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I got around to taking photos of my 127 lb loss.

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 My initial weight was 297.6 lbs - sometimes I count it as 280 lbs, as I lost a ton of water weight and bloating in the first week of dieting (April 2010). Now I weigh 170 lbs. My BMI is still overweight (25.9) and I'm only lightly active (was sedentary and agoraphobic until a couple of weeks ago ahah), so I'm still looking to lose a touch more. But whatever.

Despite what you may assume from this short thread, I know full well that I have extremely poor discipline. If I can do it, so can you! Etc. I didn't use CC's features beside the forum a little, but the people here are just lovely, and extremely sweet, and have been very encouraging. Thank you!!!

Something I found interesting is that I have no loose skin besides a little wrinkling on my thighs when I stretch in awkward positions. It's a combination of large fluid intake (I cut down recently though - probably from eating less processed foods + better oral hygiene), genetics and being 19. I ate enough, but not nutritiously until sometime this year. So there's hope, party people! I do have stretchmarks, but they're fading well despite most being over a decade old - I use a combination of rosehip oil (suggested by a wonderful person here), vitamin E cream, stretchmark cocoa butter, Vick's Vapor Rub ahha (for the aloe vera), and Bio Oil. Beats me which works, I can't be bothered being systematic. I use them all very irregularly.

Actually, unfortunately I only have photos of me around 265 lbs. And I'm well covered.


I wish I weren't so shy when I was morbidly obese. I wish I'd loved myself when I was morbidly obese, too. There were some changes, like further confidence that affected multiple facets of my life. But I'm no nicer, more intelligent or more interesting a person now that I've lost weight. The name of this game is the same with a lot of people ha. But I really do wish I had loved my big donk-a-donk at 297 lbs and advised the rest of the world to go to hell. I wasted a few of the most promising years of my life because I let other people think for me. If someone makes a passing comment about the heaviness of your own weight, you can give them a big "**** you" on my behalf.


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Congrats on your success. I started out at 270lbs. Like you I bet I don't have any pics or if I do I bet they're with me behind people. You have inspired me to look for them and to take more pics every so often to be able to see how I'm doing.

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That is wonderful!  You look like a completely different person!  Very inspiring.  Thanks for posting.  Cool

Well done! Pictures like yours really motivate me on my weight loss journey.

omg girl!


you look amazing!


and you are truely motivating:]

Original Post by pyrrhicvictory: I wish I weren't so shy when I was morbidly obese. I wish I'd loved myself when I was morbidly obese, too. There were some changes, like further confidence that affected multiple facets of my life. But I'm no nicer, more intelligent or more interesting a person now that I've lost weight. The name of this game is the same with a lot of people ha. But I really do wish I had loved my big donk-a-donk at 297 lbs and advised the rest of the world to go to hell. I wasted a few of the most promising years of my life because I let other people think for me. If someone makes a passing comment about the heaviness of your own weight, you can give them a big "**** you" on my behalf.

I love this!!!! Thanks!


Bloody hell girl, you look incredible! And those legs... I want those legs lol! Well done on your weight loss. I'm so undisciplined as well so I know exactly how hard it is to keep yourself from saying "to hell with it all" and binging on delicious junk. But it's so worth it and you look amazing. 



First of all congratulations on losing 127 pounds; that's phenomenal and you look fantastic! I'm glad you didn't love yourself (your body) when you were obese because I think it might have been much more difficult to make the commitment you made to lose our weight and get fit. I think your young age may have played part in why your weight loss didn't result in residual loose skin which is also great. Doing what you did early in your life is also great because you will live your adult life feeling great about yourself and trust me, that will make a big difference in your quality of life. 

