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Anyone ever get mad at you for losing weight?

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I went from weighing 189 lbs to weighing 140 lbs. Before 8 lost weight people were always saying things like "what a pretty face you have." Now I'm treated like I am the enemey. I am not sure what felt worse the thought that I wasn't as pretty as I could be, or to suddenly be treated like an outcast by people who have known me for years.
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Let me guess all the people who are treating you bad haven't really lost any weight or are having a hard time meeting their goals.

Misery loves company - winners stand alone.  Ignore them, if they are true friends they will come around - otherwise it's time to get new positive friends.

Wow, never even thought that could happen.

But nope. I've had awesome friends before I was fat, while I was fat, and after I was fat. The only person who was uncomfortable/mad was me towards myself.

oh yes.... my supposed "best friends" at the time were both overweight, like me. i lost the weight before high school, they didn't. they made mean jokes and told everyone that i only lost the weight because i starved myself, etc. (i didn't... i did it the healthy way). i suppose they were so hateful because they were jealous.

My older sister :| ... says I am just trying to show her up and was making up health problems for attention (yeah being 250lbs was all pretend/ slide of hand)

Several friends :\ ... don't know why 

The only people who seem happy/supportive for me is my best friend and my doctor.


Try not to let it bother you I assume people like that are just having trouble coping with their own issues.

This is one of the pitfalls of losing weight. Instead of encouragement, many people will try to undermine your motivation with snide comments. Ironically, I love getting encouragement from family and friends but it seems like many folks hold back. At the end of the day, it's about you.....stay focused on you!

Oh yeah, all the time.
They mostly say 'You don't need to lose weight' When I'm over 200 pounds. I say I do and they argue. Finally I tell them, I'm losing for my health. And that shuts them up. They can't tell you not to be healthy, right?

Yes! Its a senstive topic for my step dad as he lost his sister to anorexia, he tells me to exercise and eat properly but worries if i do too much exercise without eating a proper dinner with the right things. My mum also worries about weight and isconstantly asking if ive eaten, which annoys me as it feels tho she doesnt trust me. But its normal, any drastic weight loss and cause family and friends to worry after a while
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Yes!!! It's like as soon as you lose weight they automatically assume you have an eating disorder! What's up with that
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