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Anyone else ALWAYS hungry no matter what or how much you eat?!

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Im always want to eat, so i drink ALOT of tea.  Its all in my head I know that...but what can I do to tell myself that I am really full.  Some times ill eat and eat and eat....and then ill be bored or whatever and think, im STARVING, but its near impossible.....I feel like I am a bottomless pit....what the heck, see i actually feel tummy will actually feel like its empty....even if i eat like a steak dinner and patatoe and salade and soup, and can of pop, and a dinner roll...or like 5 slices of pizza ( I dont really eat that stuff anymore) but you get my point. 

Like when some people say they eat poridge or whatever and they find it filling...I find it for the moment and then ill be like...mmmm i feel like i eat alot of Broccoli because its either that or something else, which could be bad for me.  But even still, Ill eat like 3-4 cups of that.... I dunno, anyone else HUNGRY alllllllll the matter what they eat?!

I know its in my head, how do i fix that!?
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honestly I find that when I am bored I concentrate more on food and I think  i am hungry.  And sometimes I have that problem that I will eat alot and yes I still feel hungry.  its so weird.

I am not really sure how to over come this but I would say that staying busy and setting little goals for yourself.  This is what I do.

Lets say I eat breakfast at 9am.  I will not allow myself, even if I am hungry to eat until my snack at 11 or maybe 12 for lunch depending on what I ate at lunch.  setting these little goals make it easier to bare feeling hungry because I know that I am really not hugry but just bored.

I totally know what you mean.  I just live with it and know that its just in my head because I just ate a sensable amount or healthy food.
For starters, to help keep you full try to balance the ratio of protein to carbs in your meals at around 2:1.
Drinking water when you think you're hungry helps - sometimes the body tells you it's hungry when it's thirsty.
Keep lots of low cal things around to snack on - celler sticks, carrots, grapes etc.
Other than that as you adjust to your new routine, your body will catch up and stop telling you it's hungry when it isn't :-)  Hope that helps.
If the hunger is really bad, have you seen a doctor?  There are any number of things that can make your hunger/fullness balance go out of whack.   Our brains create a chemical when we have got enough food that signals "satisfied" and some people lack that chemical, for instance.  Or if you have a blood sugar problem that might be a factor.  Frequently we learn to associate food with comfort; we fill that "empty feeling" inside us with food, and temporarily feel better because of the resulting chemicals our brains produce that signal satisfaction, but since the "hunger" is emotional, it just comes back when the chemicals start dispersing.

If you are eating foods that are what I call "low value" (they provide calories but don't keep you from getting hungry an hour later, for instance a candy bar, whereas a can of tuna will keep you from being hungry for a while since protein takes longer to digest) that might be a factor.  If they ever come up with tuna that tastes like chocolate...I'm on it!
Yes, but I find most of it is in my head. Weekends are the dangerous times for me as my meals and times are not as structured. But.....weekends that I keep busy with projects or hobbies are the best time for me too. If I keep my mind busy, I don't want to eat, if I just lay around, I want to eat non stop!

If I get into a project or hobby, I don't want to stop when my stomach growls and IS hungry for food since I am so involved, but watching tv or the computer gets me in trouble as my mind keeps wondering towards what I can snack on, and from old eating habbits, those snacks can be very unhealthy.

just my .02 from my experiances. It will get better if you know why it is happening to you.

good luck!
My stomack is a bottomless pit.  That's why I'm here at CC, the food log numbers tell me I've had enough not my senses. 
yeah sometimes people just be like cant be like...oh...i cant be...but i am!!!!  grrrrrllll excuseme that was my tummy...I think its has to be in my head..not hunger, its impossible for me to eat as much as I do and STIIIIIIILLLL want more!  I eat the right food...and sometimes I make myself wait...but yeah...its like im just always sooo hungry, if i know its a pot full of steamed broccoli...or something, i will eat it and then i want seconds and then i want more, and then next thing i know the whole pot is gone.  But really its like even if I am keeping busy, im just thinking about food!  Its bad.  Its hard to never have that full feeling.
If you are drinking "ALOT" of tea the problem could be you are chronically dehydrated.  Try to drink just water for a few days and see if this helps you out.  When the body is thirsty, especially when it's dehydrated, it will signal hunger pangs.  Tea dehydrates you.

