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Atkins cured my binge eating? Long Story, hear me out..

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I am dumbfounded

I Was overweight two years ago. Went vegetarian. Exercised like a fiend. Lost 60lbs. However, during this phase I developled an eating disorder. I was binge eating and purging by vomiting from 1 to 4 times a day. Crates of cookies, chocolates, cereal, loaves of bread... you name it.

I was always hungry. I was always craving sweet food. I was upset. I was angry. I developed sleep problems. Wild mood swings. Intense dry skin. I'd cry and rage. If there was no sweets in the house i'd go buy some, if I couldn't, I make dough out of flour and maple syrup and eat it.. I'd tried putting toilet water in the bags of sugar in the pantry to dissuade myself from eating it, but I still would.. I'd hit an incredible low.

I was miserable.

I kept on and worked hard and almost stopped purging completely.. but I was still binging and binging and BINGING. One piece of candy was all it took.. as a result, of the massive binges without the purging, I gained back 20lbs in 6 months.

After much reviewing of my journal and intensive research and discussion with loved ones, others online, and my family doctor, I decided Maybe I have an addiction.. One that is easier to solve than I realised..

It made sense, and there was science and testimonials to back it up. Sugar addicition. It's been studied in lab animals and people often joke about being "addicted to junk" and unable to stop eating carb filled, High Glycemic food. I read blog after blog and book after book..

I was reading lots about Marks Daily Apple. A blog about "primal eating" and I thought, that was it. It was over. I'm going back to meat. I'm going low carb..

So naturally, I went as low as you can go. Atkins. Induction Phase. I'm currently on day 3. No binges. No Cravings. And when I say this, don't say.. "well its only three days.."

I haven't stopped binging on a DAILY basis in 20 months! 3 DAYS is UNBELIEVEABLE.

I believe in sugar/carb addiciton. It's real and it affects me. It gave me an ED.

I think I'm really free. Moderation doesn't work for alcoholics. It doesn't for me either. Sugar and Grains, High sugar fruits and All sweeteners, fake or natural, are not going to be part of my life.

Fish, Tofu, Meat, Cheese, Eggs, Nuts, Seeds, Leafy and Fiberous Vegetables, berries and Apples, Butter, Olive Oil, Spices, Sugarless Condiments... These are the things I need to survive.

One piece of bread, one whole wheat cracker.. would destroy me. Maybe it sounds crazy, but I think its the truth. I just can't deal with grains and sugars.

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good for you if its working, what do you eat now? i love carbs, maybe too much...

Carbohydrates sort of 'destroy' me too.. your story sounds amazing, but kinda odd?

i hear ya, mynewfreedom.   i have a huge carb problem and cutting out carbs is the only thing that actually keeps me from being hungry and helps me lose weight. 

try this website:    I like the caloriecount site better because the forums are more active, but the lowcarb site is good too.

keep it up! I hope it works out well:)

that sounds just like me. I have already gain 40 lbs back how did you start the low carb diet is there guideline.    Help?

that sounds just like me. I have already gain 40 lbs back how did you start the low carb diet is there guideline.    Help?

you could read the atkins book.  a lot of people think he says to just eat meat all the time but thats not true.  there are lots of low carb books, I think the most important thing is probably a recipe a book.    im still trying to find a good one.  also, you can get really cheap used books on  sometimes they sell them for only a penny or only a couple of dollars and then you just pay 3.99 for shipping and handling.  thats how i try out low carb books.  of course you also try the library.

I have also been through a similar hell of trial and error concerning sugar and grain intake.  You might have gluten allergies- one of my worst triggers undiscovered until just about a few months ago.  If it doesn't make me go crazy, it makes me just want to keep eating (3 servings of oatmeal and I'd be back in the kitchen a few minutes later for more- wtf?!).  

Ever heard of the paleolithic diet?  Might be right up your ally if you're looking for a program to follow or at least some good information on a grain free diet.

Just a thought- not sure if this applies to you at all, but dried fruit will also sometimes be a sugar-like trigger.  Sticking to fruits, at least initially, that are lower in sugar may also help.

Good luck with everything and congrats on your progress thus far!!!


I googled this topic and found your post, im so0o0o excited right now, hear my story out!!

Im a short small blonde girl and started worrying about my weight at the age of I guess uhm 14? My mother has a long history of bulimia and I tried everything to try and not walk that path, but I was worried about my baby fat.. weighing in at 48 kgs on a short small-boned body

But I was a binge eater, COMPLETELY, id eat nothing for a day and the next binge on candy, white bread, pies, white rice, CEREAL, ice cream (sometimes id eat a whole 2l tub), anything, chips, chocolates, anything carby...

I didnt want to become overweight, for me- that would be a horrifying nightmare, but I was hopeless..

So I started sports- jogging 5-10 kms EVERYDAY, netball (in the end I played for the A-team!=)), tennis and athletics)

Still, it was so much effort and I couldn't break the habit, I just couldn't.. I had begun bingeing so much, I stuffed myself completely- until I puked.. Later I learned how to purge

It felt like I spent half my day in a bathroom, puking.

It felt like I spent the other half eating.

I felt so hopeless, how could I let this happen to myself? I was a top student, I always had a job, reading books, doing well in everything I did... How could I let this happen?

So one day, I was in the library- and I found "DR ATKINS DIET REVOLUTION" in one of the shelves. I took the book out and ended up reading it. And I tried it out- Induction(and I put my mother on it as well).. I plundged in and I guess I was permanently bingeing on steak and salmon and cheese at first.. but cravings dissapeard!