I wish I would have lost my weight sooner in my life because life as an obese person sucked as I'm sure it does for most. After losing 160 pounds and having recently (April 18th 2011) had a full extended abdominoplasty to remove the remaining skin and fat and complete my transformation, I am using a product called Palmer's tummy butter which you can buy at WalMart. It was recommended by my plastic surgeon and in just over 3 months I can see a big difference in my scar which is fading nicely. My surgeon told me if I use the Palmer's tummy butter my scar will be all but gone within a year and based on my results so far I think he might just be right, in case you are interested in giving it a try.  

Great job and thank you for your inspiring story.


A big congrats on your loss. Your legs look absolutely fantastic!

Thanks luvs2eat! Definitely take progress photos, if you want. I wish I'd taken a whole bunch - I'll never be able to see the direct, authentic comparison unless I gain 127 lbs again. brb, cheeseburgers. They're just great to view, and the shock value doesn't get old for me.

babyuggie, thanks!!

wwwilliam, you'll knock it out of the ballpark. :) Thanks.

LOL thank you very much Liz! I can see in your av you're already a gorgeous, exotic beauty.

Thanks nicolae_anna! I despise the commotion that, for instance, reality shows make over large weight losses. I know for some it's (understandably!!) a pivotal moment and life-changing, but overweight people should do whatever the hell they want, regardless of a number on their scale. An extra mass of amino acids around my hips doesn't mean anything. There are obviously exceptions - I feel bad for the people who've gained weight to point they've lost some mobility, obesity can impact pregnancy chances and so on - but for the most part, it's like. Wow, now I can go on a couple of extra rides at fairs, have a bit more energy and get honked at sometimes. Besides infancy, I've been obese all my life and now that I'm at my lowest weight, nothing's really changed. It was all in my head, and in the heads of people (schoolyard bullies, pedestrians etc) not worth my time. I'm not pro-weight gain, but I'm pro-people. I should be able to think I'm kick-a** at 700 lbs.

Thank you mrssoderstrom!! You're really nice. Haaha oh jeeze, I've eaten maintenance for the past 3 days. I have major tests coming up and I'm like if I want chocolate while plotting asymptotes, I'll eat it. >:[ Yeah, it's def worth it in the end. ♥ I really look forward to when I can go on maintenance full-time - it's a fun incentive. You're gorgeous as both a blonde and brunette.

Thanks dave160! Complacency where major health issues are concerned is terrible, but in the current social climate, people take poor self-image too far. And with over half of Australians and Americans obese, it's not been an effective deterrent. I think self-love is as an effective means of weight loss as being unsatisfied with yourself or, speaking on a personal level, self-hate. Everyone should adore themselves - except for like, Mussolini - and approach flaws they want/need to change optimistically to lubricate the wheels. Not loving yourself based on your weight can not only lead to a cycle of binge-eating and eating disorders, but further unpleasant variables. But it's different for everyone.

Yeah, confidence is detrimental! But, I'm more than a number on a scale. My self-worth is based on a myriad of different things. I echo what you wrote about losing weight early though; I'm really glad I happened to lose it now than later.

I'm not sure if life sucks for the majority of obese people. We'll have to take a poll, rofl. Better than some alternatives lol. Ethiopia. It's so awesome that your scar is fading! I'm really happy for you. I'm sure you look great.

Thank you!

Thanks so much candidateforwax! :) Cute smile.

Some TMI - I had my bra size measured today. I thought I was a 14A (in Australia - that's 12 in US dress size) but I'm a 12D (in Australia - 10 in US dress size). Pretty stinking happy, haha.

CW: 76.0 kg/167.6 lbs.

pyrrhicvictory - you look beautiful. Most of all, I noticed your face is much happier in the newer pictures versus the one old picture that you actually show your full body. I think you're happy and healthier which makes it all worth it! Congrats!


I am very impressed! To be obese most of your life and then at the age of 19 to lose all of that weight... Rock on!!

I am at my heaviest, 170 lbs. I have been fluctuating between 160-170 for about 2 months with very sporadic exercising in between. But I started again last night! I pulled out all of my size 8 pants from 3 years ago, and by this winter I will be able to wear all those again. If you can do it, why can't I? Thanks!

