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How to stop losing weight?

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I know this is probably a stupid question, but how do you stop losing weight?
I've lost over 60 lbs since last June (I weigh around 173lbs now down from 235lbs) and I can't figure out how to stop losing weight. I know this site says my target weight is 166lbs, but I think that would look awkward as I'm 6'1"
I had been averaging 1200 cals/day for several months, then bumped it up to 1500 about a month ago and the rate of weight loss slowed down. For the past week or so I've been eating 1600-1700 cals/day and that caused me to lose weight even quicker (approximately 6lbs in 2 weeks).
Short of going out and eating tons of Burger King and Twinkies every day, how can I stop losing weight? It seems like the more I eat the more I lose.
My diet is extremely balanced and I only eat fried foods once or twice a week at most. I just bought new clothes (I dropped from a size 42" waist to a size 36) and really don't want to gain all the weight back again.
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I havent tried to stop losing weight yet but I would suggest using the expediture tool about and eating what you expend for instance if you were female 6'1" 173 pounds sedentary eat 1900 calories and plus what you exercise for male it would be 2300 plus what you excerise.  I would monitor your weight and see if that works.  If its hard to add calories try using nuts (almonds have been shown to lower cholesterol!) or other healthy high calorie foods.
Hi there dm84,

On the surface, right off the bat - you need more calories if you are interested in maintaining (and your weight sounds about right for your height, my brother is 6 ft and about 175, and he's in pretty good shape).

Anyway, I don't know how old you are, but I plugged your other stats and plonked in age 25, to see what your Expenditure was each day - and guess what? You burn 2200 cals a day without exercise. So, even if you sit at a desk all day and plop yourself in front of the TV at night, you need that much to maintain. If you work out, you need to compensate for that, up your cals a bit.

You need to eat more - but hey, step away from that Twinkie! *smiles* Seriously, though, just eat bigger portions of good-for-you foods, or small portions of caloricly dense but nutritious foods like nut butters, avocados, grain breads, lean red meats, olive oil, and cheeses.

Congrats on your weight loss, and your desire to maintain healthfully!
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I'm 22 and I work out for 1 hour, 5 days a week.

I eat nuts and seeds quite often, and I eat what I consider to be fairly big portions of normal food. In order to even come close to 2200 calories a day, I would have to eat to the point of feeling sick, which I had no problem doing before I lost weight, but something I really don't want to do now. Or I could have a few drinks, but I'd rather not do that either.

I already exceed the 5 a day recommendation of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, and I usually have 25% of my calories coming from fat. I'm stumped.
Boy were you under eating!  That is why you are losing more eating 1700 calories a day, that is what you should have been eating all along.

I would step up slowly but I would start slowl y at 2000 to 2200 calories and work from there.

In Sedentary mode (no working  out) the site say you'll burn 2300 calories a day.

Great job losing, you may want to look at muscles now.  At 1200 calories a day I'd bet you lost some.
Well, hmmm.

Just so we're on the same page here - because if you workout an hour a day, you probably need more like 2500 cals!

What's a normal day's menu look like for you? What's "fairly big portions"? Do you mind giving an example day's intake, maybe I could offer suggestions that way? :-)

I mean, I eat TONS of veggies too, but are you steaming them? Eating them raw? That's great, but if you need more cals (and you do!) you might try roasting them with garlic and olive oil, and you'll add good fats and more cals. See what I mean?

Or, if you eat a banana - make it an open-faced banana and peanut butter sandwich on one slice of whole-grain bread.

Trust me, you don't have to resort to BK or fast food, that's a promise!

How to stop losing weight?! I wish I had that problem! ; ) But I think you are right that 170 at 6'1 is a good point to stop at.

This is just my guess but it sounds like you were eating too little before... You may have been in starvation mode. So when you initially increased your calories and the weight loss lessened a bit this may have been your body getting out of starvation mode.

It sounds like you are still eating too little and explains the weight loss. I am 5'5 1/2 and 1,800 calories is my calorie amount for my goal weight of 130 pounds. So it sounds like you are definitely eating too little at 6'1. Especially if you are working out 2 - 4 times a week. I know my 6'2 boyfriend lifts weights 3 times a week and needs to eat 3,000 calories daily to lose weight but also not go into starvation mode. So I would definitely use the tools on this site to see what calorie amount you should be eating.

And as cchristinyc said before me, to increase your calorie amount allow yourself more of the food you are already eating. Just because you can eat more doesn't mean eating high-fat foods constantly is a good idea. Those foods are bad for you no matter what weight you are. If you don't like eating larger portions then add another meal into your day, a 4th large one or a 7th small one... Also, fruit smoothies are great for increasing calories (If you get the ones with dairy in it)! But watch out for where you get them. Some places don't use real fruit, blagh!

Goodluck! At least it is a better problem to have than trying to lose it. : )
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Here's an example of what I eat on an average workout day:

pre-workout: Odwalla bar (230 cal) or 1/4 cup of trail mix (160 cals)

post workout: piece of fruit (approx 100 cals) or 1/4 cup trail mix (160 cals), or Dannon Light and Fit yogurt (60 cals)

lunch: salad + fruit salad (estimated 230-250 cals), or whole wheat penne sauteed with chicken breast + marinara sauce (my campus dining hall doesn't have nutrition info available so my best guess based on the huge portion size is 1,000 cals+), or turkey/roast beef wrap with broccoli (estimated 300 cals), or grilled haddock + sweet potato (approximately 400 cals)

dinner: 1 Chicken breast + a can of Goya beans (approximately 450 cals), or a few ounces of steak plus beans or a sweet potato (Sometimes I substitute sugar snap peas in the pod if I think I ate too many calories already), or a few pieces of rotisserie chicken + sweet potato (figure 600-700 cals depending on how much I eat).

