year w/more confidence and some foxiness sprinkled in :) ... 

xo... Soraya 

Edit: WHY DID MY MOTHER JUST POP BY WITH A BUCKET OF KFC AND MASH POTATOES THE WORKS! and I just made some brown rice w/salmon and veggies and now smelling the not sexy! huh! but my mother is very out of shape and heavy set so I have to remember that I have the genes... gotta watch what I eat....

Hey Ladies!  I want to say thanks for all the encouragement so far!!  You guys have way less to go than me :( but I will keep it up, today was great for me, I worked out for an hour with my trainer and then did another hour tonight with my husband at a cardio circuit class, it was AWESOME!!!  I have a question though for anyone who can answer it, how close should I stick to my suggested caloric intake?  I feel like it's soo much, today I was happy to eat 1400 calories, but I did all good calories! everyone keeps saying that i need to eat more to lose more!   thanks for all your input. 

niquebud- I always try to have a 600-800 calorie deficit. And no matter what I eat my BMR. So, even though my calorie goal is 1400 (my BMR) sometimes I eat over that because my calories burned is so much. So, I never eat the same amount of calories two days in a row because my exercise isn't the same two days in a row. And no matter how much you don't want to eat anymore never have more than 1000 calorie deficit. Hope some of that made sense for you.

Im finding it so hard since i finished uni and went back home to live with my parents, ive probably put on about 15 pounds or so. im working full time and im out before seven and not home till after 5 and then i have dinners to cook and housework, i feel like i dont get time to exercise, plus i dont realy know anyone back home so i dont have anyone to do things with.  its also hard because im a twin and my sister has lost alot of weight recently and she looks really good, she makes a lot of sly comments like 'i havent really put on much weight' or id be ok in that top cos im bigger', its very depressing and i dont get a lot of support.  my family are the kind of honest type who will make a point of telling your putting on weight and your not looking so great!! i dont think i eat particularly badly, i eat a balanced diet and i do as much exercise as i can, maybe run once or twice a week for 30 mins and i try to swim once a week.  i was alot bigger than i am now when i was living at home before uni and im so worried that living at home is going to mean going back up to that size.  I wear a UK size ten but thats starting to get a little tight, would like to be back down to 9 stone which is about 125 pounds i think, i felt really confident then.

carlynj21-  ok, I'm getting it now!  :)  It makes sense to eat less on the days I don't work out as much and more on the days that I get a  couple hours in.  Thanks a lot!

Soraya - Yay for the single momma's! I used to be one of them so I know how hard it can be at times. Keep your chin up and you head held high. Once you get that confidence back (that sexy back) you are going to shine! Last weekend I went and got my haircut - took off almost 5 inches - and I felt like a new person after that. Sometimes, just pampering yourself can give you that inspiration to feel good about yourself and keep working towards better things. I'm so glad to hear how happy it made you feel. We momma's need to learn to take care of ourselves too and being a single mom it's even that much more important. A happy momma, makes a happy child. :-)

Holly - Don't be too hard on yourself. I grew up with a younger sister who was always smarter than me, skinnier than me, and adored by my parents. I held a lot of resentment for her because of it growing up. I was smart, just chose to socialize more than her so I brought home A's and B's instead of straight A's like she did. And I was never fat, just not the stick thin beanpole she was. Turns out that my sister was all the things I thought I wanted to be until I realized that she wasn't as perfect as I thought she was. She just lead people to believe that because she was a people pleaser. But she got pregnant at 16, married at 17 and 3 kids before she turned 20 years old. Now, I feel sorry for her because she always had to pretend to be someone she wasn't. If she had been more open and honest about who she was, if she had let people into her life more, maybe we could have helped her or given her the advise that teenage girls need when feeling pressured by their boyfriends to have sex, etc. We just all thought she was so perfect that she would never do anything like that. My parents never imagined in a million years that their perfect little child would ever get pregnant at 16. I guess the point of my novel here is not to feel jealous of your sister because I am sure there are things that you may not even know about her that she is deeling with. I'm sure it can't be easy to feel like you are being judged and compared all the time. But have faith in yourself, stand proud and keep going. I don't know how much weight you want to lose, but whatever the amount you can do it! Don't let anyone stand in your way of reaching your goals!

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