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"Old" clothes

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So, I shed about 35 lbs and have been successfully maintaining for about five months. I am now between size 4-6, but still have virtually nothing in these sizes, except for a handful of items, the rest of my clothes is in my old 8-10 size.

While none of them really fit properly, I am hesitant to both get rid of them or to invest in a new wardrobe of the right size. Both of the fear of getting off track and gaining it all back.

Anyone else is/was in a similar situation? What did you end up doing?


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Yes, I have had the same issues...I dare to call them problems!!Smile

I found a few really good consignment shops near where I live and I've bought different sizes from those shops. Those clothes have really helped me in my transition! And, if you dare, you can bring your larger sizes to them and, as a reward, get money for those old clothes. Congrats and keep going...

I lost 40 lbs over about a six month period. I was never heavy until after I turned forty, so I had to buy all new "fat clothes" while I spent 3 years trying to lose weight. Finally, I found a weight-loss method that worked for me.

After three months of staying at my new/old weight, I simply purged my closet of everything that was too big. I even gave my pregnant sister some of my tops for maternity wear. Most went into the donation bin.

I was able to fit into my old clothes, though I purged them and bought lots of new clothes also. Many of my clothes were stretched and ruined. I replaced everything: PJs, underwear, bras, pants, tops, etc. At The Goodwill, clothes are really cheap and many still have the tags on. I also went to Target and Old Navy, where prices are super reasonable, and to Marshall's, a discount department store.

I did not hesitate to get rid of my fat clothes. I do not plan to regain the weight and if I do, I'll be faced with the pain of buying fat clothes again. Being a lifetime size "small," I cried whenever I bought size "large." I can't imagine going through that again, but it did make me determined to lose the weight.

I say: get rid of all your fat clothes. Donate them. Get new clothes that fit and you love. Then, everything in your closet will look and feel great on you, and you'll have lots of freed up space.

Thank you-thank you-thank you! It is so exciting to see replies appearing in this thread! I am also so inspired to see posts from people who lost so many pounds and manage to maintain their life change. Your strength is encouraging and inspiring and amazing!

So, Thanksgiving is finally over and so are the nutritional suicides. Counter to my biggest fears, I am still within my new 'normal" range. Nothing I can't manage with getting back with my usual food and workout regiment, which is also exciting.

I sealed all my large clothes into vacuum bags and made a pact with my mom that she gets her pick of the good stuff I have if she drops the 10 lbs (I have some great jeans and skirts there and they'll be perfect on her if she looses just a little bit). So, they are waiting for her to get on with the plan or go into women's shelter in the summer, whatever comes first.

The real test is to get through the winter, I think. I'm pretty hopeful, though, looking at everybody's success here, maintaining the weight seems possible.



After I lost 75 pounds, I donated and gave away anything that was huge. But I kept anything that was one size larger than my size and had a couple pairs of pants tailored at the waist. I would say get rid of anything you really dont like, but keep the things you do like. I got sick with mono and a stomach ulcer after my weight loss and ended up gaining back around 10 pounds. Life happens. You never know what is around the corner. Now I'm happy I kept some things that were a little bigger because I have something comfortable to wear. Trying to wear tight pants is a nightmare. I've maintained for about 8 months and now that my stomach is getting better I can finally start thinking about changing my diet again.

Im glad that you brought this post up.  I am currently on my weight loss journey and have lost about 2-3 pounds shy of 30lbs.  I still need to lose at least 50 more pounds.   Have not weighed myself this week since thanksgiving.   I may have picked up a pound but i am not worried.

At any rate, I took the day off to get organized. Baggy clothes is becoming an issue, but Im still managing.  The trouble is.....I have a lot of clothes for a guy.  I work in corporate so I have a lot of dress shirts and and suits.   Suits can be altered but they are very expensive.  Not only that, after 2-3 size alterations, they no longer look right. 

At the end of the day I will have to make some tough choices to give away some really nice things and buy new ones. 

Maybe I can learn how to use a sewing machinge and make some alterations on my own. 

Oh well....sacrifices have to be made.




Oh, bigrodt, that is definitely an issue. We have no dress code where I work, so anything goes, but lifestyle change can get very expensive when you are in corporate and suits are a big investment. Maybe consignment/ebay is a route for you to recoup some (more like "a fraction") of the cost? Just don't try to alter anything by yourself - that takes some major skill and might come up as costly (I tried). Anyhow, a big wow to your determination and success!!! Good luck on the remaining portion of your journey!

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Congratulations and way to go! Here's what I did. I decided keeping old clothes was a promise to fail but investing in a new wardrobe was a risk. I got rid of my old clothes (ebay and donations) and bought "new" clothes at consignment shops, Salvation Army, Goodwill, ebay, etc. Two advantages to this approach: you can try things at a pretty low price and it's not an overwhelming commitment. As you trust yourself more you can buy new items that you really like as occasional rewards.

I lost 75 lbs and about 50 of it came of pretty quickly.  I was going through sizes fast, so I started going to Goodwill.  I found that if I looked closely enough, I could find quality clothes, some even brand new with the tags still on them.  I paid a fraction of the cost and it got me through the weight loss phase and for a time after until I felt comfortable that I could maintain my new weight.  I still go every now and then because some of our nicer stores will take overstock to Goodwill, so I have found some great bargains.

