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April 2012- New group to support each other for this month

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I have started again on CC after a long time and found out that lots of my old friends have lost their way somehow, just as I had.

Would like to start a new group in order to be able to support each other and find new friends.

So if you would like some motivation and support, join in so we help each other.

We would just be accountable to each other and at least log in once a week to keep a record of our weighins.  We would also keep each other company and have a place to rant about our problems and acheivements.

So here we go :

I am Amanda, 38 year old and am at the moment am at 93.4kgs(206pnds).  Would like to go down to 55kgs but since it is a long way ahead, I prefer breaking it down to small amounts.  So during this month I hope to at least be below 90 kgs ( - 7 pnds).


Week 1 : List of participants ( but whoever want to join in is welcome)

elliquinnxoo-  C.W. 159 (g.w.for this month 152)

delvian - C.W. 205.4lbs (g.w. 200)        ;   204.6lbs

hoggy509 -   C.W. 157.4lbs (g.w. 147)   157.6lbs

lauralozzle-  C.W. 144.8lbs ( g.w. 142)    145lbs

amandaj1-  C.W. 204.4lbs (g.w. 198)      203.2lbs

kmaguire865- C.W. 170lbs

punchiemom- C.W. 169lbs (g.w. 164)

pamelablue32 C.W. 140.5lbs (g.w.132)

mkklein111 C.W. 234lbs (g.w. 226)  231.4lbs

librarysteg C.W. 209lbs (g.w. 204)

lilygirl1970 C.W. 181lbs(g.w. 176)   178lbs

zilly84 C.W. 178lbs (g.w. 160's)

sneakyninja C.W. 155lbs (g.w. 145)

nao3    C.W. 163 lbs     164lbs

antonette1989 C.W. 193.8 (183)

lovelife andme   C.W. 175lbs

soodee-popp    C.W. 180lbs

x-lawrence   C.W. 160lbs

curvymama65 C.W. 190lbs  ( 185) 


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I'm in! I'm Ellie, 22, 5'6", just weighed in at 159 this morning after being stuck in the 160's for months! I'm also looking to lose about 7 pounds in April - my goal is to hit 152 by May 1st. I do weigh myself every day, but like to really pay attention to Tuesdays. I don't exercise and Mondays and usually by then any weekend sins have been erased :)
*on Mondays. Autocorrect.

I'm Bonnie. I weighed in this morning at my lowest so far, 205.4. My ultimate goal is 120, which will probably be hit toward the end of 2013.

I would love to hit 200 by the end of April!

I would love to join! I'd really like to be part of a group the continues with posting. I have joined a couple, but after a couple days the conversations and check ins stop. It's really frustrating, I really love being accountable to a group. And want not only encouragement but someone that will that will say, get it together!! And i hope to do the same for everyone else! Here's hoping for support through April...

I'm 5'6, current weight 158, goal 137. Would love to lose 10 pounds by May 1st. I've been gaining and losing thd same 5 pounds for months...time to make something happen!

I'm in! :)

My name is Laura, I'm 5'5 147.4lbs and would like to be 142.0lbs by the end of April. Not a big target, but I haven't been below 144 for years! I get there, then everything goes to pot!!!


I am really excited to see that there quite a few who are joining in. I will try that by Sunday I will post all the names and weights of those joining in.

I also have the tendency to weigh in every day, even though this tends to make me nervous because there are too many fluctuations from one day to the next.  However we will just post in our weighin once a week on this forum.

for the last three days I have been extraordinarily good, ate up to 1300 cals, always got an A from CC and was just off in a couple of items in analysis, basically the potassium which I have not clue how to be able to go more than 2500 even when you eat a lot of veggies.  The only thing I have not managed to start again is exercising, but I promise to try today.

I am Katie, 30 years old and currently 170 pounds. I am looking to get down to 140 lbs. I did weight watchers for awhile and lost 20 pounds and I've gained half of it back. I had to have my wedding dress completely altered because it wasn't even close to fitting. I am looking for people to hold me accountable and motivate me!
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Count me in as well! I'm 38, weighing in at 169 pounds, 5"4' in height. This is the heaviest I've been not counting when I was pregnant. I would like to lose at least 5 pounds by the end of April.
Hi. I'm Pamela. 41 years old. 5'2". SW 151 CW 140.5 GW 120-125

My April goal is to get to 132. That is 2 pounds per week.

I gained about 15 pounds after a major surgery almost 2 years ago and still haven't lost it. I used to teach aerobics and quit working out after my surgery and never went back fully. I also notice it's harder to lose weight in my 40s than it was a few years ago. I would love to keep up with a few people and have them keep up with me. I tend to weigh most days especially when I'm eating right. I am bummed out that warm weather is here (I live in Atlanta) and I still don't feel good in shorts and tank tops. Let alone bathing suits. I am trying to cook at home a lot more but it's hard. I am an art teacher full time and a divorced mother of 3. Same for working out. I do it mostly at 5 am when I can get myself up. Thanks. Looking forward to a group support! Let's try to keep this going. Thanks for the motivation. Pamela

Sounds good!! I'm Meghan, 33 years old, 5'8", and at my last weigh in, I was 234.6. My ultimate goal is to lose 65 lbs, and I've lost 12.4 already, since the beginning of January. I'd like to be down to 226 by May 1. I tend to weigh myself a few times a week out of curiosity, but my official weigh in is on Saturdays. Sometimes Sundays if I don't like what the scale says Saturday morning...LOL. I've just started doing a Zumba DVD on a semi-regular basis, and I have an elliptical machine that I love. And since the weather is getting nicer, my 14 month old niece (who I watch during the day) and I will be taking more walks. I'm excited to start a new month and make it a healthy one!

