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Always Hungry! Any tips???

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I am very over weight and I know the damage I've done these past five years will take a while to balance out. I am hypoglycemic and trying to loose weight at a slow and steady pace. I've been documenting my food/beverage intake, activities and I'm starving all of the time!!! Should I be this miserable? I know it's only been two weeks but at this rate; I'm afraid I'll fail.
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I suggest if you are always hungry, don't use your calories on beverages. Drink water, tea, or black coffee. That way you can allow yourself to eat a bit more. Fruit has a lot of fiber and will fill you up.
Eat fruits and veggies that have a lot of water like cucumber and watermelon, makes your tummy feel more full. Also protein helps keep you from feeling hungry. Finally, don't go more than 2 hours without a healthy snack, you probably hear this a lot but six small meals a day really is helpful especially if you feel hungry a lot!

I don't know if eating a bunch of meals will help with hunger.  Often times, people just overeat instead.  If you just started your diet, you are bound to be more hungry because your body isn't used to metabolizing its own fat.  It would rather have you eat.  It's like living rent free for a year and then suddenly having to pay rent.  I would go over a weight loss plan with a doctor/specialist, and they might be able to give you some tips.  I don't know anything about hypoglycemia, so I don't want to recommend something that you shouldn't do.

What are you eating in a day?  Give us a sample and we can better assist you :)

Do you eat three meals or 5-6 small meals?    What foods are you eating and in what quantities?


You may be hungry for awhile until your body gets used to eating less.  Try to think of that feeling of hunger as a more positive that's the feeling of fat burning :)  There's nothing wrong with feeling a little hungry sometimes...people in the US have gotten used to never feeling "empty".  If it's unbearable try to eat smaller meals more often.  I have a friend who eats 6 meals of 250 calories each so even if the meal doesn't fill her up she knows she only has to go 2 1/2 hrs until the next one.  It works for her.

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I have never been starving my whole life, you are tricking yourself thinking your hungry all the time, it's all in your head, you are thinking about your diet to much, so in turn you think your hungry, your not drink some water and start a new project. You will make it, but don't wake up and feel miserable, losing weight is the best thing you can ever do for yourself

You probably need to increase your protein intake!  THAT is what will satisfy your hunger.  I am also hypoglycemic, and learned the hard way how I needed to eat.   I am an AASDN Nutrition Specialist and ACE certified instructor and love educating my clients on the proper way to eat and exercise.  Good luck to you!

Definitely eat protein, especially for breakfast. Dense protein, like grilled chicken breast, is best. I had the same problem as you until I read Kathleen DesMaison's book on sugar sensitivity. From her book, I began to understand the effects of having protein in my body. It has really helped me; I hope it helps you.

Some medications will cause you to be hungry all the time.  You might look and see if anything your taking has that side effect if so talk to your doctor and see if there is anything else you could take that would not cause hunger.  I started taking a medication that actually helped me with food cravings but after a month or two I found I was starving all the time.  It is the meds that cause it and I can't change them so I eat a lot of salad with dark greens you can at least eat a bunch and not have a lot of calories.  Anyway just a thought. :)

You have to commit to eating more fruits and vegetables, and lean protein. That is the bottom line.

Here are my tricks that I use:
1) eat an apple or banana before every "real meal" (eat fruit with breakfast no matter what)
2) drink a whole glass of water (chug it) before every "real meal"
3) eat "diet foods" that work: light babybel cheese or llight laughing cow cheese, high fiber bread, fat free turkey lunch meat, etc.
4) eat more beans: they are high in fiber and fill you up
5) eat a vegetable with every "real meal" (fill up on salad, or raw baby carrots)
6) make your own soup with chicken broth and a mixture of frozen and fresh veggies
7) plan your eating in the morning so you have healthy choices when you are at work (celery with peanutbutter, unsweetened applesauce, light cheese with crackers, harboiled eggs, etc.)
8) go to bed earlier so you don't get "late night munchies"
9) If you are still full from dinner last night, put off eating breakfast for an hour in the morning.
10) Eat half of your meal (lunch or dinner) and put the other half away for "later". Eat the other half later if you're hungry. When you are eating out, automatically put half of your food in a doggie bag. You can have it the next day for lunch. That way you are not depriving yourself of the whole delicious meal.
Hope these tips help!

What are your stats (age, weight, gender, height), activity level, and how much are you eating?

One option is that you aren't eating enough. If you are eating enough, than food choices are going to make the difference.

The key word to me in your question is that you are hypoglycemic. I am too. You must stabalize your blood sugar throughout the day. Many small meals throughout the day will help with this. It doesn't mean you gorge yourself every time you eat. A snack in between main meals of a hard boiled egg, or some apple slices with a bit of almond butter should suffice. The key is to eat every 2-3 hours.

Another trick I use is to sip water that has lemons and maple syrup added to it every 15-20 minutes. I liquify the whole lemon in a blender then add about a teaspooon of maple syrup. The proportions don't need to be exact. This helps stabalize your blood sugar. I hope the information helps.

I am also hypoglycemic!  I have found whenever I eat even the slightest amount of sugar, within an hour I am not only ravenously hungry, but VERRRY TIRED!  When I am tired, my resistance to overeating goes down.

