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actually losing the plot!!

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HELP!!! I WANT chocolate so so bad!!! It's doing me in its all I think about! I can't stay away from it, it's everywhere I look I usually convince myself to have a little as otherwise you know il binge out on it but this happens everyday!! It has to stop I just don't know how!?
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Treat yourself. Every day, have that one piece of chocolate. Work it into your diet/lifestyle plan.

We've been getting an Easter egg every weekend... I've been breaking mine up and weighing it, wrapping up 100 cal portions and nibbling one every evening :)

Eat 1 ounce of dark chocolate every day. It's good for you and will help keep you from binging.

I love chocolate!  So, I've incorporated it into my daily intake.  Cocoa is actually good for you.  It's all the sugar and fats they add that makes it bad. You can add raw cocoa powder to all sorts of food. 

My #1 weapon is chocolate protein powder.  I have a smoothie every morning with it.  What better way to start your day than with chocolate??!

#2 weapon is Weight Watcher's Fudge ice cream bars - snack size are just 45 calories each.  I can have 2 a day if I want. :)

#3  I buy one of the more expensive dark chocolate bars (the ones you can't afford when you have them everyday).  I break off 50-calorie squares, and put each in their own baggie.  On the front, I write the day I WANT to eat it. That way, I can't just mindlessly grab another square, claiming to forget I already had one that day.  Eat your square very slowly, savoring every single nibble.

I never would have believed it could take me a week to eat a candy bar.

#4 Carnation Breakfast Essentials (No sugar added) powder mix.  I either add to my protein shake for a vitamin, protein filled meal or I have it by itself for a snack.

#5 Walden's Farms Chocolate syrup ZERO calories (which means there's less than 5 per serving) Drizzle in your oatmeal, over your pancake, in your coffee, on your banana .. yummmmy.

I basically fill my day with tastes of chocolate.  It has helped ... I haven't purchased ANY chocolate covered peanuts in over 3 months!  I figure another 2 months, and they'll taste so sickly sweet I won't want them. :)  A gal can hope.


Now I think I'll go develop a recipe for chocolate cottage cheese pancakes. Undecided

Thank you soo much guys I will be taking your advice especially that chocolate drink the morning whoop whoop!! I didn't realise you can modify chocolate to get the same taste without being half as bad! Cheers!

I have the same problem and have taken to two teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder , hot water , a dash of 2% milk and Splenda....i have this as many times as i feel i need it satisfies my chocolate craving and I always find liquid leaves me feeling a lot fuller so two birds with one stone!


You can also add cinnamon (then you get the added health benefits for your blood sugar)

Mix two eggs , cocoa powder , splenda , cinnamon and a dash of milk or ground almonds (for variation and more bulk). Mix well and in a bowel in the microwave for about two minutes. It may sound a bit weird but it's bit like a high protein pancake. You can cut calories even further by sticking only to a egg white/s

get those chocolate flavored vitamins.  I've never tasted them, though, but even if they were just ok, that might help cravings while doing something good for your body.

Well, first don't tell yourself you can never have chocolate again.  It is actually quite healthy to have a square or two of dark chocolate.  Wean yourself off milk chocolate if you haven't already. 

When cutting back on those comfort foods, they will always be there taunting you it seems.  Everyday is a battle.  But it will be worth it, and remember to have moderation in moderation! XD  As a pain as it can be.  


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