I tend to want to eat a lot more when I don't drink enough water. 
With all the soda and tea and stuff we drink as a society many of us tend to be chronically dehydrated and are unaware of it :)

according to a recent study reported by the American Diabetes Society in Prevention Magazine, sugar substitutes (equal, splenda, sweet & low - the brand didn't matter) can give you the hungry all the time feeling .  Check to make sure you are not getting a lot of artificial sweeteners especially in drinks.
AHHHHHAAA...I see...and most of the time people here including myself...go for a cup of tea when we are hungry, to curve a should start a forum all on its own....Geesh addicted to splenda!  Oh my gosh could it be a break thur..if you figured it out for me....I OWE YOU!!!!
I had the same problem, which is one reason I am here.. I could out-eat my husband and any of his friends.  I don't have that kind of appetite any more after changing the  KINDS of foods I was eating. In a nutshell, eating stuff like pasta and pizza turned me into a bottomless pit. I could literally eat an 18 inch pizza myself. It's like I never got enough food, and while there may have been a psych component (stress, worry, boredom etc), cutting those foods out has helped a great deal. Seriously, eating SLOWLY, and eating something every TWO  hours has been the winner for me. It feels like you're constantly eating, but it's satisfying and I think my stomach has shrunk, if such a thing is possible, because I'm eating small amounts at a time. Don't eat any refined flours or sucrose. Eat all your grains as whole grains, eat unlimited veggies, lots of water and green tea, and make sure you get plenty of lean protein like fish and chicken. Also, adding a healthy amount of extra virigin olive oil is good. Perhaps try altering your eating habits in this way for about two an experiement, give up the pizza and white breads and pasta for that time. Replace them with barley, wheatberries, and other whole grains, and see if you feel better after about two weeks. Also, perhaps take up a new activity or just do something out of your ordinary routine.
Hi Penny,

I can so relate to what you said. Eat and never feel full -- no "turn off" button. I don't do a lot of artificial sweetners so that's not an answer for me -- but a good thing to know. The tea dehydration thing makes sense - but I was once told that herbal tea can be counted as water - who ever mentioned the tea dehydration thing -- was that for black tea??

anyway-- i'm just glad that I am not the only one who was feeling that way about the 'full" feeling.

thanks Penny -- your post helped me as well
Well for me, I defenitly can relate. What I did was "train" my mind to eat healthy things.. like veggies, sometimes fruits.. and water and eat tons of it! lol
My only that i have one food that i dont   feel guilty eating, so i munch on it when im thinking im hungry but knowing im not...or am i ...i dunno eat Broccoli and Cauliflour, with bacel spray and pepper on it....YUUUUMMMM

But i did cut down on tea and the splenda...not sure if its working.....but i just started a new job, and I keep busy....Im still  thinking about food, but not as much.....I also try to savour my food, Ill eat while I am doing paper work, or having a conversation with someone....seems to last longer...and at home now...i decided that if i want to eat, I make it all up...clean up first...and sit at the kitchen table...I wont eat and watch tv anymore....Soo sometimes I am like...screw it, to much not THAT hungry....

I just wanted to clear things up...i used to eat that junk food...but I havent even looked at pizza or anything of the sort for years...But i a whole physically.  Or a Whole bag of Frozen French Fries...that was just i try to fill up on Plain poridge, alot of fibers for fillers, Broccoli, fruits veggies....and not a whole lot of selection beyond that.   I really cant get any healthier, food wise then i am now....cross my  But I have heard that foods these days are made to have chemicals to keep satisfied for the moment and then soon after makes you hungry...Prob true. But i know mine hungry tummy feeling is pure....HEAD GAMES! FRUSTRATING!

