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Lights Turned Out, Party's Over

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Thanks to Calorie Count and all the great people who made the last four years very enjoyable and beneficial. 


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Amy:  "girls get the short end of the stick"

Have you been talking to my wife?!!!!!

LOLOL!  I crackers jack myself up sometimes!

Yes, in many, many ways girls get the shaft., wait a second, that didn't come out any better.

I think I shall drop the topic -- you get my point.

Thanks for the reassurance, John.  Today I was at 121 again and the average of the past several days is 121.  I think my weight is finally starting to stabilize--yay!  Now my goal is just to maintain this weight while becoming more muscular/fit. 

On a different note: has anyone here tried coconut milk ice cream?  I had some yesterday (made by Larry & Luna) and it was delicious!  :)  I don't know if it's necessarily any healthier than regular ice cream, but I like the taste better. 

adrienne: I LOVE coconut milk ice delicious makes it and it's amazing. great job on the weight! :) 

john: you are hilarious..i almost spit greek yogurt all over my mental image...we have to stop. haha. i am so bad. 

amy: sorry about your friend. i hope their wedding has some healthy choices, i might not eat much. 2 weekends in a row away from home, that's tough. 

Debra: great job on the workout! And thanks for the encouragement. I only drink ice water but never add lemon or cucumbers or watermelon. But if you like it better than plain water, I do not see anything wrong or "old" about it.

Chrissy: Congrats on getting into another top law school. You will do great in your interview for NY. Have fun at the wedding this weekend.

John: I do not think there is such a thing as moderation at a pizza buffet. Have fun!

Amy: Sorry to hear about your friend.

Adrienne: I have never had coconut milk ice cream before but it does sound interesting.


Made it through Day 1 without any junk. I think Day's 1-5 will be okay, but Day's 6 and 7 will be the ultimate test because it is the weekend. But I will try and cross that bridge when I get there.

Thanks for the condolences. It's been over a year, but was such a surreal experience. Her name was Annie and she was a graduate student at Yale. She made the national news because she disappeared a few days before her wedding.

Adrienne: Nope, never tried coconut milk ice cream...but it sounds like an interesting flavor!

Chrissy: Do you know the menu at the wedding?

Good afternoon. A quick post.  It's been a busy morning but managed to hit the gym.  Didn't do much because I have  *ta daaa* Tap dancing class this evening.  I didn't want to wear myself out.  It's only for about 2 months but it's still fun.


That's the salty sandwich from Panera.  Happens every time.  But it was good and that'll be gone in a day or two.

Lavender: I have to say I understand the surrealness of it.  My brother died just before his wedding too.  It was horrible.  It's been nearly 30 years.

Chrissy: finally finished the tamale pie.  It'll go in the oven tonight.  The filling tasted amazing and I had a lot left over so I made a burrito with it for lunch.  On a flatout.  yummmm.  I used the Four cheese Mexican blend so we'll see how that turns out.  I added olives, black bean and diced tomatoes.  Cooked the the meat with garlic and green peppers and onions.  Used a whole 8 oz can of tomato sauce because I used frozen corn and needed the extra liquid.  And I used no added salt stuff and cooked my own beans.  I did that instead of making the pie last night.  It looks good.  We'll see how it tastes all cooked up tonight.


mary: i love how relaxed you are about an INFLATED weight from the sodium. i'd love to know how the tamale pie turns out. my menu is all screwed up for the week. the fiance and i are eating with his "2nd day aka his dad's best friend" and that means somewhere OUT...YIKES. only monday, wednesday, thursday are going to be under my control this week because we're going back to the fiance's dad to be in town for his friend's wedding this weekend. i hate that but i'm sure i'll be fine. how was your burrito. 

amy: don't know the menu but it doesn't really matter...if it looks fatty then it probably and that means i will eat a small amount. disappeared? wow, that's so sad. again, i apologize for making you think about it. 

johney: thanks. i will try to have fun at the wedding but they aren't my friends so it'll be a challenge. 

Making chicken enchilada casserole tonight...not really using a recipe....going to layer tortillas with a mixture of chicken, rice, and beans, and that with sour cream and cheese...more tortillas and sauce...bake it then top with cheese and bake till melty. hopefully he likes it. i walked for an extra 55 minutes or so. i bought 2 cookbooks for 8 bucks. one is bisquick recipes...i would use homemade bisquick. the other is comfort foods by goofd housekeeping. 8 bucks is a steal in my book

Johneyboy:  Well, I showed no moderation.  Everything I had at the buffet was good.  I could not believe it only cost $6 each. And I had a 99 cent coffee.  I mean, for the amount of food we ate (especially me) compared to what $6 buys at a McDonalds or a Subway.  Our total bill was $13.67 plus I left a $2 tip. 

