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How often do you allow treats?

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Hello, I'm new here and this is my first topic so bare with me. xD

I was just wondering, how often do you allow yourself a treat?

Be it desert, a takeaway, fast food etc.

Do you prefer to go all out and eat whatever in any amount or do you have a smaller one each day/ few days?

And what kind of thing do you have?

How do you feel after you've had it?

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Sundays are high carb days for me, so I go all out.  It's not a typical diet, though.

I'm strict all 5 weekdays, then on weekends, I relax a lot. I still try not to go too crazy, but I generally have a bit of anything I want.

Today, it was eggs fried in margarine, which I never eat during the week, and some toast with the same. Normally, I let myself have toast but I use that 0 calorie butter spray.

It depends what kind of things I have. If friends/family want to go out, sure..I'll order a sandwich, or some kind of chicken entree with some fries or something.

I do enjoy the occasional fast food drive thru. Some form of fried chicken product with fries..but always a diet Like that helps or something, right?

And of course, sometimes..not might mean a trip to a bar or club, and having 2-3 drinks on average. I do that probably every 2-3 months or so.

If my cousins come over wanting to make brownies and watch a movie, I can do that, too.

I give myself the weekends, but still try to keep it in check. If I know I'll be eating out for dinner, then I will either wait til then to eat (I wake up late on those days anyway) or have fruit and other light things just so I don't add a lot more calories to a meal that I already know is going to be pretty fattening.


I pick one day of the week (for me it's saturday because its the hardest day for me to eat healthy) and i eat maintainance calories in anything i want. By this i mean, i don't try to get good ratio's. I love chocolate so where as someone may go out for a big meal, i would rather fit in a chocolate bar, some cookies, ice-cream etc. Also, i try to do more exercise because the more i burn the more i can eat lol.

But each day i have about a 50-100 calorie "treat". Sometimes its a cookie, a fun size chocolate bar or a frozen yoghurt. Just something that i can look forward too Smile

Whenever I want one. I usually wait it out, you know.. make sure I really want it, and if I do then I get it.

I feel great about eating normally. I'm thankful to finally have a more healthy relationship with food.

Now that I've been at this awhile, I pretty much treat myelf whenever I feel like it. I have no trouble getting back on track. Personally I have a hershey's kiss or two everyday. I love chocolate. I count the calories and all that.

dessert type: daily.  be it flavored yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, a brownie (real brownie), cupcake, ice cream - whatever is in the house and if i am in a sweet mood.  good rule of thumb is do not deny.  have one - ONE - serving of whatever dessert it is you want/crave.

fast food:  has been a a creature of habit lately, as it has been busy.  as i am maintaining, i don't have "grilled" chicken and salad; usually a salad and burger.

how do I feel?  satisfied : )

I lost 30 lbs over five months and have been maintaining for four months now using this brilliant site. I build treats into my eating every day. In the week it will be something homemade in the afternoon when I hit a sugar low (like a banana and oat bar) After dinner I always have just one 10 gram square of dark (70%) chocolate with my coffee. Our Sunday breakfast is always butter croissants with a huge pot of coffee. I just make sure to keep the calories counted and the food generally balanced. I stay away completely from take-aways, fast food etc but I do have a good restaurant meal about once a month. It works for me but everybody is different! Smile

Hi first things first welcome to the site I am sure you will find it to be very helpful in so many ways like all of us do! As far as "treats" I allow myself one whenever I want..within reason of course. I add it into my calorie count..but like some others here I watch more closely during the week and allow a little more wiggle room for the weekends. I too am a I find having some hershey kisses or m&ms around help..I measure them out into appropriate portion sizes in snack bags so when I want it..I know I wont go overboard if it is already premeasured. I also find so many of the fiber and cereal bars to be helpful...south beach has some new fiber bars that are just delicious..and special k has the bliss bars which are fruit and chocolate..very satisfying. Light ice also good if you measure it out. Baked chips or 100 calorie packs are great too.The key is moderation and you will be fine...and if you have to have that slice of pizza or burger accountable..thats what matters!! Enjoy and good luck on your weight loss goal!!

Every Monday night I treat myself to about 50 - 60 grams of sugar free organic hand made dark chocolate

You shouldn’t do what others are doing, because you should do what you enjoy the most!

A lot of nutritionists and people say it is better to have One square of chocolate every day, BUT, I enjoy to have it LESS and enjoy it in a LARGER amount then to have small amounts more frequently.

A calorie is a calorie when it comes to treats, 500 calories on ONE day is the same as 500 calories spread out over more days.

And you do not need to “ work it off” ONE treat cannot make you gain weight, you need 3500 EXTRA calories to gain 1 lbs.

I think it is depressing and pointless to have to “ work extra hard” and do a whole extra work out JUST to have ONE piece of cake - it defeats the purpose of a treat!

I am a personal trainer, with a normal metabolism and I have maintained a slim and toned figure with my 60 grams of dark chocolate once a week.

Heck, I can even have 2 glasses of wine ANOTHER day as well as the chocolate and still not gain weight because 2 glasses of wine make NO difference if it is a one off thing!

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