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Can eating peanut butter make you gain?

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I want to start getting up real early and eating breakfast, than a snack, than lunch, than a snack and dinner. But I need some ideas of what to eat for each meal. Also I'm really afraid to eat peanut butter, I used to love peanut butter, I never ate alot. I'm afraid even if I eat the smallest amount I'll just gain all this weight back. :/

( also I usually eat breakfast, lunch dinner and that's all. But very very small portions. But I don't want to gain or lose any weight, so I need maintaining recipes I guess you could say. )
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I'm not overweight or underweight. I just want to keep the weight im at.

You gain weight by consuming more calories than you burn.  Peanut butter is relatively calorie-dense, but that doesn't mean it can't be a part of a healthy diet.  In fact, fats are an essential part of a healthy diet.  If you love peanut butter, then eat it.  Nuts are very nutritious.

Nut Butters in MODERATION are really good for you :) Like adrienne said, calories surplus equals weight gain. Nut butters have all sorts of healthy fat stuff in them especially the organic brands. But I'm partial to organic brands haha. Don't be afraid of peanut butter, just don't eat too much of it. I have one tbs of peanut butter every morning in my breakfast, and one tbs every night in my oatmeal before I go to bed. I love it to death but seeing my brother eat so much and be so heavy made me not wanna eat it. Regardless, there are other factors besides how much peanut butter he eats for why he is so heavy. It's not just peanut butter that will make you gain. You could eat carrots all day and pass your calorie limit (which would be very hard to do with carrots....) and you would still gain.

Sorry, that shoulda been a lot shorter that it was. Basically, eat what you want in moderation and don't restrict otherwise next time you do have peanut butter you might go nuts on it (no pun intended!), and exercise and you'll be just fine :)


I won't comment regarding the specific original posters goals or situation because I'm not going to play detective here, but...

I avoid the peanut butter because as others said, its very calorie dense.  I LOVE peanut butter..  Peanut butter, jelly, both slathered between two slices of white bread..  This was one of my breakfasts I thought I was doing good as compared to eating eggs or something..  Thank God I like sugar free jelly because I think peanut butter is like 150cals a tablespoon, which it takes several of those to make a sandwich..then the bread is another 220.  I could use up half my calories on breakfast with something as simple as PBJ...

countryboy- I've never seen a brand of peanut butter that was 150 calories a tbs. That's a lot! You can find a lot of peanut butter that is 100 calories per tbs. You can easily make a PB and J with 1 tbs of peanut butter and 1 tbs of jelly. I know it's not as tasty but it still satisfies the craving for a PB and J. And instead of using bread that ends up being 220 calories, there are some whole grain/wheat types that are only 80 calories per slice and have tons of fiber and such in them. Or even better, you can use a whole wheat tortilla that's around 80 calories in certain brands and make a PB and J wrap. Again, not as delicious as a frikkin amazing large PB and J sandwich, but satisfies the craving and is pretty good still. And the total calorie content is around 260 calories for a wrap and with wheat bread can be around 340. You just gotta find the right brands and the right types. So you can still have your PB and J and not feel bad about it being so many calories either :)

You don't gain weight from just peanut butter...unless you sit around an eat spoonfuls out of the jar. It's all about moderation :)
Original Post by littlekitty13:

You don't gain weight from just peanut butter...unless you sit around an eat spoonfuls out of the jar. It's all about moderation :)

See now that is so simple and nice and to the point! I gotta learn how to just get to the point and not blab on and on. I'm a blabber lolz. Thanks littlekitty for putting it in better terms for him :)

No problemo. Simple and to the point is how I like it :)

I eat something called PB2.  It comes in a powder and you mix in with low fat milk and it tastes real good.  It basically peanut butter with out all the oils and fat.

i eat peanut butter all the time and i haven't gained weight! i would love to eat it out of the jar, lol, but i just have a spoonful with an apple and i'm satisfied. (: trust me, you won't gain anything from having pb a few times a week.

I bought the PB2 and it's amazing. I recommend EVERYONE to buy this awesome stuff.

I ate peanut butter a lot while I was losing weight, and still eat it a lot now that I am just maintaining. I'm always higher on carbs then proteins and fats. I like to use peanut butter to even things out a bit. Plus, who doesn't love a spoonful of PB :)

Im 105 Poundsz I wanna Maintaib but i dont know how please help me
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I usually have one tbs of peanut butter a day and it's 80 calories, I don't mind this because it's natural peanut butter and it has good fat in it. I usually have it as morning snack or at lunch ( on one piece of whole wheat bread with a sliced banana on top and a sprinkle of cinnamon) its very satisfying and keeps me from snacking :) I think the message is moderation. You can have peanut butter, but be sensible about it. Have one tbsp a day ( and make sure you measure it ) instead of three heaping spoonfuls. I also find it helps to toast the bread and put it on while the bread is still warm because I end up using less due to easy spreading and melting.

I personally have two spponfuls a day sometimes 2.5 but I fit it into my calories and that's usually my main source of fat cuz I can't have dairy products. That and olive oil oh and avocadoes haha. But yes I do agree moderation is everything. 


No peanut butter will not make you fat

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