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If you're a recovering anorexic, you should be eating 2,500-3,000 calories a day until you get to a healthy BMI. :/ Maybe that's why you're unintentionally losing weight - because you're not eating enough.

looks to me like your not actually recovered,  what do u think,  what are you trying to maintain your small build on,  if its more than 2000 with no work out than maybe i am wrong,  but if you are restricting and loosing weight then its a relapse.... i think.

I eat 2000-2100 on sedentary days and about 2500+ on work out days. I eat enough, dont tell me that i don't.

i just asked i did not tell you you didn't.

Wow, Paperfig, that was quite defensive.

If you are truly eating 2,100-2,500 calories and still losing weight then you obviously need to eat more. If you're maintaining an underweight BMI then odds are you're doing so through restriction, even if that number is 2,000+ calories a day.

From what I understand, those that have suffered from anorexia usually need a bit higher calorie intake for quite a while after they have reached a healthy least 6 months, possibly more?

I apologize for sounding defensive. I am just confused that I need so many calories just to maintain. But I guess I do indeed need more than I am consuming, you thanks you guys, you helped a lot. =)

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