Good job on making it through Day 1 without the junk food!  Golly, do I hear you about the weekend.  That's why my Monday morning weigh-in often sucks!  LOL!

Amy:  I had missed the friend and wedding part the first time.  That really is sad.  That was suppose to be one of the happiest moments of her and her family's life.

Adrienne:  I have not tried coconut milk ice cream, but it definitely sounds really delicious.  I love the flavor of coconut.  It sounds as if it would be really rich.

That's a great goal to want to maintain but gain a bit of muscle.  The more muscle we have the more calories we burn at night building those muslces.

Mary: I have never had a tamale pie. It sounds good. I do the same thing when I add black beans and diced tomatoes.  I soak my own beans from dry and use no-sodium diced tomatoes.  That really helps me cut down the high sodium found in most canned things like canned beans and tomatoes.

Chrissy:  It is amazing through the years how many cook books someone can accumulate.  My wife has dozens and I even have 5 or 6.  Also, with all the recipes on the Net, one can certainly find plenty of things to cook or bake or make.

Good job on the extra walking.  I think I will go walking again, too; and then I will ride my bike again, hopefully.


Chrissy: ah yes, the not knowing most of the people at the wedding might make it a challenge to have fun. Dancing with the fiance might be fun. Admittedly tho I am a hypocrite because I hate dancing and hate it when my GF asks me to do it. That chicken enchilada casserole sounds really good. isn't bisquick like pancake and waffle batter? I have never had it so I am not sure; I just recall seeing something similar-sounding on store shelves.

John: I sometimes ponder about how pizza buffets make money. The one here is $5.49 but then $1.29 to add a drink (I only drink water so it is free). AND they send out coupons all the time for "buy one buffet, get a second free" so it still amazes me. It is truly the "best deal" in my town. My friends and I (6 persons total) can eat for $17 (with no drinks) or $25 (with 6 drinks) with the coupons.

I went back and looked at your calorie total/food breakdown for today (which I just recently realized that you did everyday). I would of had a good time eating all that too. The slices at your place are probably a bit larger than the slices at my pizza buffet. I wish our buffet had mac & cheese--we have pasta that you can pour Alfredo or marinara sauce on but no mac & cheese.

Johney/john: the fiance had come home after having drinks with his 2nd dad...we didnt eat he didn't eat much of the casserole. he said it was good though. 

a pizza buffet sounds dangerous. good thing there arent any near me. i love dessert pizzas. so yummy. ones with apples and crisp are especially good.

now i have to go look at the yumminess at the pizza buffet.

Hi everyone!

Well day 2 is going ok. I forget how bad detoxing off of sugar can be! I am grumpy and lethargic, and my head hurts. But on a positive note, my belly feels sooo much better without yeast. I know it takes about 3 days to get it all out, but I think I definately need to stay away from yeast on a semi permanent basis. It will take a while to get my skin back to normal. Here's today's food:

B: granola and milk

L: shredded pork and a salad (this was more of a second bkfst/very early lunch)

S: tortilla chips and homemade salsa

S: carrots and hummus

D: roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and corn

S: popcorn

I was a crazy woman last night when I was craving sugar and decided to make popcorn, only to find out I was out! I bought a big container of it today.

John- I'm lucky in that there are only a few places I can eat pizza at. Thank goodness there's not a buffet of it near me! I guess I will have to go back to making a biscuit type of pizza crust at home instead of a yeast one.

Adrienne- I have seen the coconut ice cream, but have never tried it. I will try it when I am eating sugar again.

Original Post by chrissy1988:

Johney/john: the fiance had come home after having drinks with his 2nd dad...we didnt eat he didn't eat much of the casserole. he said it was good though. 

a pizza buffet sounds dangerous. good thing there arent any near me. i love dessert pizzas. so yummy. ones with apples and crisp are especially good.

now i have to go look at the yumminess at the pizza buffet.

Yeah pizza buffets... actually I don't like buffets in general, I rather have one AMAZING piece of cake or whatever food item and then keep on coming back for more, hahaha. When I goto buffets, I don't remember what I ate... or what flavors I ate... it all blends into one gigantic food memory and that sucks :/ And I always eat more to make up for the money I spent. hahaha.

my friends tried to take me to cake buffet (I don't like cakes tbh;;) and pizza buffets but I declined =_=;; I did goto a thai buffet (green curry!) and vegetarian buffet here though! Not so shabby.

I'm maintaining on very low exercise and now I'm trying to raise my calories... I've raised at least 100-300 calories a day although Im not sure what my daily total is since it changes everyday! somewhere in between 1700-2000 somewhere?

