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im 5'9" trying desperately to maintain at 118 lbs. I'm eating about 1300-1400 cals a day and my excersize regimen looks like this:

Mon- Power Yoga (1.5 hours)

Tue- mile run, combo weight training

Wed- Power Yoga (1.5 hours)

Thurs - mile run, combo weight training

Fri -  30 min Cardio/ 8 Abs circuits

Sat- Power Yoga (1.5 hours)

Sun - 30 min Cardio/ 8 Abs circuits

I really want to stay toned and get more muscle without gaining fat. Im scared to increase my caloric intake bc im so scared ill gain! im not so much worried about the scale, but my body itself. any suggestions? or am i doing the right thing?
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sounds like Too few calories, Also sounds to me like your underweight. However being 118 and 5 9 " doesnt garrantee that your unhealthy, i would definetly talk to a doctor.

1300-1400 calories isnt enough for your exersize regimen, all that eating this little will do is make you burn off pure muscle, and hence nuke your metabolism, which will make your body burn off less, which is very bad.

you should probably eat as much as 2000 to 2400 calories

if you lift weights and eat normally, i GARENTEE YOU wont gain fat, you will only gain muscle and look even better, not to mention your metabolism will be faster and mightier with all the calories it will burn off.

basically to gain muscle increase your maintinse level by 500 calories, then lift weights for like 20 minutes ( intense and hard workout) for no more than 20 minutes.

trust me had to get over the " im scared to gain fat" thing when i started gaining weight back too.
should i really eat that much every day? even when im not running or lifting weights? when i look on this site and others it says my bmr is only around 1400-1600 cals??/
well look at this way, Bmr means basica metabolic rate, which is the amount of kcals needed to sustain your Heart, brain, lungs and blood pressure.

thats the amount of calories you basially need to think, its not the amount you acutally burn each day.

i might burn 1500 just being alive( thats my BMr), sitting and doing nothing, but then another 1000 running around, looking at things and other basic needs.

exersize does applie too, but in most cases, your metabolism usually is the same everyday as long as you do some exersize ( ive tested it)

so if your eating 1400, you are just basrly scarping the amount of calories your body needs to be alive. My nurtrionist told me this, "if the average human was just a blob of organs siting on the floor, doing nothing, we would still need over1000 calories to just sit there"
that makes sense.. so i should eat 2000 cals a day? every day? and i basically shouldnt gain any weight? im terrified!
well agian, im not a doctor or a trained medical expert, all i know is that 1400 sounds too low for the amount you are burning. ALso the 2000 calorie a day recommendation( the FDA one) is also effective.

try it for a week or so, if you see weight gain ( note you should be able to tell apart water gain and acutally fat gain, give "fat" gain a week or so before you acutally cut back) however if you see weight drop or loss, increase by 300, then keep trying.

thats the advise i was given.
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