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Higher calorie maintainers- What did you eat today?

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The other maintaining thread is made up mostly of meal plans containing less than 2000 calories, and this can make those who eat more feel uncomfortable. This thread is where those who consume 2300+ calories daily can post without feeling unusual.

~Males of all ages and teenagers of both genders have heightened energy needs in order for their bodies to function properly, especially if they partake in exercise daily. Don't feel weird if you're a teenage girl who plays tennis regularly, takes a cycling commute to work as a waitress, and eats 3000 calories daily- that's perfectly healthy!

~People who have recently recovered from eating disorders also need about 25% more daily calories than those who have not, due to the fact that their body still needs to perform finishing repairs.The large amount of calories consumed in recovery have put the body into "hypermetabolism", meaning that often these people can eat the same amount that they did while gaining weight to maintain.

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headz: Thanks!  No because I ended up switching school at the last minute so I start on August 8th!  How have you been?

simmerstarxx: Yes!! I love dark chocolate kind bars SOOO much!!!  Sadly they are a little pricey where I live so I can only get them when they are on sale!  Your evening snack sounds AMAZING!  I LOVE all of that!!!  All of your eats look FANTASTIC!! :)

aarfan: Welcome! Your dessert sounds SO good!!! Happy to have you posting!! :)


7:00- Corn bran cereal, lactose free milk, 3 spoonfuls of peanut butter

9:00- Luna Blueberry Fiber bar

12:45- Steel Cut Oat cooked in lactose free milk, chopped up banana, cinnamon, Smoothie- frozen raspberries, blueberries, straberries some more lactose free milk.

3:00- Mashed sweet potatoes with 3 spoonfuls of olive oil spread mixed in

7:00- Lots of whole wheat pasta topped with mushrooms and a lactose free creamy sauce (some recipe my mom found and it was good!)

9:00- Steel cut oats, cinnamon, lactose free milk, 1/2 banana

No exercise today.

I had to go to urgent care today!!!  I started getting immense pain in my stomach this morning so my mom took me in to get checked out and apparently I have a stress induced peptic ulcer!  I guess the antibiotic that I'm taking for my acne kills all of the bacteria but bad bacteria grows back quicker and I was stressed the past couple of day so now I have an open wound on my stomach. Blah! I had to eat things that were easier on my stomach the rest of the day.  I have to take it easy the next few days and now I am taking two antibiotics (I don't think that is good but the doctor says it's fine).  Sorry for the rant! 

Hi everyone!! You all seem to be doing so well :) I disappeared for a few days because I was starting to relapse. and then I realized that was silly of me, because I happen to like having a life and being healthy and having enough brainpower to actually finish a sentence! So I am back on track after a lovely little pep talk from my boyfriend. Unfortunately my struggles made me drop into the underweight category, and I was already smaller than my body wanted to be to start.. so it looks like ive got my work cut out for me! It just made me realize how important it is to gain a few extra pounds to have a bit of a buffer zone for struggling times, or getting sick, etc. Anyway.. haha all that to say I'm back for good and wont be letting any more ed into my life!

breakfast two eggs, scrammbled and topped with ketchup. two slices of bacon. hashbrowns extra crispy (yum!!) and two pancakes with a tablespoon of butter and a tablesppon of syrup (total)

lunch sandwich on french bread with mayo, honey roasted ham, and provolone cheese. chips and dip. a side salad with feta cheese, dried cranberries, and candied walnuts. gingersnap cookies shaped like cats (from trader joes and so yummy!)... this was the randomest lunch. none of  the food in my house right now goes together haha

dinner thick slice of meatloaf. mashed redskin potatoes. a small chicken caesar salad.

snack fruit salad of grapes, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. also had a small handful of almonds and a cup of decaf coffee.

snack 8 ounces frozen yogurt topped with dark chocolate.

i think my total of calories came in at like 3500... since i maintain on like 2800 this should be a good amount for me to slowly gain my last little bit of weight :)

hope everyone is well, sorry i didnt have time to reply to you all!

xo hannah


Hey all! What an awesome thread! I would love to join in on the supportive fun, if that's okay?!

I'm in recovery from anorexia, been weight restored for about a month now, and having to eat around 3000 calories just to maintain without exercise.... hello, hyper metabolism!! Luckily i now adore food, so don't really mind haha. I was posting sporadically on the weight gainers thread, but stopped that when i reached this healthy weight. 