I wonder if you didnt taste or smell would people eat less?!
i didnt really read anything in this thread yet but all I can say is after you've stopped eating it takes 10-15 minutes for your body/mind to know your full. so stop eating and wait 15 minutes and see if your at all full.\



I know exactly what you mean. I have such a hard time knowing when to stop eating. Sometimes I can go hours without eating, and sometimes as I am finishing my meal I think of what I can eat next. It isn't a matter of physical hunger though, but a need for more food. It's really hard to control and you end up eating more. The problem is, I have recently been craving carbs more than ever, and although I eat pretty healthy (mostly vegetarian diet with exception of chicken and fish, and no dairy), and almost only whole grains, I cannot say no to carbs.

I drink green tea 2-3 times a day and someone mentioned that it can be dehydrating so perhaps that may be something that I should change. Water just doesn't taste as good though =)

I also wish I could make these food cravings disappear.

I agree that distracting yourself is a good idea. When I am at work I can work for 6-7 hours and only eat once (it's unhealthy but it works). When I am sitting at home with nothing to do, or I am studying that is the worst time for food cravings.

Easier said than done.

Ok i just looked up the tea comment.. it's not real.

apparently tea is considered to be even better than water, because not only does it include water, but the tea leaves serve as antioxidants and have additional benefits. 4.php


I drink TONS of tea as well.  Up to 5 or 6 cups a day to help curb hunger.  So I was a little thrown by the tea = dehydration comment.  Especially since I purposefully get DECAF tea because I know Caffeine is a mild diuretic.

Thanks midnightkiss for doing the research. 

Oh FYI, decaf chai tea with a little splenda and almond milk tastes just like a sinful chai latte from starbucks with only 15 to 20 cals (depending on how much milk you use).

I don't feel so alone now! I AM CONSTANTLY HUNGRY AND I NEVER EVER GET FULL!!!!! Ha, I also try eating oatmeal when I'm "hungry", hoping to feel full, but it never works for very long.....

I can relate SO much. Today I had a giant sub from jimmy johns and was still hungry, so i had a hello kitty marshmallow pop (it was a present....hahaha), and then later on spooned out a bunch of hot cocoa flavored ice cream, along with a cup of oatmeal or more, and then like 5 handfuls of dried blueberries. I am STILL hungry, but i never eat past 8 and it is 8:44......


I have this problem too. I have done everything under the sun to try curb it but it really is a mental/emtional thing that you have to find your way around. I am very good at maintaining my weight but when it comes to losing thats when it hits me. My doctor has put me on an appetite supressant to help me lose the weight so my body knows the satisfied feeling cuz at the moment it doesn't and I could keep eating until we had no food left. Its the most horrible feeling in the world and bought me to tears many times, due to things happening in my life causing me to gain the weight in the first place, I have been trying to lose 30ish lbs for 3 years now, its frustrating.

I am not really a believer in using drugs for the answer but for me its been the only thing thats actually helped, I know how to eat well, I know how much I should be eating but unless I eat maintenace my brain switches over and I have no "full" switch, it breaks, so to speak. And I can outdo my partner and pretty much everyone I know with the amount I can eat. If nothing else helps I would have your thyroid checked, if its not that then maybe talk to your doctor about appetite suppressants.

If I become full (which is very rare) it is for a fleeting moment. i could eat a large pizza and 10 minutes later turn around and eat a cake. Its disgusting!!

This may sound weird, but my problem is not "feeling hungry" its not "feeling full" I think that llike some people dont have a gag reflex, I dont ever feel full. I can eat TONS of food and not be "full" I can go on the craziest rollercoaster ever and I never ever have my stomach drop. I experienced that feeling once in my life and it was over a little bitty hill!!! I rarely ever throw up. like once in 10 years and I had 3 kids. I truly think I have an iron stomach!!!

Anyways...sorry about the tangent there, its just really weird. But seriously I think I always figured I had to be full to stop eating. So I equate being hungry with not being full and that is sooo not the case. I need to retrain my mind to just eat healthy, eat my calories and thats it.

I probably dont really know what its like to be really hungry. I truly need to work on all that. sorry its like I had a major epiphany here. WOW. thanks people!

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