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For all the women: Thunder thighs--> Amazon thighs!

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Hello all,
So I've just joined, and I have a post in "Weight Loss" forum pleading for help on why I can't lose weight, but I've been reading some of the  posts and I thought I'd put this little tidbit here.

So I've had what I always thought were disproportionately large thighs and calves since I was a kid. But also being Asian American, I've always felt bad about it because  Asian American women are not supposed to be 'big'--I went to Vietnam recently and I was thunderous compared to basically everyone there!

It didn't help that my mom also felt this shame and taught me not to wear dresses, and shorter skirts.

In the last few years though, things have changed. Though I have gained about 20 pounds in the last five years (Ack!) I've also learned to love my body shape. Even if I lose weight (hopefully I will) I will still be the same shape: large legs, broad shoulders, and overall a really strong body. I'm no willow reed, i'm more of a tree: but thats' ok! I'm a woman, reed or tree, and I'm beautiful!

Anyway, so to explain the subtitle, during one conversation with my friend--I believe we were headed to the gym--I was lamenting the size of my legs, thighs in particular. And my friend gives me one look and says, "you're legs are fine, so you've got Amazon woman legs, go you!"

Thin thighs? Small calves? Yes that's one type of woman. But I've got Amazon thighs, and I'm a strong, kick-ass woman. So all of you women out there with thick thighs, just let everyone know you are proud of it!
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This is a great thread. :)

I happen to have "amazon" thighs as well. They are gigantic, and it is hard to love them.

You did put a smile on my face though, thanks. :)

I think us women are just too hard on ourselves. We are always comparing, and always complaining about how we look. In reality its not about how we look but how happy & healthy we are.

Thanks for the motivation to love myself the way I am.

your post rocks sparrow!!!

you should be proud of your strong legs!  they are what they are right?  we have to work with what we got. 

i used to loathe mine, and even though i still have my moments, now i accept them as they are (that doesn't mean i don't squat and lunge my way into oblivion) and focus on the parts of my body that i absolutely love. 

i've got thighs that could crush a man's skull!  hahahaha

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Hip Hip Hooray!...Good for you sparrow. Its nice to read about someone loving themselves.
Another perspective...I'm one of those women with thin legs and a huge gut.  I buy my jeans in the mens section because they are tailored for a slimmer thigh and no but.  I absolutely hate it!  And if the superficial aspect isn't bad enough the weight carried around the middle is the deadly kind.  Gimmie "thunder thighs" anytime.
I'm with tma1 on this one.

i've always known that with my body shape, if i were to be extremely overweight, I'd look like an orange on two toothpicks. My legs and thighs have always been small, but my Lord does my gut stick out.

yay for amazonian tummies?  lol
yay for amazon tummies too!
Three cheers for this awesome, feel good post!
In 8th grade at a size 8 they called me thunder thighs.  So long as we work to keep them firm and fit I have learned that they are really great! THey work better at getting us around, and we'll not have to worry about that unhealthy mid section business either . .  . Love your legs!

I've recently started going back on CC and I remembered I posted this a year ago. I read it over and it made me feel good (again) and since I'm still proud of my Amazon legs--and have a new partner that appreciates my figure as well!!!--I thought I'd bump it back up.


Original Post by julie2415:

i've got thighs that could crush a man's skull!  hahahaha


 haha!  Me too!

I have the thighs too...I've yet to hear a man complain!

I don't mind my thunder thighs, but I HATE my huge ankles (cankles, anyone?).  My boyfriend has smaller ankles than me and I hate wearing dresses.  Does anyone else have this problem?  It sucks.  I love the amazon woman post, though, thanks for the feel-good message!

Great thread. I've always been so self-conscious about my legs--I never wear shorts or skirts that go above the knee. But then a few weeks ago I was at a resort and decided to treat myself to full body massage. Being a self-hating twit I APOLOGIZED to the masseuse for my fat legs. She was shocked, and said, "Are you kidding? These are solid as tree trunks!" And then I realized that size doesn't always matter, but it's what's inside that counts. In this case, muscle. :)

Next week I'm going to a beach with some skinny mini girlfriends. I've been so nervous about it. Me size 14, them size 0. But then I realized that I could easily squat press their kids, and they can't. :) And while they'll be sitting by the pool, I'll be doing miles of laps. So there. Thbbbbt!

You know what? I WISH there were more people like you in the world! It sounds like we're a lot alike (in the physical aspect) with the large legs and broad shoulders. I'm asian-canadian too!

My legs are my biggest concern when it comes to getting dressed; it sucks. But when I think about it, if a size zero is in, then I don't want to be. I don't have chicken legs and that's it haha. I'm guilty of comparing myself to my friends as I'm sure a lot of us are, and one of them has just awesome legs, right? She's in the middle with a size 9 between both me and my other friend.

Then my other friend is a lot smaller and a size zero but it's not flattering on her. I don't think it's flattering for anyone to be 5'6 and a size 00; is that normal??

I'd rather be able to run a mile with huge legs, than be breakable with tiny ones. Glad you posted this! It's fun to read this stuff :D.

I'm sorry I don't have much to contribute, but thank you all for posting such positive, self-loving comments. It was really nice to read women of all different shapes loving themselves.

It would be an unbelievably boring world if we were all tall and thin. I love finding beauty in every body shape, hair color, hair style, race, etc. Don't fight for what you don't have, but flaunt what you got. Thanks again for posting this sparrownezt. :)


Original Post by always_hungry:

I don't mind my thunder thighs, but I HATE my huge ankles (cankles, anyone?). My boyfriend has smaller ankles than me and I hate wearing dresses. Does anyone else have this problem? It sucks. I love the amazon woman post, though, thanks for the feel-good message!

Oh yeah, I'm here with you on this one! My legs are one size practically from the hip down: large. But you know what? I can kick arse with them on a bicycle, and you don't want to be my 150-pound heavy bag when I'm kicking in muay thai!

I know how you feel!!!!!!

I too am Asian American. And I feel horrible every time I go to Korea or Japan (where the average BMI of women is 20-21). I'm heavier than most girls by about 15-20 lb, regardless of their height (damn, Koreans especially are getting TALL... 5'7" - 5'9"!). I could never buy clothes there! HAHA. Didn't help that ladies at stores would TELL you that you were too big for their wares... well, at least they're honest.

I have huge thighs from years of playing basketball and volleyball. After I graduated high school, the muscles in my thighs turned to stubborn fat. I wish I could get to a point where I really liked them but it's difficult, especially since all my friends in the US are mostly Asian-American as well and I always feel self-conscious about them. I admire you for your self-acceptance and hope that I'll be able to feel the same way about myself someday.

yoon girl thats how I feel on my good days, trust that I still have my bad ones! It's hard in this world to make your image of yourself be stronger than the images that others/media/world project onto you. But if we keep on encouraging each other in the positive way, we'll learn to normalize that language within ourselves. That's my goal anyway!

So go on witcha bad selves!!!

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