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Your body is in shock!  Losing lage ammounts of weight, so quickly, your body is says "Woahhhhh... now, lets stop this" But clearly, you don't want to.  So, just keep up the hard work.  I work very hard, and sometimes, I only lose .2 pounds in  a week.  My goal each week is to lose weight (even if it is .2 pounds).  Maybe you can set up non-weight/size related goals.  Running farther/faster than last time.  Set up fitness goals instead of weight goals.  Maybe that might work for you.


I can understand the scale frustration, so good luck!  

Im with you on this one and Ive been at it for a while. I have notice when i work out really hard I gain like 2 lbs which i know is probably water but its still nice to see it on the scale. The scale is an evil evil thing sometimes. But keep at it because through all the frustration I have lost 69 lbs!

Good Luck!

Have you been gaining muscle? 

Did you eat something before weighing yourself?

Is the floor perfectly even where you weigh yourself?

I wouldn't use the scale at all. These little things I listed could effect your weight up to 5 pounds. I'd only use it once every two weeks max because you will drive yourself crazy (like you are lol). Also, resting and getting the nutrients you need will help in your weight process more than just keeping the calories down. You know if you're gaining weight because people will be jerks and comment or the clothes will fit tighter. You are doing fine, keep up the good work. This is from a personal trainer so I hope it helps haha

It's cool to be frustrated. I hear you! Yell it out! Go to the gym and punish some weights! This is hard!

But then, when you're pooped and calm from yelling or the gym, remind yourself that you're really doing quite awesome, it's not pointless, you're going to have turbo-charged weeks and snail-paced weeks, and truth be told you might have a few times when your progress goes backwards. It's just how it goes! But if you just keep plugging on, you will get there. Are you giving yourself small rewards every once in a while?

When all is said and done the fact that this is so hard will make you feel so much more accomplished when you reach your goal.

If you were losing before upping the calories, then upped them and stopped losing..maybe they went a little too up?

I have no idea how many you're doing, and it may be just fine, but it's always a thought.

I've never lost a pound by upping calories..I see so many people here saying they've done better with more calories, so maybe I'm a freak.



 . .

Don't make yourself crazy.  Try shaking up your routine.  Sounds like your body is just getting used to your workout.  Try switching up what you are doing.

Original Post by tannis86:

Thank you for the advice. Maybe I need a vacation from the scale, and yes I made sure it was before food, perfectly level at the same time- I was desperate for it to go down a little more- No luck though.  I think setting an exercise goal ( aka running faster, longer) would be much better for me. I didnt up my calories to the point I was over or anything but to see the scale only go down a pound in 2 weeks still puts a damper on everything. I will keep in mind that its slow process I just feel frustrated at the fact my finance seems to be able to eat cupcakes and pizza all day long and wake up constantly lighter.

Thanks again for the advice and reading my rant :) I will keep on it - I have a wedding dress to get into, lets just hope my snail weeks are coming to a close. . .

 I wanted to comment specifically on the part where you said watching the scale go down by one pound in two be perfectly honest, that is actually better for you than losing 3 pounds in one week. A good steady weight loss of .5 pound to no more than 2 pounds a week is healthiest and wont put your body in freak out mode. Just a thought.

Here;s something fun...

Kay, so I slipped off the wagon and ate a bag of chips. Yeah, a whole bag. Bad idea, I know, but I calculated the calories and honestly it shouldn't have added more than a pound at the EXTREME. I exercise pretty heavily.

... Next morning, I magically gained SEVEN POUNDS during the night.

Of course, it's water. Most of it is gone again. It's still a horrible shock to see it on the scale, even when you KNOW it's impossible.

So really... the scale isn't everything. Are you fitting into clothes better? Are you feeling healthier? That to me is an important part of this process, along with the weight. And if the weight is going slowly, just try on some smaller clothes and see if they fit better than before.

Also, I wish I was 180 pounds, haha. :P

It really sucks when you feel like you've been hungry for two weeks and you don't lose what you think you should have.  Keep it up, and it will come off!

By the way, you look amazing in your wedding dress.  (I take it the one in the gallery is the one you chose.) 

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