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I lost 25 lbs (140 lbs down to 115 lbs) which doesn't sound like much but on my 5'-0" frame it was significant. I've been maintaining now for a little over 2 years. It took me a while to get rid of my old clothes. I think after I maintained for about 6 months I went through my first round of discarding. I finally got over the fear that I'd go back to where I was. There have been subsequent rounds since and now I only have one pair of pants that I keep mostly as a reminder of where I was. Now instead of fear driving things I'm confident that if my clothes start to feel a little snug I know what to do to right the ship as it were. lol

I did what yankee311 is going to do, I lost 45 pounds and have been maitaining for about 18 months.... I donated all my old clothes to goodwill... I just bought a pair of pants here and a shirt there, i bought enough clothes thruout the past year to be a whole new wardrobe then i donated all my old ones....

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sometimes its so hard to buy not to buy?? Ive been yoyo-ing back and forth for about two years i hit this plateau? and i just have to push through and keep on losing, but easier said than done. at the point that i am right now i say that i am pushing through my havier clothes fit to loose and my tight shirts fit just fine but still have to keep on losing i probably buy a new shirt and pants but only on special occasions besides i feel very comfortable wear my old clothes for exercising and yard work and who doesn't have and old favorite shirt?? 

What an awful dilemma -- CONGRATULATIONS & I HATE YOU...LOL, just kidding! 

I usually keep "old" big clothes for a few months, then just pass on to relatives/friends or to goodwill if no one needs them.


Great news! I am so happy for you I have lost about 17 lbs and I know what you mean. You can take in some clothes, go to a good tailor or seamstress and have them taken in. I don't like having my big clothes around, its is important to use smaller clothes as reminder and a constant physical proof of your great work. You have remade yourself and you need some nice new clothes, or get something nice for the holidays and then shop for some nice clothes in the sales of January.

Celebrate yourself!




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Get rid of them!  Have faith and confidence that you can and will maintain your loss.  I recently lost 40 pounds and got rid of everything.  I now make a conscious choice every day to maintain my healthy new weight.  It is difficult, but I never want to go back.  Knowing I don't have any "fat" clothes helps to keep me focused. 

Congratulations!!!  I am in a similar situation, I lost 50lbs and none of my old clothes fit either.  I have started purchasing my new size 4-6.  I know it will be an incentive to me to keep the weight off.  Good luck!!!



I am in the exact same situation as you... except that i've maintained now for over a year!

I lost about 35 pounds in early 2010 through that summer - I went from the 8/10 sizes down to about a 4/6.  At first when between sizes I had some of my key pants (work stuff) tailored in to fit me as I progressed, but eventually even those were way too big!  It feels amazing to buy the new wardrobe - and when you let go of the old, big pants, it's so freeing!  I know I won't gain it back.  I did however save a few items that are more pricy that may come in handy - say when/if I get pregnant.  Just a few though!  To save on money, I waited until there were good sales around the pants/shirts I wanted.  I still wear a lot of the bigger shirts (never really were too much bigger on the top half) and have invested in some new more fitted shirts too.  I will also say that still paying attention to these calorie count emails and postings helps to encourage me to stick with my maintenance!  :)

I have had a similar issues myself. For me its the opposite, lost too much weight and now I'm closer to where I should be... but have tons of closes from the too skinny time. My suggestion is to take some of the clothes in good condition and try to find a Buffalo Exchange or other clothing swap store. You can turn in your goods, get some credit and pick up some "new" items. 

It's inexpensive that way and you can do a little at a time. Also pick up brand new items to mix in and feel great about your accomplishment! Congrats. 

really - just ditch them! 

i gave my old clothes to friends, family and charity shops. 

I agree with those that say ditch the old clothes.  I also am not buying any more elastic waist pants either (used to be the only kind I had).  I figure if my new clothes start getting tight, I want to find out right away. 

During my weight loss, I donated clothes about every 6 weeks and bought new ones at the Salvation Army, it was like renting clothes.  Also, it let me try out some new styles and see what looked and felt good witout spending real money.  I have gone from a size 26/28 pants to a 6/8 (130 + pounds lost).

It is really a nice problem to have.

I recognise this feeling. It's a good problem to have though.

I lost about 35 lb last year and have more or less maintained since (with some fluctations up and down)

I use continuing to fit into my new smaller clothes as an incentive to maintain. If they feel tight - time to count again for a couple of weeks or a month and maybe throw in some extra exercise.

I haven't been able/ bothered to replace all of my wardrobe at once. It's been more of a gradual process. If it's too big and also worn out I put it in the recycling or take it to the charity shop (goodwill). If it's too big and good quality I put it in a zip up bag under the bed to be cleared out if I maintain for another six months it will go to the charity shop/ recycling.

Clothes that I can see an easy way to alter I've altered - taking dresses in by 10 cm feels great. Whenever I buy something new and smaller I look to see if it's a replacement for something else.

Generally when I was bigger I didn't really like clothes shopping so I didn't buy very much. I have very frugal habits from when I was younger and not earning very much money too. So I also try to allow myself a little consumerist indulgence and joy at buying new things.

This is the first time in a long while I've had the confidence about my body and the way it looks to really enjoy clothes. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure but I try not to be too extravagant. 


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