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How do you like Zumba, Meghan? I've heard a lot of good things about it but never really tried it. I just started Chalene Extreme yesterday (2nd day is rest day!). I bought it ages ago but managed to do just two weeks of it. I'm giving it another go. I like dancing exercises more like Turbo Jam, which I've also tried; lost a lot of weight with it but gained it all back plus some :(.
I really like it!! I'm so uncoordinated though. I'm glad I didn't try going to a class first. I'd have been so

I love Zumba. I have it on my Wii! Meghan, I'm really uncoordinated too and often trip over my own feet when doing it. I still love it though, it gives you a really good workout. After I have done it, I'm sweating buckets!!!


I just joined this site and would love to join the group. I'm Angie, 35, currently 209 pounds.  I started getting serious about watching what I eat and exercising this month and have lost about six pounds so far.  My goal is 145.  I'd like to lose at least five pounds in April which would bring to 205.  I weigh-in on Saturday morning.  Should I use tomorrow's weigh-in as my first for April or wait until April 7th? 

I joined a Zumba class and started the Couch 2 5K program this month so I'm getting more exercise than I have in years.  I hope this will be a good kick-start to losing weight.  I'm counting my calories every day, but I don't have any specific calories goals.  I have a tendency to binge so my biggest food related goal for myself right now is to never eat to the point of feeling stuffed.  I'm happy to report I made it through the entire month without every once getting that uncomfortably full feeling.


I hope this turns into a fun, interactive group!


Dear all, I will be posting the weighins of all of us this evening.  I will go through all the postings and write the ones that I find.  It does not matter the day when you weighin, I will write the last weighin posted of the week, since everyone has different weighin days.

I enjoyed reading the posts.  I also love Zumba.  I don't have the WI version but I have the ZUMBA videos and sometimes use them.   I also have the Gillian Michael's 30 day shred which I think is very good.  I think it is about time that I started it again actually.  It is just 20 minutes everyday but of very very good exercise.

Yesterday, I did something for myself.  I went to do a waxing.  HAHAHAHa!!  Since during winter I do not bother to go for waxing cause under the thick clothes everything is hidden, and now spring is back, I decided to go and have my extra layer taken off.   You, know, I actually felt really better afterwards.

Therefore, I am going to ask each and every one of you to think of something that you would like to do just for yourselves during this week, and post it.  And obviously try to find time to do it during this week.



It sounds a little strange but... I would love to clean my room so there is no mess at all. Then I won't have to climb over a mountain of clothes to get to bed. I feel better when my room is lovely and clean, but I can never be bothered to do it. So I will do it!

Amanda, I used to do the 30 day shred. It's really hard!!! I'm trying to follow the 12 weeks to weightloss on this site, and I also have EA Active on the Wii too, which is quite good. :) I'm also doing a running program, it's like couch25k, but called pooch25k. It's a little longer, 12 weeks, and I'm only on week one, but my first run went well!

I will post my weight AGAIN tomorrow, and that can be my April starting weight! ;)

I weighed in this morning at 234. My official April goal is to lose 8 lbs and be down to 226 by May 1st. I will also re-post tomorrow. I am getting my hair cut today, and since I'm getting quite a bit cut off, it might just take some extra weight off....LOL! Hair cuts are one of my favorite relaxing and they make me feel so good about myself :) If that's ok Amanda, I would like to use that as my "just for me" activity. If not, I'm sure I can find something else to do this week ;)

So ready for tomorrow!! I've worked out a deal with my hubby to pick up the baby 3 days a week so I can exercise those days...after reading the posts I'm thinking of unearthing my couch to 5K program. My regular weigh in date has been Monday, but I tend to weigh each day. So I will begin with my weight as of this morning...157.4, ultimate goal 137, April goal 147! Good luck all!!

I'm here Amanda! I'll need you with me this month!

I'm 42 yo and 5'5". With the help of my friends at CC and a lot of determination I lost 67 pounds between Oct 2008 and Mar 2010. Then I got a bit lazy about eating healthy and started to put on weight again. On the first of January 2012 I weighed in at 194 (up 36 pounds) and decided it was time to get back into my favorite jeans. I've lost 13 pounds so far this year. I'd like to lose 15 more and see where I go from there.

I am a landscaper/designer who works hard every day so exercise is not a problem...grabbing a bag of chips when the crew stops for snacks every day IS a problem. I need you guys to help me keep on track and avoid the temptation of eating the same way as those boys half my age!

Starting at 181 for this month and would like to lose a healthy 1 pound per week. Here's hoping we all manage to stay on track. We ALL deserve to be fit and healthy!

I'd like to join! I'm 5'6", 27 and 178. I just had my 2nd little boy five weeks ago and am ready to get exercising. I was 214 the last time I wad weighed while pregnant. My first goal is to be in the average BMI range or 140's by June/July. Then my second goal is to be 120 by my oldest son's b-day in September. By May 1st I'd like to be in the 160's.
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