Great job!  Congrats!

gorgeous then and gorgeous now. :) love your style, too, btw!

pyrrvictory - I don't even know you and I am sooooo proud of you.  I am a CC member for only a short time now.  I started my journey (this time as I am also a yo-yoer) back in February at 274.4. As of my last weigh in I am currently 229.2, down 45.2lbs.  In June my company hosted a weight loss challeng, based on percentage of body fat lost over 8 weeks, with a prize for male individual, female individual, and top team of three, as well as some others and I was thrilled to be on the top team of three although had I tried harder I could have been the individual female winner as well.  I won $250.00!!!  I THOUGHT that was motivating... and I guess it was... but only about half as motivating as reading your story and viewing your pictures.  I hope you don't mind, but I printed a few and I'm going to make my daughter view them now... (and this is really my point in posting...)  She just turned 20 and had her first child just before her birthday.  She has always been overweight, no matter how hard I tried to have her eat right.  She is beautiful and wonderfully talented (she's a singer... like an angel) but she has absolutely NO self-esteem.  I don't care how much she weighs... she's my daughter and I will always love her no matter what she looks like.  But, I want her to love herself and MOSTLY I want for her to be healthy for her son's sake as well as for her own.

I am 44 years old and grew up overweight and had a very "&^%#  You" attitude to people who didn't like me because of it.  I have never had a problem with self-esteem... HOWEVER, and I'm not saying you should care what other people think or say about your weight, I am very aware now, that I did and my daugher will and is currently, missing out on a lot of opportunities, especially in her career, because of her weight and how it affects her personality. 

The problem for me, and I believe for her, is not what people say or think, out loud anyway... it's what they DON'T do or allow her to try to do, because of it.  She has been told at auditions she "isn't right" for whatever it is... and We believe that it's because she doesn't fit into the "T.V. image" box... literally.  American Idol even told her she had a beautiful voice, one of the most controlled voices they had ever heard, but she still didn't make it to the SECOND round!!! 

Health should be the first and foremost reason for changing anything about your diet, life, that you decide to change.  And yes, mental health is included in that statement. 

I think that society, in general, needs to get a handle on what their children are eating... when, what and way.  We are killing ourselves and our children by allowing them to put so much garbage in our foods.

I hope the absolute BEST outcome for you... and for me and for my daughter.  SO I am giving her your pics to show her that other people her age are suffering the same way she is and that only SHE can take the reigns and change it.  I hope she will be as motivated by your story/pics as I was/am and I hope you keep us all updated on your success.

Thank you!!!

You pout those lips girl. YOU LOOK STUNNING

What a great thing you've done for yourself! You look fantastic! You were beautiful before, too, but now you look so much more comfortable with yourself, and healthier. I love it that you used your own style to get there--for example, that you couldn't be bothered to be systematic. I think it's so much easier to be successful when I don't turn "success" into something out of reach, like deciding that I have to be regimented about everything.

By the way, here's some advice you can take or leave if you decide to lose more; it helped me when I was younger, and it's helped some of my friends: if/when you feel anxious being out and about in your slimmer body, treat yourself to a break from attention with baggy clothes. It felt helpful to me, when I dropped some sizes, to feel like I had that kind of control over being looked at. Someone suggested this to me when I was in that phase of feeling like I needed to wear little clothes just because I could.

Anyway, congratulations to you on doing this for yourself! Way to go!

thank you :]




Congrats!!!! I started at 296 so around the same weight you started. My goal is where you are now. I am currently 239 lbs. I've lost 32 of those lbs in the past 4 months since starting CC and exercise. You are showing me that I can also do this and look as good as you look someday! Thank you for your inspirations!

Thank you for posting your story! You've just helped re-motivate me :-)

Congratulations on your weight loss, and your new found self appreciation!

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