My exercise is really light too, either walking (200-250 calories) or 1 hour at the gym (30 minutes on the bike while reading/playing with my ds and then brisk walking 6km/hour 30 minutes) which also burns about 250-300...

I actually seem to have LOST weight for some reason so I'm eating a larger snack at night/in the morning :D yay.

Buffets:  I can see the pros and cons of buffets.  I have a few relatives who won't eat at buffets because they would rather eat off the menu and feel buffets have too much overcooked foods, blah blah and yada yada.  I, and most of my other relatives, love eating at buffets.  I have eaten at so many good buffets that it stuns my mind to ponder the love affairs I have had with buffets. 

I ate at a Seafood buffet outside of Williamsburg, Virginia (Captain George's), a dessert buffet in Boston (165 desserts), an Italian buffet in Lincoln, Nebraska (170+ items), a breakfast buffet in Kearney, Nebraska, at a Holiday Inn (unbelievable fresh fruit and pancake, sausage, bacon items), at Sweet Tomatoes outside of San Francisco, etc, etc, etc.  I would rather eat at a good buffet than watch Jessica Alba vs. Scarlett Johanson wearing string bikinis wrestling in a jello pit.  And that, my friends, tell you how much I enjoy eating at good buffets.

Hahahaha John, I guess you really DO love your buffets!

Naurelle- Great job on maintaining! I've lowered my exercise too, but I've been gaining, so back to basics for me.

Chrissy- nice buy on the cookbooks. I love cookbooks, and have far too many to count. Your casserole sounds great. Have fun at the wedding this weekend!

Mary- I keep saying I want to take a ballet class, but honestly, don't know when I'd find time. Guess I'd have to just make time.

Amy- I remember hearing about your friend on the news. I remember thinking how tight security is on the campus (I grew up nearby) and was shocked that something like that could occur there.

Just finished dinner at 8pm. My chicken took forever to cook. It was really yummy though.


Diane:  One thing I like about good buffets is the variety.  At the Chinese Buffet where my wife and I like to eat there is such an amazing variety.  I chose 17 different items the last time I ate there.  I can recall eating these things, but there were others:  beef and onions, pork and green peppers, skewered chicken, cherry wine chicken, egg roll, fried shrimp, shrimp and rice, eclairs, yellow cake, chocolate cake, soft serve ice cream, crab Rangoon, fried chicken wings, etc.

At Valentino's buffet in Lincoln not only are there dozens of Italian things like lasagnas, pizzas, spaghetti with a variety of sauces, pastas, etc., but there are shrimp, ribs, chicken, sausage, fish, tacos, etc, etc.  And the desserts and choice of drinks are staggering.

Ah, buffets, I love you -- you naughty temptresses!

I agree with you about chicken.  I think it is yummy and worth the wait.  I have really come to enjoy eating poultry in place of all the beef I use to eat.  I still like beef, but I also love eating chicken; and, as I told Mary, I love eating turkey, too.

'Ello ello!

Well today is my mumma's birthday and we went to this restaurant for lunch I got a grilled barramundi for the first time! (Never use to like fish, what wonder's a lifestyle change can do for you). It was served with citrus butter but being a good girl I asked for it on the side- was a wise decision since it tasted like pure butter and I preferred the fish without it anyway. And I asked for a side of vegies and salad. Was yum. Curious as I dont eat fish much but is grilled barramundi quite healthy?

I also cooked delicious italian canneloni last night for mum's birthday dinner and bought her the most decadent white chocolate mudcake- now as I'm on maintenance I could of had a piece but I was so full it would of made me sick..but still I was so tempted. I'm trying the whole intuitive eating thing :) Surprisingly though my boyfriend also refused it- I am amazed that he can say no to cake when he has the ability to eat whatever he wants and not gain weight. So in a way he helped me think to myself- are you really hungry after that huge dinner?

Apart from the lunch eat mentioned earlier, the rest are the usual and boring so I won't bore you with the information.

HOWEVER, ON A MORE ENTERTAINING NOTE. Standing in the cheesecake shop yesterday I was admiring all the delicious cheesecakes, crumbles, tortes, mudcakes, spongecakes, pies. Omg they look absolutely amazing- my ultimate fav though is caramel mudcake- had it at my 18th last year and a few other people also mentioned it was the best cake they've ever eaten!


shane_paladin: No I actually bought it precooked and just added it with the vegies to the pastry :) Yes it was. Thanks, yeah and because I'll be drinking this weekend I can gaurantee I'll be sick again next week. Defs need to dose up on the meds! Ann's canneloni is just my boyfriend's friends's mother's canneloni- not as good as mine ;) which I made last night for my mother's birthday! Was so good. Marshmallow yummies are clearly the shiz! MMMMM. IT excites me just talking about it haha. Oh, well the ones I ate were fruitless- not a big fan of fruit in bakery products either.

