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What's your ideal RANGE weight?

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I've been on CC for a month now trying to go from 122 to 118. I saw 119 but now b/c of TOTM I'm at 123. For the first time today, I've entered the Maintaining forum and I realized that most people go for a High-Low ideal weights instead of a number (which I found is basically impossible to keep). So I'm guessing my range would be somewhere between 118-124. What would yours be?

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My original goal was 125lbs; I got there and was determined to reach my ultimate goal weight of 120lbs...not really there, but am maintaining between 123-127. I'm happy here.  good luck!Cool

I'm not in the maintaining phase yet but since women, on average, flucuate by 5-7 pounds over their menstrual cycle you're goal of being between 118-124 is probably perfect!

I like the idea of a range ! That way if you're a pound ot two up, you dont feel bad.

I am 5'8", female and I would say my healthy range is 130-135.Smile

geez!  i'm 5'8" and a 50 years old female & i wanted to get down to 124, but i've had people telling me already that i'm too skinny!  AND i'm only 149!!!

so...  i came to the maintain forum & i think i'm the biggest one in my category!   :(

my stomach is still pretty big, but i lost my butt, and i'm wearing size 5 jeans.  now, i don't know what to do...  i just feel so big here!

You arent! Size 5 is very small.  You should feel good about yourself! Smile

i'm 5'8" and have gone from 167 to about 142.  i think my goal range is going to be about 133 - 137.  we shall see.

snowfence, size five jeans is tiny!  i'm wearing size 8s.

I have been on CC since June '07, am 50 years old, female and 5"6".  My range right now is 123-128 but I would still like to get to around 115.  I continue to log everyday.  I hope when it warms up, I will be more out and about and burn some extra calories every day.  I'm not at a bad weight but I guess at this point, I need to concentrate more on toning.

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I just joined but im 5'5 and i would like to be somewhere btw 125-127

 i was at this weight in highschool  but then freshman fifteen hit

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im 5'3.5"..yes i regret not being a straight 5'4"...and I also noticed that now that i am BMR is lower by 10 cal...not fair..Frown..but then I heard jus today that every lb of extra mus`le mass burns 50 cal/day so maybe i shud concentrate on still unsure but my range is 118 - curious roylucie92 what is your height? as our ranges is almost the same. im at 121 right now.

thanks guys :D i guess i'll start working more on toning up instead of losing weight and see what happens.

maybe i can focus on crunches & stuff to lose some of this belly.

I'm 5'5" (34 yrs old) and I think I'm in my ideal range of 137-142.  So it looks like I'm on the big side as well... Frown... but I really am happy where I'm at.  (happier on the low end of that range, though Wink).  I'm in 5/6's and medium tops, large in Juniors.  I've become fairly athletic, training for a half marathon, so I'm assuming much of it is muscle.  I've had my body fat tested and I'm at 19%, which I hear is good.

I'm rambling, sorry!  Have a great day!

nivi: my height is 5'1" I tried to go lower than 118 but I don't think I would look good! I don't understand how some people can achieve 100-105 lbs at 5' to 5'3", they're very lucky.... As for my range, I'm waiting for TOTM now (since last monday) freaking out a bit but still I'm at the top of my range (124) and it's not good!

i really haven't a clue what my ideal weight is.

Thats pretty much why Im on here


R2R2: to give you an idea: I took my BMI range and got a number right in the middle and played with it a bit. That's all, I really think that ideal weight is very personal, meaning it changes from one person to another. What's good for you might not be good for me!

For BMI range, check out the tools on the CC website!

So, I'm 5'4" and athletic. There is no way I will ever be skinny unless I stop eating or running or both. And I'm not willing to go that route (at least, not anymore). I would say that my ideal range is 134-140 and in shape. That last part is important for me, as is how I get down to the 134, no more huge calorie deficits, no more all day hunger hoping for a drop in the scale, no more daily weigh-ins.

(I'm a bit over 140 right now and bleh... but I'll be back in my range soon, I hope).
I put on  my profile that I allow for 3 pounds, however,I have been pretty consistant within 1 pound.
im 5'3 and mine is 109-115

5'5" , and mine is 105-110

Original Post by fefeluvsoatmeal:

5'5" , and mine is 105-110

 Whoa.. is that ok? I know you're young, but I'm 27, 5'5 & super svelt at 118

5'5 CW 120, ideal weight 118

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