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What to do? need to up maintenance cals

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I'm 5'3 and have been weighing around 112-114 lbs. I know my bmi is on the low end of the healthy range, this is the lowest I've been at. (I started out at 245 back in August 2010.)

I didn't record my calories until recently, so I'm not sure exactly when I started restricting. But for at least two months now I've been eating in the range of 600-800 calories daily, with occasional days spiking up to 900-1200. I have been slowly adding extra calories. I think I am starting to get some reactive eating urges, feels like wanting to binge. (Had one 1600 day but went back to restricting)

The only "exercise" I regularly get is from my job which is very physically active. Also exercise on my own just about 15min a day few times a week.

Will increasing calories gradually work? Should I up calories to better maintenance levels immediately?
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maintenance almost immediately. 1500 a few days, 1800, 2000+. You're doing a lot of damage to your body. Please either get help if you cannot do it alone or talk to someone you love/trust about what you're going through.

Thanks for the reply! I have had a little over 1500 calories today :)
Might seem like a silly question.. but what should I be eating to maintain those calories?

Craving junk and carbs and sweets like crazy but I still have the urge at the same time to avoid those things. When I want to eat them I tend to overeat, last time I gained a few lbs which made me restrict again. I am also seeing that my metabolism is much better since that 'binge' when I gained.

Can I just eat more (a lot more) of the healthy things I was eating before? Add more protein and good fats?

To me it sounds like you are living in extremes and should get therapy and dietician support. You lost a huge amount of weight in a very unhealthy manner.

You can find a middle ground but it sounds like you could benefit from some professional support. Your weight is probably too low. Like Chrissy said you need to increase you calories and though 1500 is start it is not adequate. You may need to gain weight now which is going to be a mental switch from weight loss.

I'm 5'1 and 110 pounds and I was doing the same thing with restricting my calories. I was constantly cold and tired . I slowly increased them and now I am maintaining on 2000 calories or even more some days! I feel a lot better and more energized ! and I gained no weight if that's what your worried about !:)
Good to know, very glad it has worked for you! :) Did you have any of the usual food/ water weight gain?

Made more progress and I am keeping it past 1500! I ate 2000 so far today (and before dinner too but I am also not making myself count everything anymore) and it is getting much easier to keep my calories higher day to day. Not recording every little thing helped a lot.
maybe like one or two pounds at first but then it evened out again and I was back to normal:) That's good! Keep it up it will only help you and make u feel better:)
Thanks! I want to watch what foods I eat but I don't plan on logging the calories anymore. Need to take it easier on myself for sure :)
I've gained about 6 pounds, is that normal to see?
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I've gained about 6 pounds, is that normal to see?

depends on what you ate the day before/ how much you exercised the day before/ how much you upped your calories/ when you weighed yourself. Today I am almost 7 pounds heavier than 2 days ago, real? not likely.

Original Post by jldstudio:

I've gained about 6 pounds, is that normal to see?

Even a healthy body that has never had eating struggles can vary by 5 pounds. Now when you increase from water yes it is normal to see even higher amounts of gain. Remember it takes 3500 extra to gain 1 pound. I know it is hard but if you stay consistent and sit with the discomfort your body will even out. Good job for increasing and try to focus on the goals you have,

Well I have kept my calories up and I can tell an improvement in my metabolism :) I have started to lose some of the initial gain from eating more and I feel better! Eating 6 times a day and eating more at breakfast is helping too. I'll still get really hungry sometimes though even less than 2 hours since i ate, so I keep increasing calories a little everyday.
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