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at maintaining point? whats your last "problem area"

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my last problem area is my first problem area!  Still working on my stomach!  Ive lost 3.5 inches and still want to lose4 more! Its at a point of almost impossible!  I know I have to focus on the healthy eating and doing the cardio but there are days I think to myself "I want something bad to eat without feeling bad!"  Do you work on your problem everyday or just  a few times a week?
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yep thats me! my measurements are 35-32-36.5

they say you cant spot train but If I do  my cardio 3 times a week and focus on my stomach and weight training the other days, wouldnt that help?
It's the stomach for me too.  I have been doing Pilates since January, and it has definitely given me the best stomach of my life.  It's still too soft for me though, especially when my legs and arms are getting toned! 
"Ugh" is right Phimegaphi!!!  The girls were the first to go :-\
why do they have to leave us!  I was a 38c and now wearing a 34b!  my mom in law has lost 16 lbs and none of it from her boobs!
I don't know, Slappy! I'm so confused! I had been so considerate and kind to them. I always made them super comfortable in the best that my victory secret card could buy, and I always showcased them as best I could (and as much as the law would allow). I even thought that I was doing them a favor by getting healthier and trimmer. Apprently not, however. For they were hell bent on leaving me. What's worse, they were so damn sneaky about it too: little bit by little bit--so gradually that it was almost undetactable--they started to slip away.

And I know what you're thinking: "Move on! It's not worth dweling on the past! You're better without them anyway!," etc. But your words don't help; I feel too abandoned and alone. What did I do wrong?

Furthermore, what did Slappy's mom-in-law do right?

I think the problem is FAT loss. See, I‚??ve lost weight before. Unhealthily. Trust me. Very bad. BUT I never lost my boobies till this go-round. "The girls" have packed their bags, left a note, and all I have are a bunch of empty oyster shells from victoria‚??s secret which used to contain my precious pearls. Now, based on what I know about metabolism, fat, what my boobs are made of, &c., I would guess that every time I lost weight before, I was just losing WEIGHT. Muscles, organs, bones, weight. And, oh, a little fat, too, but basically my body composition never changed- 30-50% fat, whatever ti was before, it stayed. THIS time, I‚??m lean and mean. And lean and boobies don‚??t work together so well. So I have these sad, empty places on the front of my chest to stare at. And go "I put up with healing piercings for THIS?!?"
too funny!  think mom in law secretly has implants! LOL Both of her sisters do so why not!  How does she manage!!! Hope my daughter gets her boobs instead of mine! She always makes the comments too about how Ive lost mine and she hasnt.  my comment back is "your son still enjoys them!"
"lean and boobies don‚??t work together so well"

That would be great on a t-shit, saroful. Smack-dab across the chest, where our dear boobies used to be. We could make one for each of us heart-broken, fit chicks...

that is good!
<--------------{discovering whole new world full of push-em-uppers...LOL}-------------
oh push ups scare me!  cant do the real ones still!  hubby has me working on doing dips, works your triceps, abs, and shoulders and everythign for me!
padded bras are my best friends.

still 5lbs from goal, but I'm really pleased with how I'm toning up.


*happy shaky dances*
you suck! LOL
30 inches- Im hoping soon!  Im at 32 now.  Im pissed because I was down to 31 and let myself slip a month and got back up to 33.5!  So just proves its lots of work to get there and even more to get it back down.  no slipping allowed
I'm a classic mesomorph.

Your body is closest to a Mesomorph. You have a naturally fit body but to maintain it or improve it you should exercise and diet correctly for your type. Strength training can be done more often and for longer sessions then would be good for an Ectomorph, but you must still be carefull not to overdo it. You should train with moderate to heavy weighs and at a moderate pace, not resting too long between sets. You will find you gain muscle quite easy (some women and even men might not want to get too bulky, but this won't happen suddenly. When you are happy with your muscle size simply train to maintain it). Stick to a good healthy diet to keep you lean and muscular, and watch for any slow creeping fat gains. Engage in and enjoy aerobic activities, sports, etc. but do not overdo.

it's the slow creeping fat gains that got me. lol
Never had much of a problem with the waist... if I see some lacking I can always focus my exercises on the waist and get it back to flat and toned in no time. Now, my hips, they cause me to grind my teeth every time I step foot nekid in front of the mirror. I guess it's all about what body type you have.

35 - 27.5 - 38

38 inches.. that is just nuts : /
speaking of the girls... I don't mind too much that they're leaving. Back when I was nursing those girls were a size F.... Those puppies, when filled with milk, were rock hard and could knock an assailant (or un-suspecting passerby) out cold!
oh I remember I had 44d.  I looked good!  I loved having big ones!  it was nice!
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