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need help gaining weight/lean muscle please!!!!!!

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so I'm 21 years old and i'm 5'9, I weigh 130 pounds and I want to gain at least 10-15 pounds of healthy weight. I think I'm at a healthy weight right now, maybe a little to low for some peoples liking, but I want to gain weight so I can feel better about myself. I'm so fed up with people saying things like, "man do you even eat?" or " are you MANorexic?" it makes me feel even more self conscious sometimes dealing with these issues then before when I was big!!! I used to weigh 320 pounds just a couple of years ago, and since this weight loss I have  lost muscle mass as well. 

I want to regain my muscles and regain strength and I really do need help on doing so. I feel like such a weakling now, and I hate how my arm skin looks because of the loss of muscle. I LOVE to eat healthy, I really do. I know I don't suffer from an eating disorder, I'm such a foodie and just because I don't want put foods containing high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors in me doesn't make me anorexic, i'm just health conscious. Who wouldn't be after weighing 320 pounds?!!!!?! My mind is set though on gaining weight the healthy way, and not pig out on junk food.

should I be eating a lot more? i eat about 2,300-400 calories a day

I know I should be eating more but it is hard...

is there maybe something I'm doing wrong that hasn't helped me gain weight? I walk for 30 minutes 3x a week and I lift weights 3x a week as well. I know this is good, i'm not over doing it at all, Mondays are my day to relax and not do anything.

a typical day of my eating consists of

breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 cup of 1% lowfat milk, a large banana, and a tbls. of PB

snack: tbls. flaxseed grounded with whey protein, a couple strawberries, a handful of grapes and spinach.

lunch: 4 oz ground turkey, with a cup of pinto beans, a slice of 2% swiss cheese, a cup of broccoli, a cup cauliflour and a medium apple and 2 slices of whole grain bread a half cup of green beans and 7-14 almonds

snack: a cup of cut fruits (watermelon, honey do, cantaloupe) and kashi 7 grain crackers, and a carrot.

dinner: sauteed bass in EVOO zucchini sauteed in EVOO with tomato, onions and garlic.  a cup of potato salad in olive-oil mayo with a little mustard, a whole wheat flour tortilla, half an avocado. a romaine salad with cucumber, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, and a 1/4 cup of cottage cheese. and a peach as my dessert.

am i doing something wrong?

how do i incorporate more calories in my diet.

I feel full as it is with what I am eating right now, if someone can come up with a meal plan for me that would be fantastic!!!!

please someone help me out!! it would mean so much to me!!

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I think this should be in the weight gain forum!

But here's some info:

ensure, boost, fortisip, etc.

Protein bars, nutrition bars, etc.


healthy fats:

olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butters

and not diagnosing you with an Eating Disorder but this could be helpful: upport/male-eating-disorders

Oh and probably don't use lowfat/fat free/diet products if you are having trouble getting enough calories! Like instead of 1% yogurt/milk/etc. get 2% or full fat/whole if you can!

Two suggestions:

(1) See if you are getting some replies on the Weight Gain Forum.

(2) Also, consider posting on the Fitness Forum. 

If you combine the two, eating to gain weight and combining the extra calories with proper exercising, you should be able to gain healthy weight (lean muscle.)

For gaining your health and body building, you need proper exercise. Must be need taken good food.  And you surely taken so much fresh water.

A gram of protein for every lb of body weight. Eat plenty of carbs since they're the body's primary source of energy. Eat 300-500 calories above your maintenance requirements. Weight train 3-5 times per week with each session ranging from 45-60 minutes. Gaining 2-4 lbs a month is most ideal. Stay away from unnecessary supplements that are advertised online and in muscle mags, they're mostly b.s. Good luck!

All you gotta do is eat more and lift hard. Eat at minimum 1g of protein per lb of boy weight. I'm only 140 eating 225g of protein a day. Instead of eating only 4oz of turkey eat a pound. Drink more whey too since it is one of the cheapest sources of protein. Also eat lots of egg whites. Good luck. Just keep eating until your stuffed and maybe you stomach will expand a little. Also, nuts have tons of fat/calories and aren't very filling so maybe some more almonds.

What type of strength training are you doing?  That can make a difference as well for muscle growth.  You say lifting 3 times a week.  Are you on an established program and increasing your weights in some way each time?

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