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anyone here doing the ea active personal trainer 30 day challenge?

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hey there

im new here, and im currently on my last week of my 30 day challenge programme on ea active personal trainer (on wii)

but so far it doesnt look like im making any progress at all ?

just started with the calorie count 3 days ago :) hoping this will help!

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I am on day 4 of my 30 day challenge and everything is sore! I love it! Instead of using the crappy resistance band that comes with it, I bought a green SPRI band and my arms really feel it. It is a little tricky to have the handles in my hand with the controllers but I am thinking I may cut the plastic handles off of the band to make it easier to hold.

I really enjoy working out with the wii active, it is different everyday and a lot  more enjoyable than the wii fit. I also recently read a book that stresses the importance of strength training to help increase your metobolic rate and many of these exercises are the same that are in the book. I have lost 2 lbs since beginning the challenge.

i have it and i'm just finishing my 2nd go round with the 30 day challenge. of course i will start round three when this is finished but i've heard they are making a new version (already) and i think i will buy that one too. it may seem like it doesnt work you that hard but i can see my little biceps *grin* getting bigger and my stomach is looking pretty good too. i love this game because its not too long to do, i have two kids that like to help, and it actually gets me moving. i just wish it had an ab workout. maybe they will address that on the new version of the game. as far as the resistance band goes, i had bought a set of bands already that had flat nylon handles and it makes it pretty easy to work with. they have flat webbing so it makes it easier to hold while holding the controllers.

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