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I have a big ass, my boyfriend says so.

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Don’t get me wrong, this is a humorous post, only to indicate how daft some men are!!  My boyfriend loves me very much, and would never say anything to hurt my feelings on purpose.A good line from him the other day though – something along the lines of sweetheart, you know I love your ass, but it does look a bit bigger than before we went on holiday. Raaaahhhh  Men!!

Now, I know I have a big ass, I’m a very typical pear shape, curvy, regular boobs, smaller waist, big ass, I might measure myself……. At a guess, around 36 – 32 – 40, something like that, and there was logic behind his comment – if he told me now then I wouldn’t be able to moan if it got bigger and say he should have told me, or why didn’t he say anything before it got that size.  :o)  Hmm, men!

Any other good ones from your partners?

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"Look!  The ripples when I jiggle your ass extend to your thighs!"

"Aww, you stretched out my tighty-whiteys.."

"Can you imagine if your boobs were as big as your butt?"

"How can you picture yourself with a butt as small as your boobs?"

Haaha, I love Alex.  His ripples start at his moobs and extend to his woohoo.  Also, his tighties don't even go over his thighs anymore 'cause they're from when he was a teenager.

He's also severely jealous that he HAS no butt, but he's sporting a nice keg and looks "disproportioned."  I happen to like laying on that keg and seeing his bitty bum.

'you're not fat you're just wibbly'

haha thanks for that.
My boyfriend always tells me "You're not fat, you're chunky good." And he's ALWAYS grabbing my [extremely flabby] arms and saying "Damn, Precious, I'm so jealous of your muscles." He's such a brat, but I love him. He's the only thing that keeps me motivated. He's 5'3" and 140lbs... he has an amazing body. Works out every day, has rather defined abs, and his arms... omg *drools*

The only thing I DONT like is that sometimes he says the wrong things. Last week, we were on the phone and I told him I haven't gone to the gym in a few days and he said "Precious, you have to go to the gym because I want you to be skinny." Pissed me off, but he's still my poodle puff, hehe

my b/f is pretty good about keepin his mouth shut. he does make comments about when i want ice cream and stuff and how i shouldnt eat it but nothing too horrible.

he actuallydid tell me a month or so ago that i can't lose any more weight b/c he doesn't want me to lose my butt! ahha i kindly reminded him that even when i was skinny my ass was still huge so its not going anywehre!

i get the ass one all the time but if i lost it he would die.
lol...he actully has told me that i can work on any area i want but that
for the most part though he says nothing else...he knows death would follow...  :-).

*His ripples start at his moobs and extend to his woohoo* hahahahaha!Nice

My bf always grabs my hips(which are quite a hand full or 2, or shakes them while saying "ooohh baby look at those sexy hips!" It still makes me giggle. lol

Or he'll try to grab my belly or pull my shirt up and say "lemme see that sexy fat! lemme seee it!" I am sooo shy about my belly more because of my mommie stretch marks than my fat.



oh gosh - this one caused me to be slightly traumatized -

 we're goofing around and he got rough so i said, "be careful!  don't hurt me, i'm delicate!!"  he replied, "babe, you are definitely NOT delicate."  so i said, "OK then what am i??"  and he said, "you're sturdy."

 STURDY!??!  i don't think i know too many girls who like to be referred to as sturdy.  sigh...

 then there was the time that (stupid) me told him about how i was frusterated because i was trying on these jeans and the size 8 was too big and the size 6 was too small.  (i was actually REALLY proud that the size 8 was too big!!)  and before i got a chance to say that i was going to try some pants on at a different store he says, "well babe, guess you'll just have to work harder to get into those 6's."  whoa.  major boy stupidity moment.  i pretended i didn't hear that one.

 he's a nice guy, just clueless.  but it's fun when he goes running with me and by the end i have to backtrack to find where he puttered out at!  he's so competitive, it drives him crazy!

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I geuss I'm just mean to my boyfriends. if ayone of them every even jokingly mentioned some of those situations stated above I would hit him hard. Then i would take him down and choke him out. I don't mind if he says politely honey baby girl doll your butt is getting big maybe o need to loose a few pounds. that is fine. But to go and grab my fat and jiggle it then poke fun of me. he would die.

