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BINGEING support group

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Hi everyone.

I'm a very healthy eater from day to day. VERY healthy. And I'm quite proud of my diet and my will power. I eat whole grains, lean meats, fruits and vegetables and low fat dairy products. I also eat portions of nuts and drink lots of water.

But I have a problem. I'm in university, and tend to go out to the bars on the weekends every now and then. Now, I can deal with a night of drinking, because I can control how much I drink and I dont drink really hefty sugary drinks. My problem is my loss of will power to junk food when I drink. I eat so much... SO MUCH chocolate when I'm drunk! So much that sometimes I feel ill the next day, but of course, I get back on track and dont drop my calories the next day because I know it's unhealthy recoil.

After this rant, I propose creating this group to support and track / log how many days myself and any others interested in joining can go binge free. I still dont mind having small portions of chocolate throughout the day because they might be just 5g portions. I just want to be able to motivate myself to stay on track and not destroy my healthy diet every weekend.

So, I'm going to start out. Since I went all out last night, today is...

Days without bingeing: 1 (I know the whole day hasnt gone by, but I know I'll control it today haha)


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Days without bingeing: 4

nearing up on a week! :) 

Day 16. I had lots of pasta earlier, very yummy....I did not go overboard and ate the whole pot.
My evening snack was a swiss miss chocoloate with some soymilk.

Calbert - good stuff :) I find little snacks of chocolate help to curb my binge cravings, I bought chunks of dark chocolate almod bark from bulk barn and have been slowly chipping at it all week. Very slow, but it lasts a long time :)

Days without bingeing: 5 

Days without binging: 17 It's TTOM so I'm feeling bloated. One victory is that I have indulged but haven't gone wild. I never thought I would make it to 17.
you are right, a little bit of chocolate in any form goes a long way and congrats on making it to day 5.
I made it a full week!!  I even made some indulgences without binging!!  I want to binge SO bad though...actually thinking of this thread helps me get through.  STAY STRONG!
back to day #1 tomorrow
my guy fried says this all the time: "WEAKKK!"
Day 18! I thank God for giving me strength to make it through. I had a few times of weakness but I was able to overcome it with positivity and good habits/activities. This week was rough due to TTOM and my body wanting to give in.
It's been almost 3 weeks so I'm hoping that the end of the month goes smoothly. I can't wait until I'm able to say 31 days! woohoooo
Have a wonderful day ladies!
EDIT: This is what happened at 9pm boooohooo This week was hard ladies! It's TTOM and I'm feeling bloated, weak and tired....I usually don't feel like this so I'm not sure what's up. I'm also feeling bummed because my weightloss has stalled.....This is silly I know because it is all water weight. I got hungry tonight around 9pm so I ate a 1/2 a bagel with peanut butter, 1 apple a tangerine and 1/2 a cup of orange juice. Its not a lot of food but it sure feels like it.
I just need to move on and drink plenty of water tomorrow.
Back to day one again.  I just have a very hard time at parties were food is all around.  I go with the intnsion of being good, get half way through and then lose it.  I didn't go WAY over but, it was mindless eating.  I usually pick at everythig.  Even if I get a plate, I'll go back later and pick.  Any tips, suggestions?  I just want to feel like a eat 'normally" at these types of things.

One more question, how do you all try and eat the next day?  I usually just try start over again, eating my typical meals. 

Yea, whenever my binge is over and I gain control I just go about my eating like nothing happened. I never try to eat less to compensate for the binge because I don't want to get too hungry and end up binging again. If my binge happened late at night (which most of them do) I tend to skip breatfast though just because my stomach is usually still very upset.