Yes, it sounds like your not at war with the fact your eating these treats- but that you can't stop at one. I'm sure it's just a phase and your great self control you once had will return :)

In reply to your question about guessing the scale before you hop on- I sort of do. I don't realistically do it but instead underestimate myself so that I will feel super impressed when I hop on! haha.

debra123:It will be interesting to see how it goes, and if easing the foods back will have an impact on your weight. For a diet it sounds pretty realistic- allowing those foods but only in small amounts- sounds like my current lifestyle :)

mprime: I saw you had a thunderstorm- last night at 3am everyone in my household woke up to huge amounts of rain, thunder and lightening. Came out of nowhere! It was :) Haha, Oh, I never thought of it like that- weird how different cultures- however similar they are- have different customs haha. I see your at 140.2 atm, did the jellybeans end up showing up on the scale? How do you go with maintaining you always seem to be quite in control. What's your weight window and height? Sorry for all the questions :)

johneyboy1983: Goodwork on your healthy eating plan and detoxing. I'm sure you will make it! Yes, how good does muscle fatigue feel after a good workout ;)

oldguysrule: Oh okay my mistake. Oh unrealistic haha. Oh yeh I guess if you have an interest in climbing it would definetely be more enjoyable.

_adrienne_: Anytime! 5'4" I think that is close to my height Im 167cm- which is a tiny bit taller. Yes it was quite scrumptious. To be honest though the muesli I selected was pretty average compared to my stepmums I had- was more like cereal flakes and not enough dried fruit, nuts etc. In relation to your question about weight fluctation I am afraid I can't be of help- as this is something I want to know myself. What is a rational weight fluctation from day to day or even week to week.

lavender21: Yes bit of freshenin' up! Yum- jelly bellys are so good and so addictive.

chrissy1988: Congrats on getting in to your big law school :)

Rebecca: I think I was confusing your canneloni with American manicotti, but they are two different things.  I think when I have manicotti it is probably very similar to your canneloni and not true manicotti.

I'm not sure if your barramundi is sea bass or cod, but I am guessing sea bass.  In any case, I know I would like it.

Hope you gave your mum a big hug along with the decadent mudcake.  You sure know how to eat well!  That caramel mudcake was just shouting your name!

Hmmmmmmmmm...guarantee you'll be sick after drinking, huh?  Makes me think of the line from Men at Work's "Down Under": "Where beer does flow and men chunder."

As far as my marshmallow treats go, I am sacrificing myself for the people on this thread: I bought yesterday a rather large bag (2 lbs. 10 ozs.) of Malt-O-Meal crispy chocolate-flavored rice cereal and an almost equally large bag ( 2lbs. 1 oz.) of Malt-O-Meal crispy cinnamon-toasters cereal.  I shall be buying several packages of miniature marshmallows soon and make enough treats for all of us to have many.  No one needs to thank me in advance -- I am just basically a good person at heart.

I am thinking at this point in time that if I eat 2 a day for each of you, it will keep you from giving in to any sugar urges you might have.




Shane_paladin: I googled manicotti- and yes I believe cannoloni is another name for it. Oh I have no idea it was named Australian barramundi- what is the difference between sea bass and cod? Obviously I'm an amateur fish eater :P

Yes I did and many kisses. Well she got a white chocolate mudcake as it's her fav- but come my birthday I'm going the caramel YUMMMY.

Well yes, I tend to get run down and already having a cold won't help Im guessing.

Hahahah! You made me actually laugh aloud. I am so very thankful for your huge sacrifice- and I'm sure the rest of the maintainers are too. I love your talk of your delicious treats mmm. It feels like I can enjoy them without consuming them ;)


from Wikipedia:

"In Australia, Barramundi is an iconic table fish revered across the whole country. It could be said that it is a quintessential Australian brand. Its name is after all derived from an Australian Aboriginal name. However, such is the demand for the fish that a substantial amount of Barramundi consumed in Australia is actually imported. This has placed significant economic pressure on Australian producers, both fishers and farmers whose costs are significantly greater due to the stringent environmental and food safety standards placed on them by government. While Country of Origin Labeling has given consumers greater certainty over the origins of their Barramundi at the retail level, there is no requirement for the food service and restaurant trades to label the origins of their Barramundi."

I hope that I can adopt your ability to enjoy foods by reading about them, so that I am not tempted to make simiar wondrous meals/snacks/treats that others post on this thread.

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