I eat intuitively, sometimes with a bit of reminding from my friends and parents. I don't count calories, but i have weekly weigh ins so i know if i need to was the case today! It is so liberating just listening to your body and eating what you feel like. I wish all of you well with your new healthy lives..... this is so worth it!!!



  • a bowl of porridge with milk and lots of brown sugar
  • a bowl of honey puffs with milk
  • lots of greek yoghurt with stewed blackcurrants

Morning tea:

  • 3 slices of toast with honey
  • an apple


  • huge bowl of pasta with tomato sauce and lots of cheese
  • more yoghurt with blackcurrants

Afternoon tea:

  • 2 large slices of ciabatta bread, toasted with plum jam
  • more yoghurt with blackcurrants (i've just discovered the wonder that is full fat greek yoghurt.... so delicious and creamy! Ate 500g today hehe)


  • 2 chicken, almond and mayo sandwiches on wholemeal bread
  • lots of butter bean, capsicum and garlic salad with olive oil dressing


  • 2 sticks of red licorice
  • 2 glasses of coke



silverykiwi- How are you?? :) Welcome to the thread :P... How was recovery ? Are you at a healthy weight? :) How old are you??

average batgirl- Thats good :) I'm doing good hun :) Yeah I think you do anyway! Which I wish I was the same... I'm SUPER lazy!! :P Oh that's exciting.. Will you be living away from home?? Your soup sounds delicious.. Was it home made?

aafan- Welcome :) Ohh I love ice creams :) Have you ever got the caramel sundae? There so nice!

flowergirl- Oh so close.. Are you looking forward to it? I have been ok hun!! Alot has gone on so I havent been posting much but I'm gonna try post as much as I can :) Are you ok?? Your stomach pains? Take it easy the next few days!! My orders :P

fruit salad with natural yogurt

garlic mayo and chicken sandwich with a huge bowl of leek potatoe and croton soup

another bowl of soup

garlic potatoes topped with loads of cheese cajun chicken breast and veg

granola and musli mixture with milk and natural yogurt



Flowergirl: Oh my, that sucks! I hope that ulcer calms
down soon! :S

Hannahbanana: Glad to hear that :]  You have such a yummy day there :P

Silverykiwi: Hey there! I love your hyper metabolism! Care to share some?  xP

Headz: Hehe :P  Unfortunately no, but I am looking forward to applying for exchange later on, I do have to keep very good grades for that though :S  I won´t sleep x)   Haha That sounds quite awful x)  my family isn’t that bad, I just need a
radical change! :P And it was homemade, my dad made it :P  He does great soups!


-2 cups melon, topped with ½ cup low fat cottage cheese, 8 almonds, 1 tsp ground flaxseed and 1.5 tbsp agave nectar + 1 slice WG toast with 1 tbsp chocolate-almond butter and black coffee


-1 mini WW bagel, one side with a slice Canadian bacon and the other with spreadable blackberry + ½ cup light yogurt with 4 frozen strawberries and ½ tbsp agave nectar mixed in and topped with 1/3 cup Cinnamon Honey Bunches Of Oats


-Sandwich (2 slices Oroweat multigrain bread + 1.5 chicken tenderloins + mustard + ¼ a large avocado + ¼ cup low fat cottage cheese + lettuce + 2 pickles (all that was left u.u) with a side of green bell pepper slices and unpeeled cucumber + 3 prunes + 7/8 a Healthy Choice Fudge bar


-1/4 a large cucumber + ½ cup dry Apple-cinnamon Cheerios + 1 square Lindt dark chocolate with ½ a tbsp organic PB :]


-1 slice WW bread topped with some pinto beans + 1 slice WW bread with 1.5 tbsp cinnamon-raisin swirl PB and a small apple + ½ an alegria bar as cereal with 1 cup of 2% milk + 2 vanilla cookies + Almond Honey Bunches of Oats out of the box O.o + the heel of WG bread with much pumpkin butter  (I´m a sucker for carbs, am I not? X)


~3 hours walking (1 hour at a time) + 10 push ups + 2.5 min air bike + some small weights I have in the house + 70 abs (1 set 30, 2 sets 10, 1 set 20)

Headz19: thanks, im actually not a fan of caramel, my sister loves the chocolate ones though. But I love soft serve ice cream more than anything!