Snacks: Generally random fruits and veggies - whatever is on sale at the supermarket I work at. I usually eat veggies raw (except sweet potatoes).

I avoid bread as much as possible, since I've never really enjoyed the taste. Occasionally I'll eat asian food and food that was deep fried like chicken fingers and fish and chips.
The good thing is that losing weight faster by eating more calories means that your metabolism hasn't slowed down.  You really need to eat even MORE until you notice your weight loss slowing down.

I should be one to talk, since I've been having the same problem of not being able/wanting/psychologically capable of eating my maintenance calories.
Well, that all sounds good - esp the whole-wheat penne and marinara (yum!)

Since you estimated your salad cals kinda low, I am guessing you don't add too much high-cal protein, like cheese, nuts or meats to it? Maybe that would help - you could stay away from the bread, like you want (and I do the same thing for the most part) but up your cals a bit.

I noticed that your "pre-workout" meal is pretty light - it's far fewer cals than you are burning during your workout. If you like Odewalla products, they have this EXCELLENT vanilla soy protein shake, and I believe it's in the area of 400 cals. DELICIOUS, and calorie- and nutrient-dense.

Also eggs - do you like eggs? Because unless you have high cholesterol, a veggie and cheese omelette for breakfast would be a great option too.

Nothing against Dannon but - that Light and Fit yogurt has lots of artificial sweeteners in it. Why not do plain yogurt (low fat tastes great) and add fruit and honey to it? You still eat what you like, but get more cals, and get rid of the chemicals.

Hope this helps a teeny bit...good luck!

~ Colleen
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With salad I don't add dressing (don't like the taste) but I add 2 tablespoons of assorted beans and a tablespoon of raisins. I definitely won't eat croutons.

I don't have a cholesterol problem (my cholesterol is 150), but I eat Eggbeaters in place of eggs so that I can eat twice as much. I usually have Eggbeaters a few times a month.

I avoid energy drinks, too much sugar and I have a problem drinking 400 calories.

As for artificial sweeteners, I don't give a damn; I drink 2 liters of diet coke every day and I'm perfectly fine. In my opinion, refined sugar is worse than artificial sweeteners because we know what refined sugar does to the body, while the evidence against artificial sweeteners is shaky at best and junk science at worse.
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"I avoid energy drinks, too much sugar and I have a problem drinking 400 calories."

Sounds like you don't really want to maintain your weight.  You still have the dieting mentality.  You need to eat calorie-rich foods, and that means real eggs, real soda, etc.  Yeah, maybe you can eat twice as many Eggbeaters instead of eggs, but if you really want to stop losing weight, stop eating those 2x servings of Eggbeaters and eat 2 servings of eggs -- two eggs or even three eggs (1 yolk, 3 whites).  Drinking 2 liters of diet coke a day is really bad for you...just because it's diet doesn' t mean you should drink so much and overdose on it.  Unless you're diabetic, I don't see what's wrong with sugary drinks, especially since you need that energy (or are you afraid you'd drink 2 liters per day).
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I've been drinking Diet Coke since I was 4 years old. It tastes better than regular Coke to me. I don't like sugary drinks. The only type of sugar I ever liked was the sugar in junk food like cookies and cake. I'm not diabetic, but most of my extended family is, including both my grandfathers. Half the reason I lost weight was so that I could know I did everything possible to prevent contracting diabetes, even though it is fairly likely that I eventually will get the disease.
Also what's the problem with eating twice as many Eggbeaters as I could regular eggs? It's the same amount of calories and twice as filling. It also enables me to eat higher calorie meals later on in the day. I don't have the time or patience to separate egg whites from the yolk and I like the convenience of being able to pour the liquid straight into the frying pan.
Well, dm, there's lots of great suggestions here on this site, and I've even offered a few of my own...

...but I have to agree w/ akkiya above. I am not sure you are out of the "dieting" mentality yet. Which is fair enough, I understand, as I myself have lost about 50lbs this year, with 20lbs to go to goal. I am sure when I get to my goal weight, I will have to adjust to the feeling of maintenance, rather than losing. I have ALWAYS been chubby or fat, so I am sure it will be tough at first.

How I eat now (and the suggestions I gave you) are based on what I have learned about balanced eating from my nutritionist and my doctor, as well as educating myself about a balanced lifestyle.

It seems like maybe you are still a bit "scared" of food, of eating too much, and gaining the weight back, which I can empathize with, as can many people here. But, if you really DO want to maintain, and not lose more, you WILL have to up your cals. It's simple math.

There are great people and resources here, even if it's just to "thrash things out". It's good to have a dialogue about this stuff.

Here to help when/if you want it! :-)
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"It also enables me to eat higher calorie meals later on in the day."

You should be eating higher calorie meals ALL day long, if you want to maintain your weight.  You need to switch back into the regular versions of whatever food you're eating, or sneak some protein shakes in each day, or put some olive oil on your salads, etc., or else you will keep losing weight (and have to buy new clothes again).
I agree with everyone else, those meals are FAR from big portions.  Try having a protein shake after your workout.  I am not sure on your level of acitvity when you say workout, but generally, people who workout need more protein in thier diet.

What might be happening is that when you workout, your body has already burned all the fat, so where does it go next, your muscles.  And as we know, muscle weighs more then fat, so when those start to get burned for energy, your gonna lose weight quick.   In order to keep your body from burning those muscles, you dont need to get more fat, but you need more carbs before your workout and more protein after to summplement your muscles after a workout.  I have heard people working out should try to get their body weight in protein in grams.  So I am 195 lbs, I should get 195grams of protein a day.  And that is pretty hard unless your eating 20 egg whites, 5 protein shakes, and tons of chicken.  I usually get around 100-120 a day but I am trying to increase that.
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