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Maintenance after too-low calorie diet?

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 I'm 20, have been gradually increasing from a restrictive diet. I was at about 6-800 a day, and have been around 1250-1300 a day...I just reached my goal weight, but I am scared of starting to eat too much and gaining it back, especially since it was such restrictive eating. How do I maintain? Here are my stats:

Start weight in March- 146

Weight reached- 124.8

Height- 5'4"

Please help, I don't know what to do, and I really really don't want to gain, but i don't want to keep obsessing over calories my whole life either. I want to give this whole problem up, but I'm afraid of gaining the weight. I want to maintain, and if I lose a little more, that's fine, too.

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Try this calculator and see what you come up with.  Just put the point of the mouse on the red markers and move each dial until you get the number that is indicative of you.

Energy Expenditure Calculator

I think you will find that you can maintain, not gain weight, and still eat more than 1300 calories a day.  You probably will find you would be in the 2000 calorie area. 

It makes a difference how active you are, of course.

Did you abruptly increase to 1300 a day from your restrictions? Or did you do it slowly? Abrupt changes like that will often lead to a temporary weight gain, but like I said it's temporary because your body is like, omg foooood!!!! and will likely save some of the calories and retain water. To increase to higher calories without gaining weight you need to increase slooowly while keeping up your regular exercise. Id suggest adding 100 calories a week, or 50 calories every 4 days. Good luck!

P.s. dont look at the scale for a week while your body is trying to adjust. You may see the temporary small increase on the scale the first week and freak out, then restrict again.

I think you need to focus on health right now and that the low calorie diet you were on and still are on is going to lead to health problems. When you went on a weight loss diet you could of still lost weight but done it in a better way that may have taken longer but would of been about a lifestyle change.

Right now I would stay off the scale. Your metabolism is so slow and more food often equals water weight. How old are you and how much activity do you do? Then I would start increasing maybe a few hundred calories at time till you get to a balanced meal plan. Right now you are just going to have to sit with the fears you have. In the long run though it will be less scary and you will be less obsessive. You also should be able to mantain a weight that is healthy with hgiher calorie intake because your metabolism will be faster.

I have been eating about 12-1300 for several months now, and i increased it slowly. Some days I drop to about 1100, but not often. Some days, I'm closer to 1400. I am losing while eating this much, not much, not fast or consistantly, but losing, and I want to increase to maybe 1500 or 1600 and see where it puts me. I don't know what maintenance is for me, but im guessing 1700-1800 on a relatively inactive day...All sites say something different for maintenance. But the site "shane_paladin" suggests, says about 1568 or something is my BMR.

 I am 20, my lifestyle can be pretty sedentary, but some days I'm really active. As my energy level goes up (I have low iron problems), I am more energetic and active.

it really is not worth the risk to continue down your current path. just eat more NOW...your metabolism will speed up again. youre still losing so that means that you wont gain an ounce by eating more. bump it up to 1500 calories immediately and just wait it out. you wont  be sorry.

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