Flowergirl: thanks, I love how you always eat so much pb! It makes me jealous. ahah

Todays eats:

Breakfast: melon+yogurt+total+apple

Snack: a date, banana, honey wheat pretzels

Lunch: pear +plum+grape fruit salad

        Two egg whites with cucumber salad

Snack: ice cream and a bit of homemade granola

Dinner: tuna salad with 6 saltine crackers

            Dessert: homemade whole wheat bread with jam, sweet potato cookie and a few homemade pops

Snack: apple and granola and pb cheerios

Snack: pistachios and trail mix


Exercise: 8.93 miles running


flowergirl how are you doing with your stomach pains? Hope all is well with you! :)

aarfan ooooh your eats look so yummy and healthy today! I LOVE tuna on saltines, one of my favorite things to eat!

avgbatgirl haha thanks, it was a yummy day indeed! i';m with you, a total carb lover! which is weird since i used to hate them haha but now i cant get enough! your dinner sounds yummy and sweet :)

headz oh yummy, potato leek soup is so good! hope youre doing well :)

silverykiwi well i just envy your entire day of foods :)

alrightyy did a pretty good job today! slacked on lunch but was a bit involved in some emotional stuff so lost my appetite.. made it up at dinner though!! :)

breakfast smoothie from jambe juice with oranges, banana, and strawberries, plus yogurt. half a cup oats cooked in vanilla almond milk and topped with two tablespoons crunchy flax peanut butter

lunch salad of romaine, topped with a quarter an avocado, two tablespoons garlic hummus, some rice vinegar.

dinner three slices hot french bread, with garlic butter (a garlicky day apparently haha). a side salad with creamy pesto dressing. a large bowl of angel hair pasta topped with red sauce and mizithra cheese. a small scoop of spumoni ice cream.

snack an old fashioned donut with a cup of decaf coffee with cream.

total was around 3300 :)

hannah_banana_7: thanks, your dinner in particular from today sounds absolutely delicious, my sort of food!

average_batgirl: Hey! Haha, i doubt this speedy metabolism will last for very long...but i'll enjoy it while i can! Your food is looking really yummy :) keep it up!

headz19: Thanks for the welcome :) I'm good thanks, how are you? Recovery was really hard but so worth it, i love having my life back to normal. I am at a healthy weight, been here for about a month now and still working on feeling okay about it...i'm getting there! I am 17 :) How old are you?



  • 2 bowls of toasted muesli with milk and tinned peaches
  • a slice of wholegrain toast with honey
  • a banana muffin

Morning tea:

  • 3 mandarins
  • 1 pear


  • 2 large bowls of pasta with  tomato sauce and lots of cheese
  • a bowl of honey puffs with milk
  • an apple

Afternoon tea:

  • 5 kiwi fruit
  • more pasta


  • a large chicken and avocado burger
  • a trumpet icecream for dessert


  • lots and lots of lollies

Hey everyone!

I came across this thread and decided to join -- I'm a maintainer now and have been for a little over a year after losing 40 lbs ...woop! Now I'm 17, 5'8ish and roughly 135 lbs as of this morning. I recently upped my calories to 2,400-2,600 because before I was eating 2,200 and was always feeling run down. I am very active so undereating was definitely the source of the problem, I think.

It's still kinda scary for me eating more - I've only been doing this for a little over a week or so - but I really feel better. I actually LOST weight as of this morning..and I haven't been eating so great the past two weeks or so due to vacation/parties but, looks like no damage has been done. The scale said 135 today.


1 cup Kashi cereal, 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk, 3/4 scoop protein powder, 1 small banana, some blueberries, cinnamon, and a cup of coffee with 1 tbsp creamer and Truvia


Small salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, a few pieces of honey mustard broccoli, and a bowl of white bean chicken chili (at Ruby Tuesday's)


Was out with a friend and decided to splurge! We went to an ice cream place after we shopped all day -- brownie sundae with a big brownie chunk, twist ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry. YUM!


Wasn't really hungry, but had 1 1/2 breaded chicken breast with gravy, stir fried veggies, and a bit of salad.

