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Japanese/Asian clothing sizes?

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What size would I be in Japanese clothing, I'm in love with it, but don't know what siz to buy. I'm 5'2, 105-108 pounds. Measurements 32-23-35.5. Sorry, but I had no idea which catagory. Also, would I fit in the "one size" tops?

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Asian sizing is pretty little I've heard.

Like, the equivalent of a sz 8 UK would be a large (for example, not sure if this is true). Lots of clothing sites nowadays have sizing charts online, you could find a site with one of those.

The great thing about Japanese clothing is that they often give the measurements.

The bad thing about it is that for a western type body, it fits all weird. I bought a lot of clothes from ebay, and while most tops fits me fine, there are also ones which are narrow in the shoulders (I'm super skinny up top), too tight in the bust (I'm a 30B ffs) or have too short sleeves.

And I'm small sized for a westerner! In european shops I'm fine in XS, and rarely need to go up to S, but that's just due to my boobs. I would not recommend people of bigger ribcages and wider shoulders to go for asian clothing.

Also, another important thing - hope you have SUPER skinny arms. Mine are ridiculously small, 8 inches at the biceps, and asian blouses fit me perfectly :P. As in, the only time I ever found them to do that.


For pants, if you have anything in the way of an ass, or hips I'd stay away. Japanese women seem to have VERY small behinds, if any and narrow hips,

And yes, I'm a size 8 UK, and I fit occasionally an M, mostly L, and sometimes a double large. Don't get it in your head that that's a bad thing, they are very petite by nature. PS my measurements are 34/24/36.

So if you want to buy, go for one size, but still, do ask the maximums. For example, I have a freesize hoodie, which is suppose to fit like it's supersized. On me, it's just a slightly longer hoodie with sleeves which are half sized. And I'm not tall, I'm just 5'4.

So yeah, don't expect them to fit you like in the pictures, they won't.



I am 5' 9" and wear a US size 6 and M for tops.  In Japan I wear the largest size available in most shops, but even the largest sizes are not long enough in the sleeves and legs because I am tall.  I think in Japanese dress sizes I am size 11, but I have never seen any shops use those numbers.  I usually just see S/M/L.  Judging by your measurements you seem pretty similar in size to the average Japanese girl, so you could probably wear medium.  You probably wouldn't have a problem with one-size tops either.

If you have an import shop in your area or an Asian grocery they might carry imported clothing. You could try some on to get an idea of your size. We have a shop called "Gifts with Attitude" and "Gifts from Afar" and both places have a small selection of Asian clothing.

Yes, you would definitely fit - asian one sizes sorta fit all over the board, but with skinnier girls it's a loose fit and bigger girls, it's a tighter fit. You should be fine, it might actually be a lil loose (I buy asian clothes all the time so)

Ok, I have no idea...all I know is that I feel like a giant next to some of the asian girls in my school!

Surely not.. I'm 5'3 105-108 myself and I fit into every asian clothes I buy.

Yes, definitely rely on measurements. I have bought quite a few dresses from China through ebay b/c they have soooo many empire/baby doll styles. I rely on measurements especially the one-size-fits-all ones. I bought one of those knowing it would probably not fit being a size 5/7 – medium and 5'8 but I loved it. Thank goodness for Craig's List, profitable re-selling is easy since I couldn’t breath my chest was too big (and I’m not, I’m 34C). I bought another one recently and it fit perfectly, could even fit larger but in the end it was boxy so once again thanks Craig's list, made $7 on that one too! I've enjoyed 2 of the dresses, 3 or so others have not been keepers. Make sure you get them for super cheap ($15 max including shipping) because the quality is sooooooooooo much worse than the really nice model-photos that are presented.

PPS I normally hate knock-off brands, I mean if you can’t afford it you can’t have it (just my opinion) but for fun I bought an Ed Hardy bikini for $9 including shipping from China, wow! Was it a knock off in the end? Yea I can tell from quality but hey it held up in the water perfectly it wasn’t $220 and is identical in style/colour to the real one “Eternal Love” that Heidi Montag has. I thought it was a nice slogan to buy for the honeymoon although the Love Kills Slowly one is more popular since Brittany has that one.

^ROFL anything over a B cup is considered giant in Asian sizing. When I went to Korean underwear section, everything in there was literally an A cup... I had hard time finding Bs.

what size is small in japan? 

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