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5'2-5'3ers, what are your measurements?

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So I'm trying really hard not to focus on my actual weight and more measurments because I realize how different your weight can be when considering muscle and fat differences, I'm also becoming majorly obsessed with even putting on a pound so have decided to leave the weight issue alone!

So I was just wondering what measurements you have and what size closing you wear?

I'm currently: 32bust, 25waist 32 hips and wear a size 6-8 (UK size)

I DON'T want to know weights, but want to know how happy you are with your measurements. I'd LOVE a smaller waste and bigger bust! Only in a dream world eh? :p

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Age:  32

Height: 5'4"

After losing 30lbs...

Bust: 34 (and shrinking)

Waist: 27 (and shrinking, but not as fast as my chest!)

Hips: 37.5 on a good day! (Don't seem to be shrinking!  btw, Hips should be measured at the widest part)

Yes... I am a TOTAL pear.  I wear an Australian size 8/10 (thats about a US 6/8)

age: 16

height: 5' 3"

121 lbs

 Waist: 27"

Hips: 32"

Bust: 36"

I wear like a 3 in juniors, or a 2/4 in womens. 

I am always trying to make sure i have a small waist at my height:

Height: 5'2"

Bust: 33



Original Post by ltilton:

Looks like there are a few gals here around my size, but gosh, most of you have amazing numbers!!!

I am 26 yrs

5'1 (on a good day)

bust: 33

waist: 28

hips: 37   =(

normally around a size 4.

weight: 108ish

I have been watching what I eat and have finaly been able to get back into my cardio training after a serious sprained ankle this last November (ofcourse right before the biggest food holidays). I do alot of core workouts and have noticed a good change from that. Now that I can do cardio again I am hoping to slim down my bum.

 OK, i'm pretty much the same thing: bust 33, waist: 27 hips: 37 at 5'1" but I weigh in at 123!!!! How's that possible?????

There are some skinny people on this page!

I believe the small waists, I've always known mine to be on the wider side, but as far as the hips go, is everyone measuring at the FULLEST, BIGGEST part?  Here goes:

I'm 5'1, maybe 5/1.5, 115 lbs

bust- 34

waist- 26

hips- 35 (and I don't consider myself to have a big butt!  my problem is my waist!)

BEFORE losing 20-25 pounds,

bust- 38

waist- 30

hips- 38

Why do we have to lost weight in our bust?  :(

I can't believe some of you think you're big!

Look at this:

Age: 31

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 183

Bust: 36 H (Yes, that is an H)

Waist: 33

Hips: 44 (eeekkk!) Kim Kardashian butt!

Size: 14 

My goal is to get down to 140, which some of you are starting out at   :P *phbt!*

I am the same as you, it is not impossible to be a 32 D.  Most people wear the wrong bra size, and should be at least a band size lower and a cup size higher....

Original Post by nenewa:

How the heck can your bust be 32 D? I have never heard of that? Did you mean to type that?

Oops, I meant to quote this...Wink

Bust: 36

Upper Arm: 12

Waist: 28

Hips: 40..I'm moving soon so my stuff is packed and my tape measure but when I checked I lost 2 inches so lets say my hips are 38!

Thigh: 23.5

My weight was 145 and when I checked I am now 136!!



You're supposed to measure your hips around the fullest part of your butt. I was doing it wrong for sooo long and was like "why aren't I fitting these jeans like the size chart says?" haha.


thigh: 17.7

upper arm: 9.8

height: 5ft2


bust 33

waist 25

hip 35.5


focusing on the legs and waist

Original Post by digigirl:

Kat0386, I'd love to have your measurements and size!  Sounds like you're just about right.

I'm currently at:

height:  5'2"
bust:  39
waist:  33
hips:  44
size 12

So, as you can see, I've got a ways to go!  I've never been big busted and I know losing weight will just continue that trend, but at least the rest of me can be in good shape, right? 

Maybe if I get my waist really small, it'll make my bust look bigger.  :)

I just ran across this thread again today and discovered I had answered this way back in January when I first started dieting!  A little blast from the past! 

So here's a little update:  Since then, I've lost 35 of my 50 pound weight loss goal.  Here are the new stats:

Bust:  36 with only an A cup.  Sigh.  (previously 39 with a C cup)
Waist:  27 (previously 33)
Hips:  38 (previously 44)

Although I haven't hit my goal of losing 50 pounds yet, I've been on a plateau for the last couple of months, which I realize is totally normal and usual.  So I've kinda been thinking I'd just go into maintenance mode until after the holidays then get back on the losing track next year.

My BMI went from 30.7 (moderately overweight) to 24.7 (healthy weight).  My body fat has dropped from 35% to 25%. I've lost a total of 29.8 inches over my entire body and went from a size 12 to a size 6.  I'm definitely a zillion times happier, healthier and feeling better now than I was 35 pounds ago!

I still have work to do, but I feel like I can take my time getting there.  I finally broke down and got some new clothes and even made a drastic hair change (had hair down to my butt, now it's just below my shoulders and layered), all for the better.  Everyone at work tells me I look 10 years younger! 

Anyway, thanks for listening. It was just a little reminder to myself when I ran into my old post of how much I've changed this year.  I still don't have the tiny waist and big busts that many of y'all have, but at age 42, I'm feeling pretty good anyway.  :) 





I'm 21 yrs old.


5'4'' height,100 lbs.




21 years old

height: 5'2

bust- 33

Waist- 24 (22 when I suck it in!!)

Hips- 34.5

Weight- 110

21 years old

5 foot 2.5 inches (yes, the .5 matters to me! ha ha!) 

31 inches around (oh but I am an A size, I never really understood how this worked..)

24.5 inch waist 

33 inches around the butt (it grew!!! ghetto booty? Ya, no, totally kidding!) 

Weight: 96 - 98 pounds (it ranges daily within those #s) 

age: 31, 116lbs

  • 5ft 3 inches
  • Hips : 30
  • Butt : 36
  • Waist :26
  • Boobs : 36 (fake im afraid)

Yes i do have an ass, but i like it, makes me curvy, Still carrying alittle more fat on my lower ab's than i'd like, but im working on it.


Althought I'm only 15 and still growing, I thought I'd add to this anyway :)

I'm 5"2.5

Bust - 31

Waist - 23.5

Hips - 33

I recently had a few days where I slept instead of ate, no on porpose, so my boobs sort of deflated from their usual 32.

In the morning my waist is 23, during the day 23.5, and at night 24.

At my hip bone it is 31, on the biggest part of my hips (where my thigh meets them) is 33.

I want to work on keeping my waist to 23 all the time. And maybe getting to 22, like Dita Von Teese, but I have no idea how I can do that without losing weight.

I want to gain weight and inches on my hips, and boobs, but according to family history, those boobs aren't growing anytime soon, and I have to look forward to a long life of pear-hood.


Ok, so I'm 5'4", but close enough!

Bust- 33

Waist- 21

Hips- 33

About a US size 0.

About 5'3

Bust - 30

Waist  - 20

Hips - 29

Im an AUS 6-8? Im not sure acutally

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