Total - roughly 2,600ish

Exercise - INTENSE 30 minute elliptical interval performance workout, and walking around shopping for 4 hours

I feel like a such a pig on a lot of the other what did you eat today forums. I'm trying to learn to trust my body and metabolism but I have a hard accepting the fact that I can easily eat over 2000 calories a day and maintain. Maybe this will help me with that.

B: Toasted pecan flavored coffee w/ cream & splenda, jolly rancher, a chocolate, vanilla yogurt mixed w/ a packet of brown sugar oatmeal

L: 1/2 of a tomato, mozzarella, portobella mushroom panini w/ a mixed fruit cup

S: Lemon zest Luna bar

S: flatout wrap w/ ham & salsa, another flatout w/ a little margarine & grape jam

D: a TON of pad thai from a restaurant..too much but whatever

S: Fiber one honey squares cereal w/ milk, strawberry granola bars

~3000? Not sure how many was in the pad thai

Ran for 44 minutes this morning and worked on my feet most of the day.

Today was a lot...I usually eat quite a bit less and more fruit and stuff. oh well.

Hanana: thanks, your smoothie sounds awesome as well. And you had some ice cream, lucky you!


Carly: I can understand how its kinda scary to eat more, but its just numbers! Calories are energy and we need them to move. PS. Your snack is to die for!



Breakfast: greek yogurt+apple+melon+total cereal+homemade granola (2 tbs)+random two sweet potato cookies (hm)


Snack: nectarine+homemade banana bread + grapes


Lunch: salad (romaine +cucumber +bell pepper +feta cheese +onion)


 Sweet potato

  Homemade larabar


Snack: grapes +baby carrots +pretzels


Dinner: apple + banana+ pb sandwich

Pb cheerios

Ice cream 


exercise: ran 8.16 miles, and a 25 min bike ride

Hey everyone. I haven't recorded my food the past 2 days because I haven't really felt like I needed to! I have been eating a LOT, about 2600, my hunger had gone through the roof. And trying lots of fear foods too. Yesterday I had a mocha frap :) Just wanted to say well done to you all and I might post my food up as and when I feel it's necessary. Right now I am enjoying just eating completely intuitively.

Looks like everyone is eating lots of yummy things! I had a super rough day because I am flipping out about not wanting to gain a last bit of weight. its so hard to let myself be free from the last bit of EDs hold on me... its hard when i got my period (tmi? sorry) i feel like maybe my body is healthy at this weight. but i know logically that it cant be. ive never weighed this naturally, and i dont look healthy. but its hard to give it up. ughhhhh.... anyway haha rant over. i didnt let it affect my foods one bit, and even managed to enjoy a little bit of fried food from the fair! woop :)

breakfast a poached egg, a slice of whole grain toast with a tablespoon of flax ppeanut butter, a nonfat mango greek yogurt with a cup of raspberries and cinnamon

lunch (picnic outside the fair) two small sandwiches, on hawaiian rolls with an ounce of honey ham on each, along with some grapes and a sugar cookie

snack shared a funnel cake with my mister (he talked me into it haha) and i ate like a fourth of it and DIDNT LET MYSELF FEEL BAD!!! i felt very accomplished about this :)

dinner had a cheeseburger, protein style (wrapped in lettuce rather than a bun... super processed bread like this KILLS my stomach) with a thing of fries.

snack a serving each of pita chips and chex mix

snack a bowl of ice cream

not my healthiest day but thats okay :) managed to get around 3200 cals in, so that was a success. and tomorrow i am taking a trip to my favorite restaurant ever, even though its like an hour and a half away hehe :)

guys i'm doing replys but I'm not postig because I actually went on a mad crisps and chocolate eating spree today and I'l just embarass myself posting it :P Well call it a treat day ;) haha

silverykiwi- That's brill.. I'm delighted :) It's so worth it!! :) I'm 20! Where are you from?


average batgirl-Ohh I no what you mean :P... It sounds nice :) Do you have really nice muscle on your tummy?? I sooo want to tone up!!

aarfan- I'm such an ice cream fan. I love cornetto cones! :) Do you do alot of exercise??

hannah banana- thank you sweetie :) I'm doing good.. how are you?? That donut sounds niiice :) was it sugared??



So what I kind of wanted to ask.. Even tho at healthy weights.. Do you guys still binge?

