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"Ideal" weight for active 5'5" woman?

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Hi everyone, I'm struggling to find a weight for himself at which I feel comfortable, happy, and healthy.  I'm 5'5.5" with an athletic build.  I currently weigh 130, and I wear a size 2-4 in clothing.  My BMI is healthy and I eat very well, but I'm wondering how one knows where one's busy is "supposed" to be at in terms of weight?  Am I healthy where I am?  How do you know where your body is at its healthiest and most "ideal"?

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that sounds like a great weight for your height!

the rule of thumb is basically 100lbs for the first 5 feet, then 5lbs for every inch after that... so for you anything around 125-130lbs is perfect.

of coarse BMI is not an accurate determiner of health; body fat percentage, lean mass ratio, activity level, diet and caloric intake are all probably better determiners of health.

but if you're a size 2-4 then you've obviously got a lot of lean muscle mass(good!).. remember muscle weighs more then fat but takes up less space, and pound for pound muscles burns more calories then fat (30-50cal/muscle vs 1-2cal/fat!!) so you can eat more and look thinner!! Bodies are judged by shape, not weight!!

Hey there! I'm 5'4 & athletic. I was 118 this summer & since then I've put on 10lbs [strength training & eating more] & feel WAY more comfortable (& healthy!).

I look at pictures of myself at 118 (when I ALWAYS wanted to "lose another 5lbs") & think I look disgusting & scrawny. That shows me for taking a hiatus on exercise (albeit for medical reasons) & trying to restrict calorie intake instead! BAD! What's really weird is that I didn't realize it at the time because I STILL wasn't happy.

Anyway, my new model for evaluating my body (formerly "my weight") is to focus on my accomplishments of fitness. For instance, at 118 I was really skinny (and still not happy with my weight/body), but now I can do pushups. I feel WAY more comfortable & happy in my skin. I might not be a rail, but I can break one in half ;)

I don't ever want to be skinny again. For the first time in my life (which started as an overweight adolescant & ended up 9 years later as a scrawn) I feel strong and beautiful. I don't care how much I weigh, as long as I'm fit, active and strong.

I still fight the fight. Bad thoughts come in but I push them out, and with even stronger arms than before. Sometimes my pants get a little tighter, but instead of restricting I reign it in by "cleaning up" & eating more veggies & keep on focusing on athletics.

I want to feel good about what I can do with my body rather than hyperfocusing on the minucea of my aesthetic originality's that do not resemble an airbrushed photograph. I am definitely happier now that my world isn't all about what number I see on the scale. F the scale, man!

I do count calories most of the time, mostly to track fiber & protien intake & keep perspective. I have a tendancy to both underestimate and overestimate portions, so the reference helps. I do, however, go also without counting sometimes (e.g. I get too busy or just feel like eating chinese food and pancakes for a day) & it's just not a big deal.

Anyway, I don't know if you relate to any of that, or if it helped/hindered/didn't make a difference. TANGENT.

Basically, when I think of a 5'5 athletic girl I think hot. Girls who can do stuff are AWESOME.

If you're between BMI 20 and 25 you're in the healthy zone.  There really is no 'ideal weight' but it's entirely arbitrary once you're in that area.   If you're athletic and more muscular you'd expect to be at the mid-upper end of the range.  If you're happy with what you see in the mirror and if you feel healthy and energetic, that's as good as it gets.

gi-jane, remember BMI is not always an accurate measure of health and/or ideal weight... surely someone with a relativily small weight, say 120lbs at 5'4 is ideally a healthy BMI persay, BUT if their BF is like 30% than really no, this is not a healthy state of being... this person would need to become more active and eat better.

same goes for if someone is 220lbs at 5'11, he is medically overweight/obese according to the BMI charts, BUT if he's a body builder with lots of muscle and 4% BF, then he is NOT at an unhealthy weight

therefore the best measurement of health is not by weight but by lifestyle... eat well, excersize regularly, it's not difficult.

if you feel good, then im sure you're doing somethign right

^totally! BMI is particularly inaccurate for athletic people. Many Olympian atheletes are considered "overweight" or "obese" on the BMI scale when they are obviously neither. That applies to us athletic girls too!

Keep on keepin on! & remember that athletic girls are ALWAYS hot.

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