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I had acid reflux, it is gone.  I was to the point of needing medication and esophageal stretching according to my doctor.  I also had gas on my stomach, that was uncontrollable and embarrassing.  YEAH!!  I solved the problem by going gluten free, my stomach no longer is uncomfortable.  I also do yoga now which seems to help a lot of things.  If you are struggling with acid reflux, contact me and I can tell you more and how I was able to go gluten free.  It was easy.



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I also use to suffer from acid reflux. But that was simply because I ate too late at night and not long enough before (lying down and) going to bed.

Stopped the late night eating, stopped the acid reflux.

I have acid reflux. I dont think it ever goes away. I got acid reflux cause of eating poorly for a good two years straight. I do maintain it by eating right and exercising. Acid reflux and splitting my pants were the two main reasons I pushed to lose weight.

I am so glad to be able to say "I had" acid reflux.  When ever I go off my gluten free diet, it comes back.  I am committed. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being out to dinner and having the lump that won't go down, or come up without throwing up.  Yuck!!!


Do you also have gas on your stomach, to put it mildly?


Exercise definately helps.  I would like to hear what eating right means in your life.




I have a question about gluten. How does gluten affect or cause your acid reflux? The reason I am asking is there has been times when looking for a quick breakfast I will eat toast and tea and it never fails I end up with heartburn an hour later. When I have mentioned it to others they just look at me like I have lost my mind because tea and toast seems like such a mild or bland meal.  

Constance, may I ask what type of bread exactly?

It's interesting because I actually almost always get (got) acid reflux with toasted white bread (you know the squishy type of sandwich loaf). Basically any soft white bread (toasted or not).

I have no problems with whole wheat or home made "solid" breads.


When I seen your thread topic I clicked to tell you to go g-f.  It has helped me a lot over the last year.

In my profile are a few links to a g-f diet.


I do eat whole wheat bread and have for years. I think the problem was that I was eating it on a really empty stomach and having nothing else.  I have learned the hard way that toast and tea is not a proper breakfast for me. I can have toast but it has to come with the eggs too.  

I guess I was just surprised that gluten could cause acid reflux problems.

See I dont think gluten is my problem. High fat dairy and high sodium sauces like soy sauce or  broth in soups does it to me. Oh also mint and sometimes lemon is a trigger too. Red sauce never or fried foods (surprisingly) Of course over eating does it to me too. Tea can be a trigger so be careful.

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