Hey guys, today marks 6 months of recovery from anorexia for me!!!! So proud of myself. I took a pyjama day and ate more for breakfast than I used to eat in two entire days. Here's what I had...

Breakfast: 2 slices buttered toast, 2 eggs, smoked salmon, 1 banana with nutella, 1 banana with PB, Greek yoghurt with jam. Oooooh yeah.

Lunch: Polenta, pilchards, spinach and cottage cheese.

Snack: Apple, yoghurt, granola.

Dinner: Creamy tuna pasta bake with olives. Followed by more yoghurt with PBJ.

This week I am averaging 2300 :D
Original Post by headz19:

guys i'm doing replys but I'm not postig because I actually went on a mad crisps and chocolate eating spree today and I'l just embarass myself posting it :P Well call it a treat day ;) haha

silverykiwi- That's brill.. I'm delighted :) It's so worth it!! :) I'm 20! Where are you from?


average batgirl-Ohh I no what you mean :P... It sounds nice :) Do you have really nice muscle on your tummy?? I sooo want to tone up!!

aarfan- I'm such an ice cream fan. I love cornetto cones! :) Do you do alot of exercise??

hannah banana- thank you sweetie :) I'm doing good.. how are you?? That donut sounds niiice :) was it sugared??



So what I kind of wanted to ask.. Even tho at healthy weights.. Do you guys still binge?

Yes...see yesterday haha. I seem to binge once a week. But I'm pretty sure it's because I could eat more than I do with my activity level..still working on it.

Hannah_Banana: Haha I know what you mean, feel like carbaholic
now ;)  Thanks, it was :]  MMM… Doughnut (Homer drool)  hahaha :P

Silverykiwi: That´s a good plan :]  Thanks! Your day looks awesome too! Avocado
burger sounds soo good, I can´t remember last time I had a burger :S  I´ll have to indulge with one someday soon!

Headz: Hehe Not really =/ I actually do have a flabby
stomach which sucks =[ And about your questions, sometimes, lately I have =[



-Homemade oats pancakes (1/4 cup whole grain oats + 8 almonds + ½ TBSP ground flaxseed + ½
whole egg+ ½ large egg white+ some 2% milk) with 1 tbsp agave syrup  and ½ cup blueberries on the side + Milky coffee with 1 cup 2% milk + 2 tbsp pinto beans and 1 slice WW toas


-1 alegria bar with ½ tbsp almond butter + 1 soful + 1 nectarine


-1 piece of catfish with  a side of 1.5 cup California mix veggies and
accompanied with 2 slices WW toast with ½ tsp butter + ½ cup lentils + 1 small
apple and the last scrapings of cinnamon-raisin swirl PB off the jar… about a
tbsp :P 

SNACK (Unexpeted babysitting :P until 11pm )

-TLC Almond/Flax/Honey granola bar


- 1 slice Honey Wheat bread with 1 slice turkey ham and ½ slice provolone cheese + 1 slice Honey Wheat bread with 1 tbsp Reduced fat PB and 1 banana, some nutella (about ¼ tbso ;P) and 1 glass of milk + 1 chocolate-vanilla pudding snack pack


-1 white chocolate/macadamia cookie
(I think it was from costco :P)



BREAKFAST (Went out with fam for breakfast)

-1 slice WW toast with a bit of butter and pumpkin butter  and black coffee + 1 very large fruit salad with 2 scoops of raspberry frozen yogurt and much slivered nuts and raisins (OMG, I love it!)  and some bites of my sister´s fruit-filled large pancakes with syrup and butter :P + a sip of my other sister´s strawberry water + 1 yogurt covered pretzel


-1 square dark chocolate with ½ tbsp organic PB


Sandwich (2 slices Oroweat 12 grain bread + 1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese + 3 slices ultra thin turkey breast + ¼ avocado + mustard + lettuce + 1 slice Canadian bacon) with slices bell pepper and unpeeled cucumber + 5 Maria cookies


-3/4 cup dry Krave cereal


-1 slice Oroweat 12 grain bread with ¼ cup low fat cottage cheese and ground pepper + PBJ sandwich with 1 tbsp organic PB and ¾ tbsp spreadable blackberry and a cup of 2% milk + 4 yogurt covered pretzels :P

Headz19: I can live off ice cream, I’m so plain I typically always get vanilla, however, I love the Almond dream Praline Crunch (like butter pecan) its so yummy.  I don’t think I exercise a lot, I just run since I love it. Then my mom has a daycare so I typically just do the cleaning (washing dishes, cooking, etc) I don’t like interacting with the kids since they are babies and very fussy. Funny, because I love other kids, just these happen to be evil. Lol

PS. I still binge, but somehow it stays within my calories, I typically fill up low cal during the day (except breakfast since im starving after running) then I typically eat lots at night.


