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Advice on self-hatred after eating sweets...

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Hi all! So my problem is I LOVE sweets (mostly chocolate, icecream, and lately brownies) while I eat it, I can't control my portions and will end up having what feels like a lot. This will lead to severe self-hatred for putting that crap in my body. I'm not overweight, but I want to drop a few 'vanity pounds' to look and feel my best. I can't get rid of the food, because it's my parents' food/house, so what can I do to keep myself from eating like this?


Thank you for your suggestions and comments!

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i think you need to just reframe your thinking. there is NOTHING wrong with eating sweets in moderation and you should HATE yourself over what you eat. That's a really severe reaction to your food choices. I hope you didnt mean it. why no plan for something sweet every day and enjoy it when it comes? 

I feel really fat after eating them. I don't feel like I should eat them eveyday, and when I try to give them up I just relapse. I hate wasting those calories when I should be eating foods that BENEFIT me in nutritious ways.

yeah, you can have them every day. is it wise to eat 2, 3, 4, 5 in a but 1 is not bad by any means. 

That's my problem, the portion control. I feel like any time I eat it, I will spiral out of control and back to bingeing. So the only way I know to stop that from happening is to not eat them at all, but I just can't seem to do that with so many sweets everywhere.

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If you find something that works let me in on the secret! I have the same problem... I want to lose 5-10 "vanity" pounds as well but I feel like I sabotage myself with the sweets I eat... I really think I'm a sugar addict.  If I don't eat any I am fine but the second I have something yummy... forget it.

So let me know if something works for you!

I totally know what you mean! I'm at college right now in the dorms so it's easy not to eat sweets because there are none around me, but at home my house is always filled with sweets and it's SO hard to resist! And hard to stop once you start! You're definitely not alone. I suggest right when you get the craving for something sweet, drink a full glass of water and chew some gum. Or drink some tea. I know it's hard to do once you really want that cookie or brownie and that's all you can think about, but just have some gum and go find something to distract yourself from food! Go for a walk, curl up in bed and watch a movie (without the snacks!), find a hobby, etc. Or you can try asking your parents not to buy so many sweets? Anyway, goood luck!! 

hey mustluvdogs010

dont worry so much about a few sweets, as long as you savour them! eat for the right reasons and enjoy it while you do ... sweets can be a part of ur diet just like salads, breads or fruits! ... have u ever quantified in calories, the amount of sweets you eat when you 'lose control'?

i love sweets too ... but i figured a few ways to not feel bad about that:

- dont have it all in one day: monday 1 scoop of ice cream (preferably diet version), tuesday a small brownie, wednesday a piece of chocolate, etc.

- eat it slowly and enjoy it when you eat: be conscious of what you are eating and how much. stop yourself after a small portion and feel happy about what you ate instead of bad about not having more. and dont feel guilty that you ate a sweet, because u already had it. you too deserve something sweet, just make sure it's not a meal-size! sweets do have a feel-good factor ...

- if u still feel bad for having eaten, burn it off! if you feel like a twix, first go for a jog and burn those 150 - 200 calories before u reach for your well-deserved treat!

good luck :-)

and btw. I LUV DOGS TOO !! \m/

Thanks everyone!! All of your input was exteremly helpful, and it's good to know I'm not alone :)


I'm going try the 'ask yourself why you're really eating' method today. I know it doesn't always stop the cravings, but it'll definetely help! 

Before I eat any sweets, I will drink a glass of fat-free skim milk. I need to encorporate more calcium in my diet, and milk has a naturally sweet flavor!

Here's another method:

Check the ingredients label on the treats you're eating. If there are any words you can't pronounce, look them up online. Read about any health risks associated with that food additive.

Usually when I find out all the "bad" stuff that's in a certain food, it loses a lot of its appeal, and I start thinking about the yucky stuff in it rather than the food as a whole. Then it doesn't seem as appealing.

If you're noshing on baked goods made from scratch, I'd say you're probably not doing too badly - most homemade stuff is made with "whole" foods: eggs, milk, cocoa, flour, cheese, fruit... so not always bad for you, especially if you're maintaining.

To help with portion control, try telling yourself, "If I want to eat that (brownie, ice cream, cookie, slice of cake), first I have to eat that (banana, apple, yogurt, bag of carrots)." That'll help you judge how hungry you are, and will help you get full on "good stuff" before you dive into the more calorie-dense stuff.

It's hard when the tempting foods are in the house beyond your control. But I think focusing on "food as fuel" will help you overcome, as well as what you said, asking yourself "why you're really eating."

Good luck, you'll get through it! :D

-Maddy M

Thanks for the tip!! I'll definetely try that.

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