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More protein = weight gain?

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I'm a 17 year old vegetarian, and I know I'm not getting enough protein in my diet. Even though I'm getting protein from whole grains, egg whites, and cottage cheese, I still didn't think it was enough. So I purchased some whey protein powder to up my protein.

So my question is, if you add more protein to your diet (with the same amount of calories as before) will I gain weight or gain involuntary muscle?
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well ive found that throught gaining weight, i dont really need a ton of protien, i only really need a bit more than i nomrally use. you dont need 100's of grams, your organs have to process protien, so chances are your still getting enough even without protien powder, and even as a veggitarian.

To gain muscle, you bascially need to eat more than you use, and bulk up. protien helps build more, but thats it.
You need to be doign a lot of weight lifting to gain muscle mass. Don't worry about gaining weight from eating additional amounts of protein (especially of you are female).
white, why do you say that about dont worry?  R u sure about that , Im a girl and I eat lots, I dont know if I gained , i thought I did.  Im really nervous about it.  If im not working out, just eating protien r u sure I wont gain.  If i start to work out will fat fall off like crazy because of the protien intake?  I get about 120 up to 150 grm
Eating protein doesn't make you gain muscle.

The only way you can gain muscle, is to eat a surplus of any calorie, and work your ass off in weight training or hard resistance aerobics/cardio.
but reg weight...fat?  Why do men pack potien to gain muscle?
Men pack protein because one of the things protein does is rebuild torn muscles... But eating protein doesn't MAKE you grow muscle... If it did, protein would be a miracle food... You have to actually do some hardcore weight lifting to build muscle... Simply eating protein isn't gonna do it... I wish it did, but it just doesn't work like that... Whenever you work out, you create tiny little tears in your muscles and one of proteins MANY jobs it to repair all your little tears and build your muscles back up, making them stronger... So men that lift a lot of weights and have more tears need more protein...

If you have no tears, protein is used for other tasks... Like building new hair or fingernails...
Most men who eat an excess of protein and do NOT work out are simply mis-informed...something of a side effect of masochism, I'd say.
Masochism???!?! WHAT!?!? What does MASOCHISM have to do with Protein/Working Out??!?!
Shhh, I was just being silly.

You know how guys are with their steaks!
lmao I don't think they punish their steaks so they can get sexual pleasure...

At least, I don't... u But imnot a guy, if I eat a huge amount of protien and sit on my butt..will i get fat?

If you eat a huge amount of anything, in excess, you'll get fat.
Thanks, happy to make u laugh...anyways, I know that...what i ment was if i eat alot more protien then carbs and what not, will i gain weight, because alot of people say that its does.....NM though someone else answered my ques anyway. Thanks though, keep..smiling
Penny ~ you have to eat too many calories to gain weight.  It really does NOT matter where those calories come from for weight gain or weight loss.

I know it's hard to remember and accept, but you are not going to get fat unless you overeat a lot of food.

you will be healthier if you get a good balance of food.  protein 15 - 30%, fats 15 - 25% and the rest carbs.

as a vegetarian, you can get protein from plants; the tofu is a good source but it should not be your only source.  The whey protein is a good source to add to like your cereal... 

but don't forget the beans... like a good meatless chili is a good source of protein!
Penny... Let's just pretend that you burn 2000 calories in a day...

If you were to ONLY eat M&Ms ALL DAY LONG but stayed under 2000 calories... You would lose weight...

If you ONLY ate French Fries ALL DAY LONG but stayed under 2000 calories... You would lose weight...

If you ONLY ate ____________ all day long, but stayed under 2000 calories... You would lose weight...

Fill in the blank with ANY FOOD ever invented... Eating massive amounts of protein isn't going to make you fat AS LONG AS you don't eat more calories than your body burns in a day...

Understand now?
Suddenly I'm in the mood for steak
united-LOL...r u following me?  Thnks again, I just needed was hoping someone would only protien and youll be the sexiest biotch ever....oh to dream...Im starting the gym tomorrow....Ugh..i hope...Thanks again! U make sense..Kick my ass would ya!?

Hybrids- so ru telling me i could eat a tub of butter up to "2000" cal each day and lose?
Penny, when body builders pack protein, they are not making themselves healthier.  In fact, many of them are headed for really bad health problems down the road.

You could eat all fat and lose, if it was less calories than you burn, but you'd be a wreck.  Your liver would enlarge for one thing, and you would develop some very painful medical conditions.  Your arteries would clog and you'd have a heart attack at a young age.  You are in need of some education about good nutrition.
Hey~ I'm new to this site but very eager to lose weight. I know quite a bit about nutrition and excercise but I'm having a problem. I started exercising on March 26th of this yr and I have not lost a dang thing! In fact, I lost 5lbs the first 2wks(water wt.), then gained it back plus 1lb.  I know when you start exercising an dliftin you gain muscle mass and lose the fat, and also that muscle wieghs more than fat. I don't know my fat percentage because I don't know where to get it done inthe town I live in. Anyway, I'll quit babbling-just wondering WHY I'm not losing ANY poundages???????
BTW:  I work out 60min per day doing usually 30-45min cardio and the rest lifting-never the same muscles 2days in a row of course, and I eat 1600cal per day. I eat a lot of whole grains, lean meats, soy,veggies, and fruit!  Can you see why I'm frustrated?!
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