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What's everyone's maintaince calories etc?

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Ok, so list





maintaince calories:

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Original Post by headz19:

Ok, so list

age:  44

height: 5 ft 3

weight:  135-137

exercise:  1-2 hours a day, 6 days a week (two days of light strength training w/in that time; the rest is cardio)

maintaince calories:  2200 per day (I calorie cycle, so some days are less than this & some days are more)


age: 21

height: 5'5

weight: 117

exercise: 3 times a week

maintaince calories: 1600(without excercise)


age: 23

height: 5'7"

weight: 117 lbs

exercise: None, except for when I work. I really should start working out.

maintenance calories: ~1,800 (days that I don't work), 2,300 (days when I do) 


age: 65

height: 6'

weight: 170-174

exercise: 2 - 4 hours (6 days a week) (daily exercise calorie burn: 0 - 1600)

maintenance calories: 2100-3700 (Depends on my exercise calorie burn)

Original Post by headz19:

Ok, so list

age: 23

height: 5'4

weight: 115

exercise: high intensity cardio circuits and plyometrics (think, Insanity) and occasionally outdoor runs

maintaince calories: 2,100 2,200


age: 19

height: 5'4

weight: 106

exercise: Cardio (typically jogging, occasionally switch with some biking) 3.5-4 hours a week, weightlift 50 min 3x per week, tae kwon do 1 hour 2x per week

maintenance calories: About 2000 calories

age: 31

height: 5'8

weight: 140

exercise: Cardio (running 25-45 minutes) 15 minutes weights 3 X a week, heavy weight training, core 60 mins 2 X a week

maintenance calories: 2000-2500 cals

Original Post by headz19:

age: 35

height: 5'11"

weight: 145

exercise: Walking 15-20 miles/week, yoga 1-2 x/wk.

maintaince calories: 2000-2400


Original Post by headz19:

Ok, so list

age: 15

height: 5'5

weight: 140 lbs

exercise: 10-20 minuts biking to and from school, .5-1.5 hours of walking every day.

maintaince calories: 2400 without exercise, 2500-2800 with.


age: 25

height: 5'4

weight:  117

exercise: 1h cardio 2-3 times a week, a hike on the weekend

maintenance calories: ~2200 (average day) ~3000 (on exercise days)


I gained 4 pounds due to exercise (almost 4 months now) and remained the same shape I had at 113 pounds :).

height: 5'11

weight: 118-120lbs ish

exercise: 1-5 hours of walking a day, from light walking to brisk, not because I like walking but I need to do it to get places. I don't lift weights or do any cardio or anything.

maintaince calories: 1400-2000 depending what I eat or how hungry I am


age: 45

height: 5'11"

weight: 183

exercise: cycling 20-30 miles a day 5 days a week (at least). weight lifting 3 days a week.

maintaince calories: 1900-2100

Age: 14

Height: 5'7" and 1/2

Weight: 135 lbs

Exercise: 20 minutes light dumbell/bodyweight strength training 3-4 days a week(I should really start doing more), 20-30 minutes intense cardio 5 days a week, 30 minutes light-moderate yoga 5 days a week, and I go for a hike in the woods once or twice a week.

Maintainance calories: I don't really count calories anymore, but probably anywhere from 2400-2800 cals, depending on how active I am

age: 22

height: 5'3

weight: 112-118? (honestly since I started training for a marathon my weight has been all over the place)

exercise: on average 7-8 miles 5 days a week followed by a long run (16+ depending on where I am at)

maintaince calories: 1200-2200(....also this has been all over the place)


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