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Are U still counting like before

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Just wondering...Once  you get where you want to be...are you still counting as closley as before?
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Hi chesserrl and everyone...... I have just joined because I have gained back almost 11 lbs of the 43lbs I worked so hard to get rid of!

So, the answer is YES! If I had kept counting closley, instead of thinking that I could sail along, I would not be back to 1000 cal. per day and listing every mouthfull!

I'm frustrated and angry with myself but determined to get back to and maintain my goal weight!
im a little less worried about caloires, and wont mind if i get to 2,000 but past that i will NOT go. If i do i exercise my butt off to make up for it (most i have gone over was 2,220 - most was booze)

I tend to go between 1,600 to 1,900 now.My secret is exercising still AND most important.. .Keeping a Food diary which i log my inches, weight, water intake, exercise, caloires in/burned/dificits and time i eat.

I have lost a pound even though im maintaning. Which is mental

If you exercise... 3 to 4 times a week. Something u can stick to thoughout your life.. and have a rough idea of calories you wont gain weight.
I agree with you about the food diary... even if all I do is write down what I ate and the amount. It helped so much  and I really wish I had kept on with it!

I don't drink alcohol as that just increases the number & the severity of my migraines but I sure used to!
I am at a point where if I know I am going to eat my familiar foods, I will skip my food journal for the day. For instance today, it's oatmeal for breakfast, broiled chicken and veggies for lunch and for dinner a cup of pasta in my wife's home made sauce, so I know I will definately hit between my goal of 1800-2100 cals per day. What helps me most about keeping a food journal is it reminds me about portion control. Yesterday, I didn't keep a journal and for dinner I had a side of salmon, where normaly I would have weighed out 3 ounces. It's those kind of things that stumble me.
For me, eating was never the hard part, it was getting off my lazy ass. But i've conquered that now, and feel bad if I don't exercise at least 5 times a week. I feel a bit guilty, but mostly I WANT to exercise because it makes me feel good.

Counting calories was just a way for me to see how I can be in full control of energy in and out of my body. Now, I know how many cals are in all basic foods - and I can eat 5 small meals a day easily, without going over my limit.
I still count calories religiously.... can't seem to break the habit of logging everything, but I have laid off the exercise a little bit.  Now I only go to the gym 2-3 times a week instead of the 5-6 I was going before.  I still have only managed to break 2k calories one time, most often I'm around 1500-1700 and that seems fine.  I haven't gained and I'm not losing... but yeah, I am still a calorie-counter and think I probably will be for life!  I ate a cookie today though... no guilt, HA!
I am at my goal weight - have been for a week or so.  It is SOOO hard increasing my calories.  I have and I have not gained, but I am so scared when I step on the scale that I will have blown all this hard work (I have been doing this since July - work out 5 days a week, 25-30 mins a day and stay around 1200 - 1500 calories).  I know I am supposed to increase to 170, but it freaks me out!  Is this normal?  I don't want to become anorexic or never eat a piece a cake at a wedding again or anything.  Is any one else experiencing the weirdness of increasing calories at maintenance?

I could use a shoulder!  Thanks
Sorry that post was supposed to say "increase to 1700" not 170.
I am at my goal weight, actually a few lbs under and I still count calories.  I am not as strict about it but I still pay very close attention to what I put in my mouth.  I, too, am afraid of uping my calories and gaining back the weight.  I am sure that it will take some time to adjust.  I don't know how long I will continue to log my calories, but I will always try to keep my calories in check.
Thanks.  I guess I just need to relax, but not go crazy.  Thanks for your reply
Yeah-just got here and find that i am so much more relaxed-thought I would get too skinny because so used to the calorie area I was at, but found out that really the 2100 is where I should be anyway because it also gives me the ability to go over a little here and there when I want that extra snack without worry or guilt-I love maintaining.
I got to my goal and then slacked off for about three months - slacked off on counting calories and on exercising.

now, three months later i see that i've gained about ten pounds back. so i've started counting again. for me, i have to keep counting in order to maintain my goal weight.
Getgamey, I get you!  I'm afraid that I'm becoming obsessed with continuing to count my calories.  I too get on the scale each morning, expecting it to go up 5 pounds, when I didn't do anything to make the scale go up!  I've lost over 35 pounds since May 2006.  On days I use my Nordic track, I'm supposed to have 1900 cal to maintain, but it's hard to do!  I went out to dinner yesterday for the first time in over 3 months, and I obsessed about what I would eat for 2 days.  At dinner, I kept counting calories in my head.  I had 950 calories going into dinner, so I could eat about 1000 calories for dinner and still not be over for the day.  How do I eat 1000 calories when it's not part of a binge!  I really want to just enjoy my success, but it's going to take awhile.  Thanks for listening to me!
well when i dieted and lost weight  i counted calories like a religon, and it drove me NUTS!!!!! i wish no one had to experience calorie counting..

however since i lost TOO much weight and am underweight i try to stop calorie counting.. but its hard, very hard to stop. ive stoped counting dinner and most main meals, but im still very much OCd about it.

I personally think you shouldnt count calories when you maintain, and but if you must, simply count the few snacks and mini meals... i mean how do you count dinner anyway?!
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Normal people usually don't calorie count. . .

By the time a goal weight is reached, the person should work on intutive eating -- and use what they have learned about portion sizes and healthy foods and exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

Weight can naturally fluctuate 5-10 pounds depending on the time of year, but the body works hard to maintain a biological setpoint.

Eating APPROPRIATELY depending upon signals from the body -- eating a great deal when very hungry or not eating when not hungry -- this is what happened before counting calories was popular and there was no obesity problem.

Everything in moderation.

But then again, this is all true -- but it is DIFFICULT to stop counting calories once you have trained yourself.

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