Day without binging: 8

Alrighty, its storytime:

So last night we had a big pub night. Up to about 9 pm, I had eaten 1400 ish calories, BUT I had gone to a 60minute spin class and had been literally running around all day, so I knew it wasnt enough, but I was going to drink so I figured that would make up for the difference. I didnt have too many drinks, and the ones I did have were just shots of vodka mixed with calorie-free drinks (saves a LOT of calories) and one light beer. So not bad. Came back around 3 am, and my buddies on my floor were hanging out and having pizza. So this is after about 4-5 hours of dancing, and I sat down with them and had 3 regular-sized pieces of pizza. I felt a *little* guilty about it after, but I dont think it's really a binge, because I probably made up for calorie differences from all the exercise I did, I didnt eat the entire pizza hahaha and it was pretty controlled. AND it wasnt like my usually thousands-of-calories chocolate/candy binges. What do you all think?

I think Im going to mark it down as an indulgence, but not a binge :)

That being said,

days without bingeing: 6 (not including today)

ps. allyferr and hsegdash - I agree, I definetly try to jump right back into my usually routine. I think any form of depriving the nexy day is just too rough on the body and definetly makes you a lot hungrier. And I also feel crappy too if I dont get back into routine.

Have a great day everyone!Laughing

days without bingeing: 7
Restart Day 1....I was doing ok until last night when I overeat. I had juice, rice, beans, goat meat, bread, peanut butter and then got so sick to my stomach that I puked. I think my stomach definitely shrunk from all those days from not binging.

calbert - thats too bad. But hey, 18 days is quite impressive in the first place! Aim for 30 this time:)

 Days without bingeing - 8

Back to Day #1. It's 6am and I just made a pot of coffee. Something warm to fill my stomach. The regret. The remorse. The secret private agony that only a binge eater knows. The obsession. The temptation. The surrender. But was that really hunger gnawing at the pit of my stomach, or was I really trying to fill an empty void of meaninglessness and despair? Was I simply trying to drown out the futility and absurdity of existence in a sea of blissful oblivion? Only God and my stomach know for sure.

(I'm trying to be poetic and interesting, lol.)

I feel the same way too smallerjeanssize.  It makes you wonder, do all the other people around you when you binge, are they having the same thoughts? 

Days without the horrible stomach feeling-2

I feel the same way too smallerjeanssize.  It makes you wonder, do all the other people around you when you binge, are they having the same thoughts? 

They're probably having the same thoughts, but about things other than food.  As for myself, I can get addicted to anything.

Well, I never thought of myself as a binger, but I'm guessing I really am. I'm obviously an emotional eater on top of that. I did awsome during the week and lost a little over 4 lbs. In the space of two days over the weekend I ate close to 2500 calories each day with little or no excercise and gained it all back :-(.

Part of that was migrane related... It seems as though fatty creamy food helps my migrane :-( Okay, it probably really doesn't help, but the little high I get when I eat those foods seems to help me forget the pain for a moment.

I'm fighting major guilt this morning. Part of me knows this is just a minor set back, it was the first weekend since I've recommitted myself to a healthy lifestyle, but I can feel something in the back of my head saying..."You can never change, you will always be like this, why even try... Just go get that creamy mocha... Drink the 1/2 and 1/2 right from the container."

Please help!! I need some major encouragement right now :-)

don't feel so bad hon, i'm back to the site after being gone 6 weeks and during that period i gained 8 pounds...... its alot to put on in such a short time but i'm back now and hoping to make it better... i know about 5 pounds of it is water weight because i LOVE salt... on everything just about. so don't give up hope and just keep on truckin lol. when i was on track i would give myself saturdays for my junk food cravings and it really helped alot giving myself an extra 1000 cals that one day because i knew i could hold to it the rest of the week if i had that one day. my worst addiction is cream cheese, queso, and chocolate. queso with nacho chips. but portion control really helps there, i allow myself a bit for lunch with a salad. besides I've heard alot of folks saying that a bit of dairy in your diet specially first in the day is really good for your metabolism

so don't be too hard on yourself and know theres others out there with the same problem

Day 1....I'm doing so good so far. I went to the gym and had a light breakfast and lunch. If I'm feeling extra motivated, I may go this afternoon and do a spin class....Let's stay tuned.
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