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The last five pounds....

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Anyone have an idea on how to loose the last 5-10 pounds?  I have battled with this for the longest time and no matter how much I watch my eating or exercise I can't get it off.
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hm. what do you do for exercise? could you increase it a little? or
could you try cutting out just one bite from each meal? something small
like either of those would theoretically do the trick over 6 weeks or
so. but i don't know what you're doing now, or what you'd be willing to
change in your routine. info?
When your down to the last 5-10 lbs, you should just focus on toning. Tone. Tone. Tone. Start lifting weights, keep up the cardio. As for the number of calories, don't reduce by no more than 500 less than what you burn. It's only, if you have 20 or more lbs to loss, that you don't reduce by no more than 1000 calories less than what you burn. Never go below 1200 calories if you are a female, because your body will go into starvation mode and it is possible that you mind gain weight, besides doing damage to your body. (1500 if you are male.) Increase the number of calories if you particpate in any form of exercise. As a female, your body and organs needs a minimum of 1200 calories just to function.

Also be sure to have a good ratio of calories, 40-50% Carbs, 25-35% protein, 20-30% fat. Under 2500 mg of sodium and over 25 grams of fiber. This information can be found once you enter information into your Food Log and using the Analysis tool from the top menu. Also drink lots of water. The recommendation is 8 eight oz glass. I personally drink twice that, for 1 gallon of water per day, totaling 128 oz.
dang, ix! that's a TON of water. i'm already racing to the bathroom every two seconds! sheesh!

but you're probably is good to get that much. you set a good example. thanks!
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I work out at least 3-4x's a week for about 1hr (weights). I walk at least 1 - 2 miles 3 nights a week and on the weekend I walk/run for about 9 miles both sat and sun.  I don't eat out except mabye twice a month, because that will surely put weight on me no matter what I eat. 
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dcrowder, i wonder if maybe you shouldn't look at "maintaining" for a while.  in other words, give your body a rest, and look at what your maintenance cals would be at your height and weight and activity level.  it's possible that you need more calories for a while.  don't go above "maintenance," but do that for a week and see what happens. in the long run that is what you will be doing.  i have been on what i thought was "maintenance" for about a month and have apparently dropped another two pounds.  now i need to increase my maintenance estimate!  
I've heard that you should drink half your weight in ounces of water.  Like I'm 194, so i should drink 97 Oz. of water.  Which is a lot and I struggle with it...but at least I try!  I'll be asking this question in a month or two (hopefully).  Right now I gotta lose vacation weight!!
dcrowder... if you are doing weights for an hour long I'm not sure if you are doing them effectively. You want to lift enough lbs that by rep 12 you are experiencing muscle failure (meaning you can't lift on the last rep). Perhaps this is what's holding you back ... the toning isn't as effective as it should be.

Just my .02 :)
dcrowder, try upping your cardio.  Can you up the time and the intensity of those walks? Also, on the days when you weight train, do 30 mins of heart pumping cardio after you're done lifting.  or try circuit training, do one set of lifting followed by 2 mins of intense cardio, back to lifting, more cardio, no resting.  That's how I lost my last 5 pounds.
If you can stand it spend a couple of hours on a bike in the gym on any one day during the week.  Supplement that by doing your regular exercises during the week as well.  Eat a healthy diet along with this and the weight will come off quick!  At least that is my theory ;-)

Seriously, many people don't do cardio long enough to loose the weight as quickly as they want to. 
I upped my calories to near maintenance, and increased the level of my activities from walking to running.  I'm concentrating on toning too-I figure even if I don't actually weigh less, I can look like I do. ^_^

don't know yet how it's going to work, but anything is worth a try, right?
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