If I got to where a size eight was loose and the six was tight and he said maybe I should loose more for the six I would look at him and very calmly state that I worked very hard to loose a lot of weight. And if he ever disrespected me like that agian he would be out the door. Sorry ladies but a size seven is a good size. A small size.

Ok Maybe Im ranting. But that is why i love my boyfriend. He knows im trying to loose weight. he agrees i need to. But beyond that he only mentions that if I go anorexic he will kill me. Maybe my guy is just more sensitive becuase his mom and two little sisters battle anorexia. whatever it is he supports me in my weight loss without demeaning me.
I say all the time I have a bubble butt and I hate it but my b/f tells me he loves it and that's now his nickname for me "Bubble".  At first it made me mad but now I just roll with it.

I wish he was more sensative with his weight comments but he doesn't mean them to be mean, it's his twisted way of supporting me.  I got the same comment about jeans but I was between sizes 14/12.  I almost punched him in the face in the middle of the store but it it wouldn't have made anything better.  Later I told him it made me really upset and he just said he was trying to motivate me to get into the 12's.  He tries, but he's a boy and boys are dumb!
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Not my boyfriend, but my brothers who also have weight issues...say they have soft muscle!

That always makes me smile! :)

Wow.. just out of curiosity, what would his reaction be if you made any of these sort of comments to him. 

 "Boy, if you didn't have that beer belly you could actually buckle your belt."


" Gee you sure have a teeny peeny!" 


"Hey I bet we could wear the same size bra!" 

Maybe you're right and  he doesn't mean to hurt your feelings but it sure smacks of passive aggressive behavior. 

"look a those hamms on that girl I want to cook em up and make alphabet soup."

 in his slight Georgia drawl. I was hugely flattered and vaguely turned on. Especially when he followed up with ass gropings and bondage references.  


Outside of our personal in jokes, i could see how that might be offensive though; most girls do not like being compared to a pig.  

You lot make me smile. I'd never even thought of some of those lines and I'm supposed to be the dumb one - oh - that DOES make me the dumb one!

 You know guys are sensative too. Just because we don't look quite so closely in the mirror doesn't mean that we dont know how we look. And ladies can come up with those fun yet crushing lines too - like when my wife grabbed the love handles I'd been cultivating for some time and said "oh - i thought I was holding your butt!" It didn't make me feel like an adonis exactly - and being a fella I'm not supposed to get sensitive about it.

So - is saying the wrong thing about your partner being heavier a one way street? I don't tink so - its just a difficult subject, one which I didn't want to hear about because however well put, it still made me feel bed.


My bf may jiggle my fat but at least he calls it sexy lol

If I'm pouty about my weight that day he just says .."would you rather I say eww your fat. I'm sorry baby but your chubb gives me chubbies and if ya don't like it oh well I do! If you want to lose weight lose it for you not for me. I happen to LIKE my fat girl. And if you get skinny thats fine too just leave me somethin' to squeeze on."

He is too cute! Like felinefalcon said --To some his comments may be offensive; to me they are compliments because I know he loves me whatever I look like. 

oh and PS mine has that southern accent as well, is that not THE sexiest thing. ug I could die! specially when he says "dawwlin' I luv ya vury vury much how 'bout some sugah"  *melts* 

We were laying in bed and I commented about something I wore "when I was fat" and he says "fatter than now?"

None of us are perfect, and should never throw stones at others.  HELP  OTHERS IS  OUR  GOAL!!!!


my boyfriend once told me that he wished i could take some of my ass and move it to my boobs.


i know he loves me very much though. and he seems to love my bum as well, so whatever.
Boyfriend rarely comment on my chubby side (beside that time he wanna get me really chubby to have really chubby babies in the future); but just this week when i was down with stomach flu:

he said, " U okay? U look puffy"

I cupping my cheeks n replied, "puffy?! puffy cheeks?"

He nodded,"Puffy & chubby"

Only after notice I was about to frown & sob, he went on saying,"Puffy.. chubby.. no matter.. I still love you"

Honestly, this is probably the only guy i dated who declare that.
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To each his own I suppose =).  I like a big butt.

I've never turned down a handful of Good & Plenty.
haha ok i like this one....

"o baby i love you the way you are, you are just perfect in least thats what i think, i'm just glad that your not toned cuz then EVERYONE would want you, if you excersized more than i would have too much competition"

ok is that a compliment or an insult!! Lol
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