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Lights Turned Out, Party's Over

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Thanks to Calorie Count and all the great people who made the last four years very enjoyable and beneficial. 


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Chrissy: I see. are you back home yet?

Rebecca: I am as real as they come. I get the "go on" now and that makes sense.

johney--yep, just got back a couple hours ago.

Chrissy: are you exhausted? did you eat at that place in the airport that you missed the first time?

johney--ehh, i feel pretty normal actually. Yes, I did eat at that place. It was quite tasty but expensive. Lunch was almost $40.

Chrissy: it was in the airport, right? $40 for an airport meal doesn't sound too bad.

Johney--$40 for lunch sounds bad to me regardless of where it is. Yes in the airport

SHANE/JOHN! What is going on?

Someone fill me in haha, has he left for good. I so lonely on here! I miss his contribution.

So, anyways. I am chock a block full of study, step, learning manual, counselling sessions, making dinner, gym, work blah blah blah. 

Oh I tried a red lentil vegie burger patty the other day for something different. They are yummy as! Even though I am not a vego I like eating vegetarian meals sometimes :) bit of variety ;)

Also, I have been incorporating more sweets the other night I had a chopped banana pieces to dip into a tbs of peanut butter and a tbs of chocolate syrup. Then last night I made chocolate oats with banana slices on top. I still don't like eating that stuff during the week but I am not getting the need to binge or anything :)

This saturday night the bf has decided we aren't doing it cheap! He is taking me somewhere special, don't know where but apparentally it won;t be cheap naughty boy). I get to dress up though! I am very excited.

Also, I have a step workshop on Sunday- where the teach some of the instructors the new release :) Well they don't teach it but they do a class and that way it helps us pick it up when we learn off the dvd. Hopefully, when I tape my class the day before it is good so I can submit that for certification- fingers crossed!

Hope everyone is well!


Chrissy: Naw, let down! You should have got room service. Well, that's good. You are an expensive little eater aren't ya ;)

Johney: Ya sure are!

Rebecca--awesome job incOrpirating treats. I think John will be back but for now he's taking a break--not sure though. Yay for dressing up--I live dressing up. So much fun!!

Well back at it today--I have class and need to go grocery shopping as well. So after the gym I'll shop--should have breakfast around 9 or do--start prepping for class and run errands before class--short gym sesh after class because I wore the wrong shoes thus m

Rebecca: You sound really busy. veggie burger = yuck! lol. Great job on incorporating the sweets. I am sure you will share what you eat at this restaurant once you know. You will do fine in your taped class.

Chrissy: I hope your day is going well. Anything yummy to eat today?

johney--lots of yummies. pumpkin muffins with cream cheese filling. chips. pasta. crackers with maple cream cheese.

Morning maintainers--John if you're reading this we miss you!! I hope all is well in your world these days!!

Johney--what did you do this weekend? Have you talked to the ex since she left? Does your family know now?

Meg's--where are ya girlie??

Rebecca--how's class? good I hope!!

Chrissy: I really didn't do anything this past weekend...extremely boring. Hung out with friends Friday night, did absolutely nothing Saturday, and then nothing Sunday except family dinner.

Actually we are good now. She "moved back" Monday and we are going to give it another go. I never did tell my family which, as it turns out, was a good thing.

johney--did you go out to dinner with your friends? are there any contingencies of you two being together? ultimatums?

Chrissy: we had subs and chips on Friday. There are no contingencies or ultimatums...I think we both see a future with one another and are trying not to let the small stuff get in the way of that.

Johney-great attitude!!

Chrissy: what are you up to today? what yummies have you had?

johney--class, working out, the usual. i've eaten 2 chocolate muffins with cinnamon chips. berries. pasta w/cheese. salmon and veggies. cottage cheese. coffee w/ peppermint mocha creamer. caramel rice cakes. kettle corn flavored chips. you?

Chrissy: Thanks- I have something sweet but usually a healthy element too which helps me. Oh okay- hope so! Me too!! YAY. Yeah uni is going fine- already finished my 3rd week of it- it's just zooming past. I'm on top of everything assignment wise which is good. Not too stressed this semester either yay. How is your classes?

Johney: It's actually yummay! I had it 3 days in a row- for dinner one night, lunch the next and dinner the next. Thanking ya. Yes, I will share the experience after. Hope so. 

What! Fill me in- details! About you and the mrs. I am happy for you :)

Chrissy: chocolate muffins with cinnamon chips sounds interesting. I am not sure I have had something that had both those flavors in it. I would surely like them tho. 

I have just been working...usual food, too-Omelet, oranges, chicken wrap and grapes, apples and pb and I think we are doing Italian tonight.

Rebecca: I cannot imagine them tasting anything close to yummy. lol. Why are you eating them to begin with, don't you eat meat?

Not much to tell--we were texting on Sunday then she was there when I got home Sunday night, we talked, she spent the night, and we decided that we still wanted a relationship.

johney--awesome possum. have you ever had cinnamon chips--they don't really even taste like cinnamon, they're delicious!

rebecca--good good. i need some of your on-top-of-it-ness...haha!

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