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I'm a 16 year old girl and want to know how many calories I should eat to maintain my weight.

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I'm 16 years old 106 pounds, 5'4 and sedentary, how many calories should I eat to maintan this weight. I don't want to gain. But one online calculator said I should eat about 1505 calories, and another online calculator from a different website which IS ACTUALLY SPECIFICALLY TARGETTED FOR THE AGES OF 2 TO 20 YEARS, said I should eat about 1665 calories a day. Here is the wesbite for the second calculator I mentioned- or/eatingCal.html

But which do I follow? I really really don't want to gain weight. I'm happy at this weight I used to weigh like 120 pounds so I have lost weight and it was actually in a unhealthy way I only ate lyk 900-1000 calories to get to 106 pounds, I'm scared I'll gain all the weight back on 1665 calories a day. Please BE HONEST WILL I GAIN IT BACK? I know I'm a teenager and need more but I'm so confused right now.

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You seem to have quite an irrational fear of gaining weight, so you will get alot of advice on here to gain weight.

As for your question, 1665 is to low, it's how muhc most people LOSE weight on. Especially since you're 16 years old, and I bet that calculation is if you're sedentary. Even if you don't do excercise, you're most likely not sedentary. If you are in bed all day, do no walking at all, then you are sedentary.

A more normal calorie count would be 2000. 2500 to gain.

Also, if you do start eating more, you will most likely notice a weight gain at FIRST due to your previous undereating, and some bloat, and eventually your weight should stabilize provided you're not undereating again.

Your plan is to stay already-too-thin while your height goes up another inch or more?  Not a good idea.  Eat healthy, eat enough for the activity level you have according to the site you linked to, and you won't have to worry about getting fat.  You'll gain weight, yes, but that's a natural consequence of growing up. 

If you're so worried about it that you can't face doing it, you need to talk to somebody - you're developing an eating disorder.

Look - I understand the desire to be thin. It feels good for a lot of people. Once they become as thin as you, some people do not want to gain any of he weight that they lost back.

Unfortunately, your fear of gaining weight is irrational: you are actually underweight for your height. Although you may FEEL healthy, and you may not even LOOK “ ill” yet, that does NOT mean that your body IS healthy. Medically, it is unhealthy for your body to stay at your current weight.

As one of the doctors on this website says (and she has extensive experience with people with eating disorders, and she knows a lot about body and weight), only about 4% of the population are naturally that thin. I am not saying you are destined to be “ fat”, either.

However, your definition of “ too big” is probably not big at all. In fact, 120 lbs at your height is actually considered slim. It is slimmer than average.

You are already underweight for your height. It is unlikely that this weight is natural for your body. You had to diet and under eat to reach your low weight. This means that your weight is not natural for your body because you have to under eat to reach this low weight.

The small % of naturally thin people eat NORMAL and often, ABOVE normal calorie intakes to maintain their weight. If you were naturally 105 lbs, you would be able to eat about 2000 calories and maintain that weight. If you cannot, than your too thin for your body.

Furthermore, it sounds like you have an eating disorder. This can be fixed, however, you have to admit and acknowledge that you have a problem first. It is abnormal to fear weight gain, especially since you re ALREADY too thin and underweight. The fact you are so scared of gaining weight, when you are ALREADY too thin, strongly suggests that you already have an eating disorder.


Look, I was about 105 before, in the past. I did not want to gain. I feared gaining. Like many people, I had an eating disorder. I am still dealing with it. But you know what? Even though looks should NOT be everything, it sounds like you DO like the way you LOOK when you are very thin; so the good news is, that it you CAN be fit and toned at a HEALTHIER weight.

I am not trying to reinforce that looks are all that matter. However, I do want you to know that you CAN look slim and healthy at 120 and above - which is the weight you SHOULD be at your height. ( and many people at your height need to be heavier than 120).

HONESTLY - it is possible for you to learn to like your body at a higher weight. I am about 120 now and I never thought that I would feel good at this weight, but I have learnt that there are other ways to make your body look good without having to be so thin. Trust me.

And if you are so concerned with your body and the way it looks, than staying too thin for your body type makes your hair weaker and less shiny, your skin is not as nice, and you do not look healthy. It may take a while for these physical things to set in, but they do and will unless you gain weight.

Lastly, have a look at the long term damage that being underweight doe to you. The risks of staying underweight for a long period of time have been listen numerous times here. Look them up. Or go to GOOGLE and type in the key words” the damages of being underweight”.

It will be much easier for you to over come your fear of weight gain if you work with a professional. I have had to do it all on my own so far, and I have come a long way, but it would have been a LOT easier for me to have seen an expert on eating disorders. Not just a normal therapist - but one that is an expert on eating disorders. Although it is not always affordable, and it takes a lot of research and time to find such people that specialize in eating disorders.

I am going to seek help soon, and I urge you to do the same; please, do not let it take you the 4 years that it has taken me to manage your disorder. Get help early.

Honestly your at an age where you shouldn't worry too much about your weight. You'll probally still grow a few more in before your done. You need to consult your doctor, they're the only one who can tell you if your at a healthy weight or if you should gain weight. I know that weight is a big issue for girls your age, I was at that age not too long ago and struggled with weight, but there's a weight that is healthy for everyone. Again, if you think you still have a weight issue you need to speak to your doctor. Other wise, just eat healthy and exercise and you get to the weight that's healthy for you.

You sound like you could have an eating disorder, especially since you admitted to losing a considerable amount of weight in an "unhealthy" way. Please talk to your parents about going to a doctor--they will help you. 

you're 16, you're not even done growing and i highly doubt that youre sedentary. Even if you were, why would you even consider using anything other than the calculator that's made for teens? that's like asking for permission to eat less? don't do it. 

will you gain? maybe, you're still growing. you'd probably gain anyway. your body was probably happy at 120 pounds, that is a perfectly healthy weight for someone your height. please talk to a parent or someone who can help you with your food issues because you are in a very unhealthy place hun. 

I was your height and about your weight (or a few pounds less) at your age. Now I'm same height, but 114 pounds (age 24).

You can't tell but your body WILL change, and you need to give it fuel for that. Otherwise you might do some permanent damage, which you'd regret later.

Besides, gaining =/= the devil. I still can fit my clothes from 7th grade (when I was same height, but even skinnier).

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