Mili: your breakfast look so yummy. I haven’t had nutella in forever, especially since joining CC. However I use Peanut butter Co, chocolate covered dreams as a substitution. Lol But congrats on 6 months. I kinda feel like you can eat more since you exercise so much.


Batgirl: your breakfast sound yummy, I would never think to combine pancakes with bean on toast . lol


Food sat

Bf: homemade pancakes made with

     .5 c wheat germ, .3 c oats, 1 apple, 1 banana, 2 tbs flour, sf syrup, ¼ c egg beaters, vanilla extract, cinnamon

Snack: chia seeds with banana, raisins, almond milk, and cinnamon

Lunch: veggie wrap with HF ww tortilla, lc cheese, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, onion, red lettuce

       &nb sp;  Sweet potato

       Hm cookies

Snack: 2 cups of grapes

       &nb sp;   Hm Lara bar


Dinner: Chick fil a 12 (well my bff ate one so 11 lol) nuggets

       &nb sp;  Side salad

Dessert: PINT!!!  Of almond dream ice cream Praline crunch while at the movies


Exercise: 6 miles

Calories: 2489


Food: Sunday


Bf: home made banana bread and an apricot

Snack: larabar + pretzels +nectarine

Lunch: fruit salad made of cantaloupe +grapes +strawberries +cherries

       &nb sp;    Sweet potato

Snack: larabar + baby carrots+ rice pudding

Dinner: almond butter sandwich with apple

       &nb sp;    Pistachios+homemade sweet potato cookies

 Snack: cereal+banana+1 serving of ice cream with sprinkles

Snack: dove dark chocolate (my bff gave them to me…nom nom)


Total: 2491

Exercise: staring at people at work



Aarfan: hehe  I know, you could say the pancakes are the dessert, larger than the meal, that´s how it should be! X)  Loving the ice  cream, so fitting for this time of
year<3  I also find myself craving it every day xD   Sweet potato cookies???  Sounds delicious!  That excersice technic sounds like fun ;P

Here´s yesterday, first day of Uni, it´s gonna be horrible adapting to different schedules each day :S =


-1 apple and 1 nectarine topped with 1 cup light yogurt, 1 tsp ground flaxseed, ½ tbsp agave nectar, cinnamon and ¼ cup low fat granola + 1 slice WW toast with ½ tbsp organic PB and some agave nectar and black coffee


-1 packet WG kiwi-chia seed crackers + 1 small apple


-[Before] a sip of a bottle light cold coffee – [the actual lunch] 1 small bowl vegetable soup + 3 small meatballs in chipotle salsa with a chunk panela cheese and 2 corn tortillas + a plate of a lemon “pie” my dad made (Maria cookies with condensed milk, lemon and lechera) + a bite of a frozen banana :P


-4 frozen unsweetened strawberries, mixed with ½ cup light yogurt, vanilla extract, cinnamon and 4 pecan halves + 1 dark chocolate + ¼ a very large WW biscuit


-1/2 cup pinto beans with salsa, 2 slices WW toast, one with 1 tbsp cinnamon-raisin swirl PB and ½ a large banana + 1 cup 2% milk

batgirl: yeah, i love sweet potatoes, and its the only way i can get my sisters to eat it. lol. I see, mixing sweet and salty, sounds good. Wow, you started school already, Luckly I don't start til the end of the month.

Food of the day

B: greek yogurt+melon+apple+cereal

Snack: cherries +strawberries+hw pretzels

Lunch: egg white +peach+ HM larabar+ baby banana

Dinner: homemade pizza with cheese, tomato, onions, bell pepper and lots and lots of MUSHROOMS!!!


     Ice cream

Snack: plum+apricot+cereal

Snack: pbj+apple+pistachios

Exercise: 10.87 miles


Calories: 2466

Exercise: 10.76 miles

45+30 min biking


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