I also am hungry for the REST OF THAT DAY, no matter how much protein and veggies I've "filled up" on!  Hypoglycemia works like that!

I have to scrutinize labels. It's almost impossible to find breads -- even whole grain ones -- that don't contain sugar.  (Sour dough breads are the only ones I could find that are sugar free.) And commercial soups are sneaky with getting sugar in there, too.

Preparing meals "from scratch" is my safety net.

I agree with so many other valuable blogger tips here -- eating a meal or snack every 2-1/2 to 3 hours, and including vegetables and protein every time, is what works for me -- and LOTS OF WATER with each meal and snack!

Hope this helps! Never give up! Eventually, with experimentation, trial and error, you WILL arrive at the right methods that work for YOU!

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If you are hungry all the time.... Forst of all, That is not hunger, That is just cravIngs which happemd because you are eating Something That is spiking your blood sugar levels. So start by changing those bad foods, Is not About the quantity of calories but about the quality of Foods!!
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Eat more protein.


People who post here - a few tips...

You LOSE weight - you don't LOOSE weight.

When you LOSE weight, your pants will be LOOSE.

When using the contraction for "YOU ARE", it is "YOU'RE" - not "YOUR going to be hungry" but "YOU'RE going to be hungry".  YOUR is used to indicate ownership - as in "your shirt, your shoes, your house" - "YOU'RE is the contraction of two words, "you" and "are" - so if you can replace the word with 'you' and 'are' then use "YOU'RE"

In order to lose weight you need to have a caloric deficit, meaning you have to take in less calories, and burn off some with exercise.  If you have a deficit you're going to be hungry some of the time!  I think others are "spot on" with their suggestions.  I would give you this advice. 

 You should eat frequent smaller snacks and meals during the day, each containing some protein to stave off hunger and help with the hypoglycemia, that way spreading out your allotted calories.  Eat nothing 3-4 hours before bed.  Drink lots of water.


my two cents.

You won't fail!

The first couple of weeks are always the hardest with the hunger as your "stomach shrinks".

These are repititious to others comments, but here goes:

1. Distract yourself! -- Find something fun to do..take a walk and call a friend, etc.

2. Eat all those foods that make you fuller: veg, fruit, protein, fiber...but also things like soup (the water and heat are filling) and spicy foods.  I used to put a can of low cal veg soup on my desk, and said to myself, if I'm really hungry I'll eat that.

3. Don't let yourself get crazy hungry: Lots of little healthy snacks.  You would be surprised how small a snack makes a difference if you give it a chance to settle in.

4. Drink water.  Sometimes hunger is thirst in disguise.

5. Power through.  Diet folks like to pretend you won't be hungry when you diet if you do this that and the other.  Truth is, sometimes you will.  [I am right now, argh!!)

I'm hypoglycemic too!  And like sugarsinger (ironic name lol!)  if I eat any sugar I get physically sick.  I use to crave it real bad but once I realized that an hour after I eat sugar I get sleepy, cranky, a raging headache and my stomach hurts, it helped me make the decision not to eat anything with sugar in it.  I'll still have a little dessert sometimes at night, when I know it's OK if I get real tired afterward.

My Grandmother who was also hypoglycemic ate protein every couple hours.  I think that helps more so I carry Mini Baby Bell Light (doesn't need to be refrigerated), beef jerky or nuts (already pre-portioned) in my purse for a quick snack when I start getting hungry on the road.

My Dr. told me to eat whole grains every couple hours (check the ingredients, if whole grain isn't listed as the first ingredient it isn't really whole grain).  I like Orowheat double fiber english muffins and Sara Lee Delightful 100% whole wheat bread with a little all natural peanut butter or light cream cheese.

Don't get frustrated about feeling hungry all the time, that is normal when you first start a diet and it will go away!  You're just thinking about food alot and what you can and can't eat and that makes your brain think you're hungry.  Also, try to stay away from shows, magazines, commercials about food- they'll make you want to eat too!

Sorry this reads as a book- I just wanted you to know there are other people here just like you and you can do it too!!!

Original Post by blimpola:

Eat more protein.


People who post here - a few tips...

You LOSE weight - you don't LOOSE weight.

When you LOSE weight, your pants will be LOOSE.

When using the contraction for "YOU ARE", it is "YOU'RE" - not "YOUR going to be hungry" but "YOU'RE going to be hungry".  YOUR is used to indicate ownership - as in "your shirt, your shoes, your house" - "YOU'RE is the contraction of two words, "you" and "are" - so if you can replace the word with 'you' and 'are' then use "YOU'RE"

I love it! A fellow grammar n@z!

also, Alot is not aword, it is two words, a lot. Unless, of course, you are talking about Alot /alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html


I don't want to repeat others' advice. Just two additional things to consider. You say you've done a lot of damage to yourself. It might be worth checking with your doctor about whether you might have some reflux/heartburn issues (which can feel like hunger) or vitamin deficiencies (which can cause food-rage).

I have both :) Reflux makes me feel hungry, and a massive vitamin D deficiency would send me ravaging my drawers for snacks & waiting after a meal for the "full" feeling to go away so I could eat more!

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