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feeling frustrated and fed up with myself!

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I binged!  It was fine, but then I overate, three days in a row.  I'm trying to up my daily calories intake to 1450 but sometimes I feel crap having to eat just to meet the amount instead of eating to fill myself up as I'm usually full eating around 1400.  I stress through the whole process of upping the calories intake, so I end up binging.  I was an emotional eater and now I feel I'm falling back to be my old self - an emotional eater.

Another problem is whenever my weight fluctuates, my heart sinks.  I know I have an issue and being overly obsessed with my weight.  Gosh, I need some help.  =(
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Hi there! You're weight will naturally fluctuate, check out this FAQ topic: p?id=6

Also, remember that 1 pint of water (16 oz) weighs approx 1 lb.
I understand, but like last night, I ate so much, I'm one pound heavier this morning and that's put me in a really foul mood.

Anyway thanks for the info.  =)

More like I need someone to share my thoughts and perk me up.  I just don't know who to talk to as people think of me as stupid to bitching about this little fluctuation whereas they don't weigh themselves at all!
Stephanie, you sound just like me. i go thru the same thing. I dont really over eat or go over my calories but on weekends sometimes i might one day at night time b/c of hanging out with friends and they are all very snacky. i will not usually eat what they are eating b/c always very bad stuff but i will snack and snack on healthier alternative(which add up) but i am so obsessed with weight and i am very very strong willed so i dont usually go over calorie intake but i notice when i do, i just want to eat more and more b/c i am an emotional eater too and once i feel bad about over eating i just want to over eat!! i try not to. i call a friend who goes through samething and she helps me.  But i go up and down in weight also but only 2-3 lbs but i do notice after a binge it is usually a pound or tow more. this is why i will not usually weigh myself for a couple of days after a binge.

But when i feel that i have gained weight or slacking i feel soooo sooo terrible. i get really depresed and it effects my entire mood. i am trying to recover from this but i am a work in progress
I understand, but like last night, I ate so much, I'm one pound heavier this morning and that's put me in a really foul mood.

that 1 lbs is the food you ate the day before. It's still in your body unless you went to the bathroom already. :)

Have you used the tool to check how much calorie you approximately need? Don't stress out over the upping calorie. Plan your meals and snack, and you will find that once your eating is balanced with protein, carb, and fat (yes, f a t. Healthy fat that is, and your body needs fat to efficiently absorb the vitamins and nutrients) it is so easy to reach at least 1400 cal. Good luck :)
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