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Back to Reality (How to lose weight again while recovering from Binge/Bulimia)

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Hi im new to this......but i do have a problem and could really use some advice. I am 17 and since my teens i have been struggling with my weight. About 3 years ago i started binge eating (atleast 5000 calories at a time)and then throwing up afterwards. Although I was losing alot of weight, my parents were very worried. They would not take me to a doctor for fear that they would label me with some sort of psycological disease. Recently I have been trying to quit, its been about 3 weeks now. The problem is that i started gaining weight back , I have been exercising, and trying to decrease my food intake but it is really difficult for me, since I am accustomed to eating large quantities of food then purging.....can someone please give me some advice, I would really appreciate it!
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It sounds like you have Bulimia. Good for you for trying to get over it. :)

Unfortunately, you probably will gain some weight. Bulimia screws up your metabolism badly.

You need to go see a doctor. Tell your parents that you need help NOW, and you need to see a doctor.

(WTF kind of parents DON'T take their daughter to a doctor when she's sick. Jeeeez.)
Wow I am shocked by your parents. If you go to the doctor, they will face their fear, you will most likely be diagnosed with a psychological disease. It's called bulimia and it is serious. Good news? You will get help and learn to deal with it.

Hi, my name is changeofheart and I am bulimic. I have been one for about 11 years. Wow, feels crazy just saying that. Has it really been that long? I understand what you are going through, it's hard.

I realize that the urge to binge and purge is strong. I also know that when you do start putting on weight it makes you feel horrid and the only thing you can think to resort to is purging.

My best advice, talk to your parents. Show them some websites on bulimia. Make sure they understand it is serious, NO MATTER HOW SMALL OF A PROBLEM IT IS IN THE BEGINING! Here check out this link :

Recovery is no picnic, but it's worth it. Eventually, you feel NORMAL again and you can begin to repair the damage that bulimia does to your body.

I hope that you will be able to see a doctor about this, I really think it's your best shot. Good luck to you, from the bottom of my heart. If you need anything or have questions, send me a message.

Edit: I wanted to add that you should stress to your parents that bulimia is not just pysicological. It has terrible physical repercussions as well. Show them a list of the physical side effects, it may be enough to encourage them to look at this in a new light.
Side effects   (Don't be afraid, but I think the death memorial really makes a point. I feel you are serious about recovery, I just think if you show your parents that people actually die from this might push them into taking you and getting you the help you need.)

Hkellick has some good points.

But don't be scared of weight gain. I don't know how much you weigh now, but sometimes with bulimia, you don't have to gain weight if you are already at a normal weight. And if you DO need/want to lose weight, recovery can teach you the right way to do it and your doctor can help keep you from going overboard.

I just wanted to throw that in, because I was TERRIFIED of being forced to gain.
Thanks for your response, changeofheart. I do have a hard time answering posts like these, but I saw that SOMEONE had to. :)

You rock :)
No problem hkellick! I think it's great that you want to help. :)
Hello there,

I am in a similar position, though slightly further down the path to you.  When I was 15, I developed the same eating patterns you are describing, binging and purging and my parents didn't want me to go to see a psychologist either.  They sent me to my local family doctor who was supposed to educate me about healthy eating.

What actually happened was that I just became more secretive and just hid my chaotic eating even more, so my parents and doctor thought I was fine.  Every now and again, I would try and get better myself but panic when I started gaining weight back.

Well fast forward 12 years, I'm 27 now and I only learned to cope with my eating disorder last year.  And yes, I gained about 25 lbs when I stopped purging because it took me ages to get a grip on what I was eating - which is why I'm using this site now, to lose those 25lbs and get back to a healthy weight - and I do mean healthy - I'm aiming for a BMI of 22.5.  Use this site, eat your maintenance calories and no less, don't try to lose weight at this point.  If you can get a handle on your eating and maintain your current weight then you can worry about losing weight at a later stage.

But my real advice?  Get professional help.  You need to get to the bottom of what makes you feel the need to binge in the first place.  Life with an eating disorder is no fun at all.  Its not just your health you are messing around with here, its all aspects of your life: relationships are more difficult if you are binging and purging, it takes up so much time and lastly, it costs a small fortune.... I've just done a calculation I've never done before... I probably spent an average of about £50 a week on food I just threw up, less when I was younger, more when I got a job... that's £31,200 of money literally thrown down the toilet over twelve years (approx $60,500 for you US people!).

It'll cost you a lot less to talk to your parents and ask them to arrange you proper help now, not when you're my age.

Good luck, all the best

I suffered from age 14-21 with bulimia, id have periods of being fine and periods of doing everyday for 6 months, its miserable - you need to get help. I dont think you'll massively put on weight, at the moemtn anything that you do eat and acutally digest is probably being stored as reserves as your body is in stravation mode and is protecting itself. Guess you may for the first couple of weeks then your body will appericate that the food is staying inside of you and it will learn a new metabolism, and settle into whats normal. If you do put on weight it will be because your undernorished and your body is trying to repair itself.

I strangley enough got over the habit in my final year at university. For the first time in years i had to share a bathroom it made it a little difficult to hide what your doing. Soon people realise what your up to and you discover its not clever and their genuienly worried about you.

The less you binge the easier it gets and one day you'll realise you life isnt ruled by fear of food and utter hatred of yourself.

Good luck, it wont be as tough as you think, just take it a day at a time.
Here's my advice, but you may not like it:)

First, talk with your doctor.

Second, stop trying to lose weight. You need to focus on getting the binging and purging under control. Eat a balanced diet, enough to maintain your weight for now. I suffer with BED (binge eating disorder) and this is what I did. I stopped restricting my calories, eating enough to maintain, and trying to just get the binging under control. All with the help of my doctor. I am now starting to try to lose weight again, and so far I am able to control the binging. Good luck to you sweetie. And please feel free to message me anytime if you need any advice.:)
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