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Throwing away the old clothes?

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When should be a good time to toss the old clothes that don't fit anymore.


I've gone down a size or two, and now have a bunch of clothes that don't fit anymore. When is a good time to get rid of those clothes? I'm afraid to throw away the old clothes and then gain the weight back and need them.


Any advice?

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I have a drawer in my dresser that is for old clothes.  If I think I won't want to wear something again, it goes in the drawer.  If it doesn't come out in six months or so, it goes to charity.  (I started this before my weightloss as a closet-clearing measure and it works really well for that too.  Very very few items have been 'rescued' from the drawer over the last ten years.)

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I gave mine away. I have no intention on going back to that size so I won't need them. If I happen to gain weight, my clothes will remind me to buckle down or else I'll have to go naked!

I say sell or donate your old clothes, because that gives you the belief in yourself that you have made a permanent life-style change.  Besides, if you would gain a bit back, you don't want to be tempted to try to fit into the "large" size clothes.  You've lost the weight--now reward yourself with some new clothes!

i threw away all my old clothes!!!

it just gives me more motivation to keep on track ..and i promised myself i would never go back.


I have gone down from a size 20 (22 during PMS) to being a smaller-18 size. I plan on keeping one size of 22 pants, just to do the typical weight loss photo of the skinny girl in the size 40 pants with a big smile (not quite like that but you know what I mean) I am also going to keep a pair of pants one size bigger so that during PMS or if I am feeling really bloated then I don't burst into tears from not having anything that fits because I've "gained" some of the weight back (even if it is just water retention or for female reasons and not actual weight gain)

I went from size 44 inch waist to 29 theory was to put them in a box then if after 12 months if I didnt gain then I would donate them to goodwill, disabled vets, boy scouts, homeless far its worked.

I'm similar to susiecue, except that I have an under-the-bed storage box.  I try to go through all my clothes twice a year, once for spring/summer clothes in the fall and once for fall/winter clothes in the spring.  Anything I didn't wear during the season goes in the box.  As I find clothes that are still wearable, just not be me, I'm tucking them in the box.  Every so often the contents of the box gets donated!

I think this helps me to not grow out of my closets.

I kept once size larger than I am now.  So if I'm a 32" waist, I've got 32" and 34" pants.  The other ones have been donated.

Shirts are more difficult, cause I really only have large shirts.  I didn't lose much weight above the waist (as a guy), but I do sometimes feel like I'm wearing my Dad's shirts the way they hang on me.  So I'm replacing some with mediums.  But that's a gradual process.   The pants were a drastic change, as I had to cinch up the belts to keep my pants up, and they looked funny that way.  Maybe the shirts do too, and I just haven't seen it...


I typically try to do the box idea - put it in a box and if you don't need it in a year then get rid of it.  Just be sure you actually do get it out - because that is the problem I have.

I keep the next size up until I can wear the new size w/o any hint of muffin top, then they're GONE! I've been giving mine to my SIL as she is also on a weightloss journey and is about 2 sizes behind me. But I don't want to let myself fall into the trap of gaining back anymore weight than my current size can handle. I worry that if I keep my "fat" pants around, I might be less diligent about keeping the weight off.

I had a very bad habit of wearing my "Fat clothes" well past the point I needed them. Finally I donated most of them. In one inspired moment, I burned a pair. A little more violent, lol, I reckon. But it was a cleansing moment, lol. 

We should start a movement: Burn the fat pants! It worked for bras, right?

LOL, Hope everyone's great!




It depends on how nice your clothes are. My tailor has seen some of my work suits multiple times.

If they're not worth tailoring, get rid of them!

On the flip side - I keep a pair of small shorts that I wore 20 yrs ago. I never will wear them out of the house, but I can now zip them up again!

oooh, I threw away all my old clothes this year, it was so cathartic! I haven't missed one item. I have a few dresses that are maybe one size too big, just because I love them, I can dress them up with a belt or wear them slouchycute.

And I have kept the chinese dress I made for my brother's wedding. It is beautiful, but it is a UK size 16 and I am a 8-10! But it took me three weeks to make so I am never throwing it (I don't make clothes normally). I might buy a frame for it actually, hang it on my wall like a painting. It is gorgeous...

yes, get rid! You will feel brilliant, honestly. Especially if you then go out and buy lots of pretty new things :)

Thank you everyone for the advice!

I have to do a Goodwill run'll be motivation to keep my weight off.  I also need to get new clothes soon...I did but two news shirts (in SMALL!)  now I just need work and a few more weekend clothes.

I will keep a few of my bigger clothes, for....those times.....:)

I binned the size 16 clothes the minute they started dropping off me. I have kept my size 14 clothing even though I am now a 12 as I have some nice things which I can get away with wearing using a belt or whatever.

As far as I'm concerned I have no intention of ever gaining all that weight again so I don't need my old 16s.

I went from a size 16 to a size 6, and I obviously didn't have any need for my bigger clothes anymore, so I gave them all to charity. It's nice to get rid of the clothes and to help someone in need at the same time.

i gave all my old clothes away. attached to those larger sizes was an awful lot of unhappiness, bad memories and poor decisions. it was like shedding my skin of self doubt. by giving those clothes away i ensured that i would stay frugal, not only with how much i ate, but also with how much i would spend on my wardrobe.

one of the things that keeps me motivated is i remember how it was really a lot more work to be overweight than it was to be healthy. When i was overweight, cute clothes did not fit and i was unhappy so i made up for it by wearing a lot of make up, buying expensive accessories and spending hours trying to figure out what clothes didn't make me look fat. by watching what i eat and walking an hour every day i save myself time and anxiety because i can walk up to anything in my closet (full of appropriately sized clothes), put it on, and feel good in it.

I bought some clothes I bought RIGHT before I started losing weight. I'd like to save them and have them altered. I'm working on maintenance right now, so I'm thinking of just going for it, even though I'd like to lose 10 more lbs in 2010...but at least the clothes wont be too huge then, right? 

I think I've been holding on to my really big clothes bc I'm scared I'll gain the weight back. :(  I'm nervous about throwing the clothes away I guess because I'm so shocked that this hard work actually worked. It almost feels like a fluke. I was overweight, up and down in weight for 5 years just from unhealthy habits. I still can't believe following the rules of weight-loss really worked and I did it. I'm so in denial.

Ahhh...I guess I should just alter the ones I like and get rid of the ones that don't have a chance of wanting to fit in again.Why hold on to that baggage? 


Original Post by sauce16:


one of the things that keeps me motivated is i remember how it was really a lot more work to be overweight than it was to be healthy. When i was overweight, cute clothes did not fit and i was unhappy so i made up for it by wearing a lot of make up, buying expensive accessories and spending hours trying to figure out what clothes didn't make me look fat.

 Last year when I attemped to lose for the first time, this was a primary reason for it!  I didn't know the skills to be successful then, but now that I've lost the 30 pounds I am so happy I can go shopping and find CUTE clothes to wear that FIT! It's such a great thing not having to worry about shopping anymore...thanks for reminding me of this Laughing.

I definietly will remove (most) of my bigger clothes from my closet tonight!

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