Everyone cant stop talking about how great I look now, and Im 16! Still I believe that atkins is best and I will never ever ever switch XD

You're right! Just like alcoholics, we cant use sugar(or refined carbohydrates in that case) in moderation...!!


thank you SO MUCH for your post!


oh yeah, I weigh in at 42 kgs now, I am cured of binge eating, Im not sport-crazy anymore, though I still love my long distance running- and I cured my mum too!!

That's awesome. I hate binging. I just went 6 days without it and just binged pretty bad. I am tempted to try cutting out just most sugary treats alone for a little while and see how it goes. I don't really want to go completely low carb, I might try to continue to eat good carbs, like whole wheat bread/pasta, oatmeal, etc. but cut out the sugary/junkie ones. I notice that my binges start with something sugary and then I want more, and before I know it, I went out of control. I just don't want to deprive myself and one day go completely insane eating sugar and carbs!


Im so happy to hear that there are more people with the same problem out there! =)

Firstly, don't give up! I know it feels like you've blown everything into pieces that took so much motivation and hope.. Trying again is even harder, hay? But don't give up hope and don't get miserable- it's a recipe for failure

I am hearing you out, but I did the same thing and it always bounced back to the sugar binges,, uh bread binges, carb binges, cereal binges lol whatever..


Anyway, just try going to and search "atkins new diet revolution"- download it and try reading it- it worked for me!


It's the only diet plan that needs next-to-nothing willpower =)

lol... that sounded like an ad, but I really know what you're going through and what could change your life for good... Eating healthy shouldn't need so much motivation- it should be natural and you should be allowed to eat until you are saturated.

it's like my entire life has just been described....I feel like half of it is spent eating and then the other half trying to purge it all out.

I've gained 15 lbs in only two months. I used to do the vicious cycle in bingeing and purging, but I've purged so much I don't have a gag reflex anymore. I can't puke anymore but I still continue to binge.

It's pretty much ruined everything I ever was....pretty, outgoing, confident....I hate myself now. I'm 17.

My parents dont understand. It's an addiction, I have a problem that I can't consciously fix. They get mad and tell me "just stop eating!" and I always say "I can't, this is a serious problem!!" They just roll their eyes and tell me I'm being silly.

I desperately need some help but I have no one to turn to....I'm so afraid I'll be obese in no scares me so much...

Low carb has been AMAZING for me, too! no more IBS symptoms, and maintaining my weight isn't even effort anymore.

I try to keep it low fat, but I do not eat fruit. I'm kind of in permanent induction ( for now)

When I feel ready, I will start gradually adding carbs back in, one food at a time, to see how my stomach feels and all of this.

I am doing well, and in no hurry.

Honestly..sugar, crackers, cookies, bread..ALL man made. Nothing natural or necessary about ANY of those things.

They're just crap. Utter crap.

And yes, I was massively addicted, too. Not anymore, though!

It's been months now since I've even looked at the stuff.


Ok, sort of same thing happened to me!! I developed binge eating (no purging) and gained about 10 pounds in 3 or 4 months. Most of this happened over the summer, and by the time I realized I had a binge problem, I had no idea how to control it. My life was pretty much ruled by binge eating, and I would try to stop but I just couldn't, and I was really scared. Near the end of the summer I knew I wanted to lose 20 pounds so that I could be happy with my body. I knew exactly how to lose weight (I have always been fascinated by nutrition and exercise), but I couldn't stick to a healthy plan due to my binge eating. In addition I wanted fast results. So I did some research and decided atkins was my best bet. Once I got started on it I stopped binging regularly. It has been just under a month and I have only binged 2 or 3 times, and by binge I mean eating something unhealthy that I eat a little much from. Plus I have control. Atkins took me from out of control binging every day eating thousands of calories, to barley binging at all. Who knew a simple diet plan was all I needed to beat this monster. I with I knew this when I first tried to stop.

This is really interesting. I went into treatment for anorexia almost foUr years ago and had a serious issue with binge eating afterwards. I've gotten much better control of it over thelast year but it continues to be a problem whenever I set out to lose weight. I decided to go vegan thinking that it would be the easiest way to shed some pounds, but I was always hungry. Plus, I've never had worse cravings for baked treats and ice cream in my life! I'm in the process of re evaluating my approach to weight loss and this thread has convinced me to give a high protein diet a shot. My opinion on why low carb may be helpful to those who binge is that binging usually happens in an anxious and depressed state of mind and when you're eating lots of simple sugars throughout the day that causes you to have more frequent and severe emotional highs and lows( since carbs stimulate our 'feel good' centers of the brain). My hope is that by adding more protein will help keep me in a more balanced state. I'm curious though if cutting all sugar out for good is the best plan. I'd rather learn to enjoy in moderation than end up eventually binging on a box of little debbie's lol :)

I definetly am having the same problem recently. Before deciding to stop my builemia, I didnt have an "addiction" to sugary foods, but now Ive begun to eat healthy and not binge and purge, I seem to have an extreme craving for sugary, sweet, high carb and baked goods and Ive been wondering why and still am?!

It feels like I get one little taste and I cant stop, like its the bes thing in the world and next thing you know ive ate everything sweet in my entire kitchen. Ive tried completly cutting sweets out, or allowing myself to have something every now and then and that worked for awhile but now its back with a vengence it feels like. I eat alot of natural occuring sugars like fruits or ill eat yogurt or carbs like whole grains and oatmeal and that doesnt effect me. Its the candy and the cookies and the ice cream and idk how to get control of this because ive recently put on close to 10 lbs in 3 wks due to this and I dont want all my hard work to go to nothing....

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