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Short female maintainers - what are your stats?

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I'm mainly referring to females 5 foot to 5'4"ish or somewhere around there. What's your weight and height and how happy are you with it?

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I'm 5'4, and 114 pounds or so (though I do fluctuate up and down, and I haven't weighed in a while. But my measurements are the same to when I was that weight). I am a small frame (wrist under 6 inches, biceps are like 8-9 inches even when I can do 50 pushups in a row).


I'm perfectly happy, it's obviously my ideal weight, since for the past 4 months I stopped counting calories, and ate everything, even stuff I normally wouldn't (like butter, or mayo) and I'm still the same measurements.

I used to be about 15 pounds more, but then I ate just ridiculous amounts of food (huge portions, 4-5 helpings of sweets a day). I still eat probably over 2000 calories, so I guess my metabolism is comfy.

I'm 5'4 and about 112 and am happy with it.  I have a very small frame so it is a good weight for me.

There are so many short females who are also very small framed. I'm not one of those girls!  I so often see girls who are my height posting on here that they are 100-115... that is way too thin for my build.

I am 5'3'' and have more of a medium and athletic frame/build.  My "happy" maintenance weight is somewhere around 130 (128-133). At that weight I am thin, toned and comfortable. I also don't have to obsess about everything I put into my mouth at that weight.  I'm currently at 139 (down from my highest ever 162) and am so happy to be almost to maintenance!

SmileHi there - I am just 5' and I weigh 112 lbs.  I fluctuate between that and 115.  I am very satisfied with that weight (I would say I am probably a medium frame).  I have to count calories just to maintain but I really don't mind that at all-gives me a chance to try new recipes and food -which I enjoy doing.

5'1" and somewhere between 115 and 120. If it got near 120, I would freak out a little, so I just stopped weighing frequently and base it on how I look and feel instead. It's a comfortable weight. It fluctuates depending on if I'm training or not. Right now it's about 116 because I've been sitting around with an injury. Aaagain.

Sedentary (like hardcore sedentary) I eat about 1300-1400 calories, which I learned that the hard way the past few weeks (gained a couple pounds). Active, probably over 2000.

I am 5'2-5'3 and I hover in between 110 and 115 pounds my happy weight is close around 110 pounds.

I have a pretty athletic build and carry most of my weight on the lower half of my body.  I am pretty active I run at least 30 miles a week but thats going to slow down since schools beginning again so I start to live a semi-active lifestyle. I eat about 1800-2000 calories a day. I was too low on my intake for a while because I was making a large move to mostly fruits and veggies. 

can you also post the calories you eat for maintenance when sedentary/active? 

I'm 5'4, and I fluctuate between 120-125.  My body likes this weight range, but I wouldn't mind be lighter :)  If I go below 120, however, I quickly gain back the weight.  If I'm maintaining I typically don't vary my calories from sedentary to active days.  I eat anywhere from 1800-2300 and just try to base it on how hungry I am. 

I'm 5'3 and 125. I would love to be 115 but honestly I think 125 is just fine as well. I eat 1800cals if I do nothing but sit on my bum all day, more if I walk around meeting people, going to classes, and then even more if I exercise too. So I guess 1800-2300

I'm 5'2.5" and my current weight is 105 give or take a couple, I'm happy in the 100-105 range, this is where I've been for years. I usually eat 1400 - 1700 calories. I'd say I'm mostly sedentary (desk job), with occasional exercise (JM 30 day shred or yoga).

I'm 5'4" and roughly 119 lbs. I'm guessing some of it's muscle, because I go to the gym very often. I hate going by scales, and I never really use them. I tend to lean more towards measurements, which are: 33.5 - 25 - 35

I would love to be a lot smaller, but I think I'm neutral with the way my weight is currently. I might change my mind later, though. 

I'm 5'4'', small framed (according to wrist size test) and weigh between 115 and 117.  I'm very happy at that weight. 

I stopped counting calories, but from experience I know I eat on average 1900-2000 calories a day (typically less on weekdays and more on weekends).

I have a desk job.  My exercise consists of daily walks totalling 30-60 minutes: (1) with my dog, and (2) when I take the train, between the train station and my office.  In the summer, I go hiking on week-ends (3h).

I'm 5'4" and weigh roughly 110 - 113. I've been here now for 2 - 2.5 years. Down from my all-time high of 158. =) I'm very happy with it, I feel great!

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5'2, 104-105 and I'm happy there, I have been 102, and I like being 102 also. I HATE counting calories, so I never count calories I only pay attention to ingredients.~erica

Erica, I have the same idea. I have never tried counting calories. I think it would be very tedious and time consuming. I figure that if you are choosing the right foods and have a sensible mindset about how much you should be eating then counting the calories is unnecessary.

I'm just under 5'0, and I'm maintaining at about 108lb. I'm fairly petite, but I have a curvy figure (big bust). I wouldn't mind dropping a bit more, but at this point I'm more concerned with staying toned. I'm at such a great weight for my height and body-type that I don't think the exact number matters, as long as I don't start climbing again. I feel and look great, and I know I'm healthy.

I don't really count calories; I try to only eat when I'm hungry, mostly choose healthy foods, and eat small portions. I do glance at calories/nutritional values, when they're available, and I sort of keep a number at the back of my head: 1400-1500. Some days I'll eat more than I should but also some days I'll eat less, and it just sort of seems to balance itself out.

5'2 usually maintain between 110-115, avboston we seem similar. I have an athletic build as well from years of running and soccer. I prefer to be 110, but am trying to learn to be normal and not become overly obsessed with the number on the scale since I generally stay at the same weight. I don't count anymore, but I estimate I eat anywhere from 1600-2500 calories a day. I'd like to be 105-110, but I think that would take too much effort haha.

Gee, I am 5'1" and thought my 135 lbs was ok, i am medium build and close to 50.  I was told when I lost to that much I should loose no more because I didn't look so good.  I have been maintaining the for a couple of years now and wear a 6 overall. 

"Gee, I am 5'1" and thought my 135 lbs was ok"

I'm sure for you it is great. We all are different. Weight isn't always the best indicator - it's just a guide.

Original Post by ranitaking:

Gee, I am 5'1" and thought my 135 lbs was ok, i am medium build and close to 50.  I was told when I lost to that much I should loose no more because I didn't look so good.  I have been maintaining the for a couple of years now and wear a 6 overall. 

You must be all muscle! I'm 5'7" , 128 lbs and a size 6. You are certainly heavier due to muscle so don't go trying to lose! See how it is when we compare ourselves? It isn't healthy! Bodies are all so different it is fruitless to compare.

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